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The 4 Man Invasion [Part 9]

by DREAMZ . 😳 about a year ago in science fiction

9. Conspiracy revealed! An Unbroken Bond!!!!

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[Part 9]


2 hours before departure. . .

Coldrick walking out of his quarters past the long windows toward the hanger for his debriefing with deep thought swirling around his mind. Staring down at his metal legs. After his muck up from the Claudia incident the damage to his body couldn't support blood flow to his legs. The options were to drop out the force with no legs and a hoverchair for the rest of his life or, stay in and take the punishment he was given 10 years ago.

... Clang...clang....clang…

The shooting stars and the vacuum capture his conscious ringing with memories of what could have happened all those years ago if he would have just left her saving the remaining crew. He'd most likely still be friends with his now arch enemy. Never knowing of the kind of relationship Thomas and Claudia actually had. Coldrick takes a deep breath and pushes on toward the debriefing area.

Almost to the hanger, he hears some scuffling in the Generals rooms on the other side of the hallway. He picks up the pace closing in on the door of suspicion. Suddenly the noise stops and a drawn-out growl getting lower but deeper as he treads closer.


His back stuck to the wall peeking through the small casement. Through the darkness, the light from the long window in the hallway from a passing star reveals what was making all of the commotion. Coldrick whispers under his breath "What?!" His body begins to shake uncontrollably on a minimal level with his effort of trying to be still and silent as possible.

In a split second he stops breathing, heart rate accelerates through the roof, skin crawling with goosebumps, and the iris in his eyes shrink smaller than a grain of sand out of pure disbelief trying to focus on what he can't seem to wrap his mind around! In front of him was something no man out of all the planets in any system but a couple has ever seen before...

Coldrick sets his legs on G-speed and flows past everyone in the hallway through the doorway of the hanger!

dink! dink! dink! Fwoooom!

Meanwhile on planet Scalesikeya (Scale-sick-kia) . . .

All in their designated spots healed, rejuvenated, and ready for the battle to come so they can manage the departure from this odd planet. Cap. Thomas sitting high in a tree thinking about the Kuri bot and why the gov. knows about a planet with such wicked tendencies and doing nothing about it.

Koticon comes in

"I don't think we should stay here and wait for the "death" squad captain"

"Why?. . . are you referring to-"

"Those strange beams of energy going in the same direction?... no one else thought it was weird when Wanzo mist said those disturbing words about sending more power to whoever or whatever!? There could be an army of these guys! Ready to take the universe by storm!"

Gideon looks surprised to hear his brother display so much emotion. Almost as if the creatures on this planet remind him of his humanity. A smile barely cracks on his face.

Everyone else in hiding began to reminisce about the evocative quotes from the fallen blind warrior that finally was put to rest after a long battle with other soul-stirring incidents that occurred on the planet regarding the beast and monsters they had to cut down to save their comrades.

"We're in this together." Captain Thomas jumps down and calls off the ambush for a new strategy . . . a new plan . . .a new mission...

While they walk towards the wreckage, Gideon comes in.

"I agree with my brother. We should investigate. Already knowing that these malevolent beings hate our guts and referring to us as sons and daughters of Adam I can guess their intentions with the rest of our race won't be any better."

Pinx chimes in

"It doesn't sound crazy. "Long live the King's order!!!", is pretty disturbing before a sizzling death."

They all finally meet in the middle and start walking toward the rendezvous.

Koticon Looks at Pinx's NINA

"Do you still have some of his mist? What are you planning to do with it?"

Pinx takes the NINA off her back and shakes the mist around.

"My energy can manipulate the contents of Wanzo's molecular setup to a degree of its original form like a puppet." Pinx looks down at her gadget belt and opens a small compartment with a valve inside. Also, Just a little bit but you know . . . last minute things pique my curiosity, found it in a lagoon of some sort. I and Kuri found it after my self-rescue from its origin . . . Kuri called it eras-"

Koticon analyzes the valve in her hand

"Erasure . . . for millennia, a mystery to our home galaxy but to other more advanced civilizations is nothing but a common use. In the event of a colossal mistake in space-construction occurs. The contents of the site can't be taken back because of the temperature difference between worlds. So they pour it on the remaining contents, completely erasing them from existence. That sounds like something we can use later but until then for safekeeping, I'll keep it in my personal arsenal."

Pinx hands koticon the erasure

Koticon lifts his skin on his arm like a sleeve and slips the valve underneath.

