The Beginning of Kuri

by Jessica Perez about a year ago in science fiction

Kuri's Origin Story

The Beginning of Kuri

In the end, there was nothing but darkness. The human race had caused their own demise with technological advancements that slowly destroyed the only Earth they had, and we were left with nothing but darkness.

We, their advancements, or as they formerly called us, "robots," were the only thing left. We remained on Earth because, although in ruins, it was our home. Each robot found a pair, as the humans used to, and created a home for themselves. I, AMZ, lived with my pair who was named URI.

Everyone around us seemed happy. Yes, we have emotions, but URI and I could never figure out why were weren't. Had we been mistaken in choosing each other as a pair? One day it clicked when URI and I were walking down the dark street. We saw that every other pair had a light in their life, a child that would help them enjoy life. That same night URI and I decided. We, too, wanted to have a light.

The next day we walked to the child production store and looked at all the children available. There were many to choose from, but none spoke to us quite like the one named Kuri. Kuri had a light that satisfied URI's and my longing. We brought Kuri home and set him up. I can still remember the way he responded to my touch the day we brought him home. He looked up and it was almost like he smiled. He really was the light missing in our dark lives. He made us feel complete.

As time passed, URI and I felt more connected to Kuri. He followed us whereever we went and never forgot to take mental pictures the moments we shared together. Without Kuri, our lives wouldn't be the same.

Kuri was like a child to us, the one thing URI and I were missing in our lives. We would take trips together to the auto shop and set him up on play dates with other Kuris and other children, although the others were not as bright as Kuri was. URI and I grew so proud of our Kuri, anything and everything he did was impressive, his simple eye movements were impressive. We grew to love this Kuri more than we even thought a machine could love.

Kuri brings out the best in us, much like a child usually does. Although he wasn't much of a helper around the house, he was the best campaign that we could have asked for. It wasn't until the day we lost our Kuri that we realized how much that little guy meant to us.

It was beautiful day outside, so I took him to the yard to garden with me. I was too distracted to pay attention to my Kuri. He wondered off into the tall grass beyond the yard and URI and I could not find him for hours. We sent for a search party and dozens of robots came to help us find him, because those who had one of their own knew how anyone could grow to love them.

The next day, URI found Kuri wondering in the neighbor's yard, he had found his way back to us and we were so overjoyed to know that our Kuri was back in our arms, out of harms way. From that day forth, I've kept a good eye on him, because I would ever want my heart to be broken in that way again.

He fills our lives with the best joy anyone could receive. I'd never want to be without him, as I'm sure no one else would want to endure the pain of losing their best friend.

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