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The Black Stream of Energy

Something evil lies within...

By Bari DemersPublished 6 years ago 3 min read
The Black Stream of Energy 


YEAR 2075

In February 2017, NASA astrophysicists discovered not one, but seven earth-size planets, all with the possibility of life. Astronomers used the term TRAPPIST-1, named for The Transiting Planets and Planetesimals Small Telescope in Chile. At the time only three exoplanets were confirmed until the European Southern Observatory’s Telescope Spitzer noticed five additional planets, all orbiting the red dwarf star.

Then, in 2018, the James Webb Space Telescope was launched, and soon afterwards released back valuable data, detecting water, oxygen, or other chemical components of each planet. Of course, the distance was said to be 40 light years away, which was pretty close compared to previous findings.

However, seven years later, the sensitive instruments on the James Webb Space Telescope noticed a strange phenomenon. In the beginning astronomers dismissed it as the intriguing Dark Matter Theory, handing it over to astrophysicists to further the investigation.

Six months passed with no positive conclusion...

The investigation was finally handed over to acclaimed astrophysicist Dr James Filmmore for further study. It was Dr. Filmmore (nicknamed Astroboy, because of his young age) who recently discovered oceans beneath the raging gase giant, Jupiter. His genius was an understatement, when at the age of ten years old, he made his very own satellite that circled Mars twice!

Fumbling through data he reached a startling discovery. To his surprise, the phenomenon's location was calculated to be only three light years away from earth. To have discover such a strange occurrence this close to earth was indeed troubling.

Why hasn't anyone noticed it before ?

The science community had their own theories, but neither theory had a definite conclusion. After another year of studying its peculiar formation, it suddenly happened! On March 10, 2026, Dr Fillmore and his graduating colleagues noticed an actual wave pattern. They couldn’t believe the data they were receiving!

It just didn’t make any sense...

Accordingly, the correspondence with data and a graphic 3D layout with detailed analysis, confirmed the 1 AU (astronomical unit/ 150,000 km) squared area of Space was indeed a cloaked region made only possibly, by some intelligent source.

Soon –

The world was buzzing with all kinds of theories, from Aliens-are-watching to the hand-of-god phenomenon. Whatever it was, it’s like something out of the Star Trek series or Twilight Zone (two popular TV series back in the late 1960s).

It didn’t seem real.

After much discussion by the top ten prestigious scientists with five more years of intense study, it was clear we needed to send a satellite for further analysis. Finally, on May 30th, 2031, NASA launched a high-tech satellite called CANUSA 1 (named after the joint operation of the two countries Canada and United States). CANUSA 1 traveled at an nominal speed of 140,012 km per hr (87,000 miles per hr), expected to reach the strange anomie in just 2.6 years!

Two and half years passed by quickly. The excitement grew as the whole world watched on Live-Feed ; CANUSA 1 arrived closer to its destination.

There it was, in plain sight!

Everyone could see for themselves, the unmistakable waves through space itself. It was clear, the wave pattern was caused by an artificial cloaking device, meaning evidence of an intelligent life. CANUSA 1 scanned the outlined area, hoping to read some kind of life form. After a week of continuously searching the surface, there wasn’t any form of reaction. Dr. Filmmore and his team decided it was time to instruct the satellite to enter the void of the cloaked waves.

CANUSA 1 headed forward, piercing the Black Stream of Energy. Within minutes the satellite disappeared as visual and electronic communications failed...


Join me as we explore what happened to CANUSA 1. Is it destroyed ? What’s behind the artificial cloaking waves ? What’s it hiding from ? Is it a threat to mankind? Join me soon and follow here, as I continue my story in ACT TWO – Revealing the Truth.

By Bari Demers – screenwriter for James Montana Scripts


science fiction

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Bari Demers

Canadian screenwriter/writer with a diverse background of college education with diplomas in the Arts & Architectural Drafting. Writing and film is his passion," I envision a story and bring it to life."

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