Pinx with an uncomfortable sigh at the sight of Koticons body makes, "As squad 38 of the Universal Space force, we have an obligation to the people of all systems and the soldiers to secure their safety concerning the matter at hand . . . no matter how it looks. . .We took an oath."

Captain Thomas nods his head; "Agreed."

Pinx: "Fo Sho"

Gideon: "Rog-"

A dead silence cuts through the air, The triction misbehaves and an orange electrical string of energy starts tearing through the trees chopping them down and eventually the field of grass in front of them.

Crack! wicktish! Fwoooom!!!!Booooooom!!!!!!!

A blinding bolt of lightning crashes down on top of their ship scattering everything everywhere!!! The debris flying towards our heroes! When the blinding light dissipates he sprints towards the rendezvous point with his vector mask ready to go and boots fully fueled with the wind and his team behind him dealing with the rest of the wreckage!'

Thump! Thump! Thump! Shhhhkit!

Thomas stops in shock as we'll all be . . . “It's . . . C - . . .Coldrick? Is . . . that you?"

Coldrick without a second to waste!

"Stop talking! Ahhhhhh!" His legs get scorching hot to the brim cratering the ground below him. His GSpeed's glowing gold ripping the top of his uniform and most of his pants. Booming with muscle mass he leans forward and starts to sprint toward Thomas! With a regretful shadow over his eyes . . . gritting his teeth flexing his temple Thomas begins his run again with a regret no man should have to feel. The guilt consumed him a long time ago but he learned to throw it all away as baggage that could hold him back in the career of his space force.

Fwoom! Fwoom!

Their legs collide in mid-air and a barrage of shockwaves follows the battle sporadically around the team once they catch back up! Looking up Koticon and Gideon springs into action! They both look at each other and sprint towards the middle and in an instant right before they touch each other they shoot upwards towards the battle and catch Coldrick with a hook so hard the sound barrier breaks into his chin! Blood from his mouth shoots out like a fire hydrant spewing all over a street. Ker-Splat!

His eyes roll back into his head grunting from the pain while his body goes rag doll but still, there's a fight in him. Slightly regaining consciousness he balls his fist up and his Gspeeds glow even brighter than they did before!!! "For my family, for Claudia!!!!" Coldrick lets out a scream of a beast in a man locked away for too long letting out his frustration with running tears down his face. Captain Thomas then sets his laser handgun to stun and blasts him back to the ground!


The blue blast encompasses all of Coldricks body!


Forcing him down toward the ground!


Once the dust clears, Koticon, wasting no time, is ready to give him the finishing blow but the captain intervenes.

"Don't! Something’s...off...He looked...scared..."

"Scared?" Pinx finally catches back up. "He was scared alright! That hook the brothers gave him should have confirmed them fears!"

"No, it's something else.." They wake Coldrick wrapped in thick vines and hot barrels ready to blast off with one word..."Talk". Bleeding from his mouth guzzling down his chin falling to the ground splattering the dirt into thick mud he spits out the rest. "Pit toowe!"

*Hours before the assault from Coldrick back on the Star Gazer... Lieutenant Coldrick sprinting for his life!

Doom! doom! doom!

Crashing in the spare parts inside the hanger, everyone on the gazer awakes and looks towards the deck peeking out their dorm rooms. The general walks by telling them to go back to sleep.

"It was just a simple preparatory accident and nothing more, nothing me and the lieutenant can’t handle. General Rayvo walks slowly and ominously towards our unfortunate officer petrified. A confused look on his face looking for the monster he just saw.


Instead, a friendly face.

Tap Tap

"What are you?" Coldrick says under his breath.

"I'm a friend If you allow me to. . .

The light fades and gets dark passing a meteor covering both of them in brief darkness. "I have a mission for you . . .General Rayvo standing right below Coldrick

. . .or an enemy."

The shape of Rayvo's face begins to change. you can hear the bones break and something splashing all-around at the bottom of Rayvos shoes splattering back up at Coldricks face.

"Wha - What are you doing?" Says Coldrick with his voice steadily trembling under the pressure of Rayvo's presence.

The light reveals his face

A griffins beak cuts through the shade slowly rising up toward his feathery overlay.

Rayvo gets in Coldricks face and murmurs words in his ear.

