The 4 Man Invasion [Part 8]

8. A foe from the past! Enemy? or Friend?

The 4 Man Invasion [Part 8]
Docking area of the STAR GAZER

[Part 8]

HQ . . . AKA the Star Trooper the main dispatcher of the space rangers that crash-landed on planet Scalesikeya...

The communications department is raising alarms around the ship "Any word from dispatch 38?" Captain Thomas hasn't responded to any of our transmissions for update reports."

The intercom around the ship announces "All captains to the comms room immediately."

Flooding with captains from all 40 sectors arrive as scheduled, every single one but-

´╗┐clang . . . clang . . .clang . . . Metal boots shuffle across the floor cutting through the crowd closer to the front.

"How he's still a captain I don't know" Entering Lieutenant Coldrick, an arch-nemesis and once-respected rival of our hero Captain Thomas, demoted to the rank of Lieutenant.

"What's he doing here?"

"He's finally coming out of hiding a?"

Reasons are officially unknown on file, but rumored through the high ranking brass is that he disobeyed a direct order from his superior to get back to a burning ship from the war on a dying planet called Gantuan(Gan-chew-one). Universal law states that when 2 opposing sides within the galaxy at a time have a political disagreement they can land on the planet and hash things out permanently.

At the time he was the sole person that could operate the ship with his specific expertise. Why did he stay behind? The love of his life, Claudia Smith was drowning In her own blood from a blow to the stomach causing internal bleeding.

Clubbed until she could no longer stand on her own, left to die...

Spewing out of her mouth profusely, uttering the words: "Tho . . ma . .s!"

She knows her time is nye.

Coldrick, bending over her with tears in his eyes, widening and gasping at the fact that all she was calling instead of his name . . . was Thomas's.

´╗┐"Claudi- gulps* I thought we were- I never thought it to be true"

Lieutenant Thomas was heading back to the ship over floating terrain and thick vegetation to give covering fire before he went in deep through the trees, hopping from one floating rock to another with a vine and a laser machete after the culprits.

Cutting off enemy heads from tree vine to tree vine and hurling them at each other, setting booby traps exploding into the distance with shockwaves blowing him further towards the ship! However, armies of the enemy plowing through the debris of carnage he had left behind are still in pursuit.

Thomas lands in front of Coldrick & Claudia deflecting lasers getting cut up from head to toe.

He turns his head swiftly!

"Coldrick! we gotta get back! The ship needs you, your soldiers need you! ....she's gone!"

Coldrick snaps out of his immense disbelief and looks up at Thomas with a snarl.

"How long!!?"

Thomas puts up his Laser machete in the ground.


It shoots up like a holo-wall guarding all 3 of them against harm temporarily.

´╗┐"Why now?" "On the ship! On the ship! on the sh-"

"Enough! How long have you been seeing her Tom!? knew I loved her! How!?" -

A blur of vision sykes Coldrick into a state of shock.

He stands back up with his hands covered in Claudia's blood shaking in pure anger closing his fist slow in disbelief. His eyes bloodshot and breathing heavily until he hyperventilates into a comatose state.

´╗┐Before his mind slips and vision fades to black his last words were

´╗┐"Save Claudia-"



A gravity beam shoots them back up from the ship and before you know it they escaped by the skin of their teeth!



´╗┐Coldrick awakes chained to his floating cottage in his private quarters.

´╗┐"You put everyone at risk lieutenant . . . someone has to pay."

´╗┐"I don't care about petty relationships and inner squabble among children!"

´╗┐Coldrick lying in a state of maddening depression over the loss of his love and his best friend with the echoes of Claudia's last words uttering his rival's name, Thomas, screaming ÔÇťGet to the ship!"

´╗┐"General Iso! My apologies I was trying to-"

´╗┐*The general pacing back and forth with a sarcastic retort*

´╗┐"Apologies for almost getting everyone on the star trooper killed in a battle we could have easily avoided in the first place?! Well If that's all we needed to do let me get you a 1st class pod ticket to your well-deserved luxury home!?! Matter of fact I'll do you one even better! Your service as a lieutenant in the Space Brigade will be frozen until further notice."

Coldrick freezes in incredulity. The stage is cold and still. "My whole life I've worked from the bottom just to be stopped because of what I thought was right at the time for a fallen comrade. Sitting back in his cottage looking at the ceiling and running tears sniffling. " . . .and a soon to be an engaged woman."

´╗┐The general stops in his tracks and turns around towards the door.

"Don't tell anyone about what you just told me, I know you want to be the best soldier that anyone can count on . . ."

´╗┐The general pauses before he opens the door facing away from Coldrick. A deep breath follows with words of encouraging pity " old man used to say the oldest things in the book before his time. Has a little twist to it...You made your own bed, now you gotta lay in it. However, I hope you set your alarm when you decided to go to sleep because you sleep when you're dead." The door slides up.

´╗┐"You look quite alive lieutenant . . .keep it that way, and maybe you'll make it to captain, you are dismissed"

´╗┐The general walks out of the room.

10 years later . . .

The Present . . .

The luminescent light shines softly on the bottom of Coldricks chin from the comms table mapping out an unknown system to every captain in the room . . . he glares at the mission statement on the wall in front of him. All he sees are the two words that matter most.

"Captain Thomas" with the new general standing behind the holo wall. Blocking out all the commotion around him.

´╗┐"What!? General Rayvo we don't mean to cut you off, but this is a suicide mission!"

´╗┐General Ryavo smirks.

´╗┐"The elite and I have spoken things over and come to a consensus . . . We just need one to go, but it seems none of you are soldier enough to take it."

´╗┐"But General, a captain would be crazy to set on a voyage to a planet that has been deemed classified to the whole system, let alone a galaxy uncharted! We don't know what's out there!"

´╗┐"How did team 38 get a mission in an undiscovered vacuum anyways?"

´╗┐"That, ladies and gentlemen, will be classified until one of your teams step up to the job at hand." The general steps toward the railing.

´╗┐"Which is?" Lieutenant Coldrick comes out of the group with his chin held high and an offer as well.

´╗┐"Give me that mission with temp promotion for a better check and I'm all in."

General Rayvo grins slowly . . .

"Fine! it's done! report to the bottom deck tomorrow at 0600 universal time."

Coldrick walks back out with mixed emotions intended for them to all be let out against his X -long term rival! However, this may be a turn for the better or worse including both parties! What will become of Coldrick and our heroes by the end of this story?! NEXT TIME ON THE 4 MAN INVASION!!!

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