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The Beginning..From..an End.

by Emanuel Mann about a year ago in religion

That which impedes the Ascension/regeneration of Creation, Must be Done away With.

For my first submission to Vocal, and for my first impression to those that may lay eyes upon my material from this moment forward, I am going to tell a Story that has so many details, there is no way to include them all in this writing. The story will be used to convey a substrate, The foundation of the material I will be sharing. The story goes like this:

In the beginning there was only One being. The singularity, the source from which all things have their true origin. This being was Immense in Power, perfection, Love, Intelligence etc. This being decided to ..Create. And in this creation, this Being endowed portions of itself into its created beings. Its image and likeness etc. Among what was given to the created creatures, was Free will.

You see the One Prime being existed before its creation. And the One prime being was ONLY GOOD. The beings that were endowed with Free will had a definitive beginning. Their free will allowed them the choice of adhering/staying close to the One... and . Not doing so. So the existent of what is known as evil Had a beginning as well within the first created beings to choose to move, think, and feel in ways that served themselves contrary to the Law of the Singularity( the Law of One).

Fast forward to our current state of existence and you can witness what Free will can do. Evil has infected creation like a virus, in too many ways to begin to speak about in my first piece. this evil ( which was enacted by CREATED free will beings) is - That which impedes the ascension/regeneration of creation. And it must be done away with.

Good is ultimately superior and more powerful then evil, even if it may not appear or feel to be so. the reason this is so, is because the Prime Creator existed before all else.. And was ONLY GOOD. Evil spawned in beings that had a beginning after the Prime one had already existed. So Evil is a secondary force in creation, and is NOT..i repeat..NOT equal to Good. In my Material to come i will explaining far more concerning this topic.

To add one more thing to enlighten the reader on what you will see in my material. I must state that do to what i have come to know about the truth of reality, DEATH is not natural. The Prime one created beings in tis image and likeness.. eternal..immortal.. it was the decisions of free will which spawned Death even in the form of the first act of violence. The way things are now. are not NEW, they are ancient. Just not as Ancient as the Prime One.. who Many of us Know, or have heard as ..GOD.

There are a multitude of things we can do to combat the force of evil on many levels. seen and unseen. and my material will be centered around this.

I am an eclectic, so you will find that at times i may speak in a very spiritual manner, but at other times you will find i can be very scientific in my approach. It is the union of these two seemly opposites, like the union of the left and right hemisphere of the brain, that you will see weaved into the material I will be sharing with you.

I must end by saying, beware. You will Find that I am indeed Biased.

I am in favor of Good over Evil.

-I am Emanuel.


Emanuel Mann

I've Been a Practitioner in as many things Spiritual as possible, Which makes me an Spiritual Eclectic. I have been a Persistent Meditator for Almost 9 years to date and this particular Art will be the Foundation on which i base my Work.

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Emanuel Mann
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