"I and the elite control everything in this universe, anything you could ever imagine...." His ominous voice makes Coldrick sweat bullets looking for just one...one to end it all. Rayvo then grabs him by the collar and lifts him up with one hand and continues to speak in his ear. "I know everything and anything about this world, our master seeks to steal, kill, and destroy your soul, but I can save you Coldrick, I can save your family...maybe even bring back someone you once loved."

Coldricks eyes broaden and look at the griffin in his optics. "You'll never get away with thi-"

"On the contrary Coldrick" Rayvo points across the deck past the glass to the other side of the gazer and what Coldrick sees shakes him to his very core.

"I'll do it".

Back on planet Scalesikeya . .

Squad 38 is left speechless . . .

Coldrick gets back up and looks at Thomas. "Claudia . . .they’re going to bring back Claudia Thom -"

"Are you insane?! have you taken it to heart that much?!"

"Yes! Yes, Thomas I have and that much more . .”, the tears fall down his chest mixing with his blood. "...much cough* cough* more than anyone could ever understand!...but you would know, wouldn't you?”

The team freezes for a split second eyeballing both of them weaving together the possibility that they both knew each other in a past way before this mission at hand.

In the past before the mission at hand:

"We need to work together"-

Coldrick wrinkles his nose. "No way"-

"We don't have a choice."

Koticon walks in between them and detaches his eye and a holo map pops up.

"The power surge from the origin point we were planning on investigating is getting stronger...matter if fact it's getting exponentially more powerful by the millisecond."

"What's this got to do with me you bootleg robot!"

Gideon snaps. "Hey!"

Pinx holds him back

She looks at Coldrick after settling Gideon down, "This...is about all of us...do you know how much energy a holo map calculates at one time? It can only measure up to 4,000,000,000 Joules at a time! This says incalculable! You know what that means salty?! It means that this power has shattered records regarding energy compared to gargantuan suns, idk about you but I can't leave with knowing they have something this powerful with such malicious intent!"

A moment of silence moves over the group.

While Coldrick wallows in his own grief, a hand suddenly reaches out and grabs his shoulder. Captain Thomas, overwhelmed with guilt, "Claudia is gone as she should be... an old prophet named Isaiah once said,"Why consult the dead on the behalf of the living? You have to let her go . . .we'll protect your family- I'll protect your family... if you allow me to...at least...try."

Coldrick with his head lower than ever before looks back up with a deep glare into the very being of his old comrade Thomas...the mind grows quiet...his soul dwindles down to a mere kindling from a flame once engulfed by hatred and bitterness. His response...crackles his throat, and breathes with a heavy exhale.

"A hot-tempered man stirs up strife, but he who is slow to anger quiets contention."

Thomas smirks

"Proverbs...she's a wise one isn't she?"

Coldrick replies wittingly.

"Only one that could never break my heart."

They both ease into a soft cuckle.

Pinx cuts in

"She's a woman? Nice, So....we gonna move on this or what?"

Coldrick stands up

"I'll have reinforcements in less than an hour if my ship above doesn't begin operations for hyperdrive soon. The mothership will get instantly warped here with a big enough army to fill up the old war planet me and your captain started on all those years ago. The General that sent me here is the one I'm really concerned about . . .how long have they been In our ranks, our system, our society?" A brief pause in Coldricks speech, "He...It... has my family in its sights and seems to stop at nothing toward its objectives."

The team sets another plan in motion and a plan to raid the Annunaki Tower!

BOOM! A plethora of bladed beaked Pterodactyl men burst through the underground following them old roots, soil, and the planet's magma! Slicing, burning, and carving our heroes' flesh, the school of Pterodactyl men fly into the sky and head toward the same direction the mission is in.

Bloodied up once again, the team lays on the ground spread out almost phlebotomized from the sharp bladed beaks.

Gideon, staring at the sky, breathes out until a mental note is made vocal.

"Looks like they're expecting us..."

Koticon gets back up repairing them with the same technology as the recovery pods…

The stage is set, our heroes find themselves at an impasse of what seems an inevitable demise waiting for them on the other side of the planet. They must save the entire universe and destroy the tower of Annunaki before it reaches its full potential of destructive power. Meanwhile, the Star Gazer is en route with general ray at the helm ready to end things once and for all. Will our heroes save the universe? Can old friends turned foes rekindle their flame for the sake of humanity and all the cosmos? Find out next time on THE 4 MAN INVASION!!!

science fiction
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