The 4 Man Invasion [Part 7]

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Conspiracy revealed!? Ritual at the Summit!

The 4 Man Invasion [Part 7]
The tower of Power

Part 7

The tower of Annunaki was born from time and history itself from all beings in the universe pre-existing at once. Every decision, humanity, and creature of this mysterious vacuum that we call space has ever made, builds this tower. As well as the original power that holds it together until this day. A kingdom unknown to even the unknown. The tower of Annunaki has every script of history and every part of science discovered and what hasn't been discovered in the infinite future that is ahead. Magics and incantations locked away under the planet's core for obvious reasons.

Why is this monument of royalty so important in this story? Well, a man who was once trusted to ride the chariot of fire to heaven itself, was also trusted to guard this "tower of power". This man's name was Elijah. He was overtaken after the apocalypse on earth in the prior years before it had to have an exploration team for unfortunate possibilities if there was another end of the world scenario for humanity like it did for the first time.

Before Elijah was defeated at the "tower of power", he was guarding a relic that could be turned into the most powerful weapon in the universe, The Halo. A direct receiver to the power of the Holy Ghost. Before he passed, he condensed it into a ring and hid it in the deepest part of the tower underground with roots connected to his now-dead person that was thrown away after his tragic death. Maybe this is for someone to find it and end the rain of these beasts thwarting their evil plan for the universe!

200 years later in the present . . .

At the tower of power, now referred to as the "Tower of Annunaki" . . .

Fwooooohm! The energy that exploded out of the neck of the warriors that fought off our heroes in the previous hours landed at the tower!

"The Summit"

"Fellow serpents, pterodactyls, and creatures of the night! We have finally gained enough sacrificial power to open up the rifts of time to attain the halo so it may be shattered!" King Babylonias, a sinful creature once hidden within humanity's past, responsible for wars across nations and solar systems! He rules with an Iron fist overtaking the core planet Scalesikeya ( Scale-sick-KIA) in physical form.

The crowd is ecstatic and relays their excitement with more roaring and scurrying around. Throwing the skeleton of Emperor Elijah as a trophy and a mockery to God. . .


Back to our 4 heroes into the fray of battle!


Captain Thomas flying towards her with his rocket boots barely working out of the thick vegetation. His vector "Rendered Transfusion Patch completed, ready for an attachment process". The captain Lunges after pinx with his arm stretched out as far as humanely possible...

Pinx's vision begins to fade once again and falls forward heading to the ground. In that split second, the Transfusion Patch is dug into her chest where her hole was from the previous encounter she had with Wanzo, the black mist!

Blap! Caught right in Captain Thomas's arms and flying somewhere safe yelling at everyone else to follow back to their camp for a better plan and to figure out what they're really dealing with.

Pinx awakes in the captains' arms startled and bloody! She holds him by the shoulders before

"Cap - !! Erk"


Pinx frothing at the mouth uncontrollably with the mist exploding out of her ears, mouth, and nostrils, Wanzo seems to be somewhat alive but because of the Transfusion patch, her body is fighting him from the inside! The captain sees an open field and uses the rest of his boots fuel to burn the tall grass where he can have open space to work with.

He then lands and sets Pinx on the ground slowly but swiftly. He walks backward out of the scorched bald spot he created in the tall grass with his Rifle locked and loaded.

Silence . . . suddenly Pinx's body convulses again as if it were possessed! The ground shakes as the mist takes form into a ball exiting out of her body any way it can above her then flooding to the ground. The suit that pinx originally put on wraps back around her in a black silky covering in the last resort of defense against any outside force.

The ball of black mist quickly started to morph back into the physical form of Wanzo until -

Tat! Tat! Tat! Tat! Tat! Tat! Lasers being rapidly fired upon the mist following with a quick lightning bolt!


With Gideon's handy electrical current rifle, The Berzerker, containing the monster in a ball of electricity searing its particles little by little all the while isolating the rest of the mist from pinx's body.

"I will never perish! eeerrauhhhhgh!!! Once my energy reaches the tower, it will be all over- 'awwrgh! Raaaaaawrrrgh" Long live the Kings order!!!!- BOOM! Kersplat!

Wanzos mist plastered everywhere!

Gideon standing in what was first mist turned into goo all over his face dripping off his chin onto the hot barrel of his custom weapon the berzerker, his head down from sheer exhaustion.

"tssssssssshhhhheeewww. . . .COOL DOWN MODE COMPLETE"

. . . . Still standing in the balded spot of the open tall grassy fields pinx and the captain landed in, Gideon looks up for the captain.

"Captain! Cap -

"Ahhhhh!!!! Gideon!!! Kota!!! Somebody!!!! Anybody!!!

Gideon runs through the tall grass leaving Pinx to the rest of the crew.

Our captain is being snagged by what he can only make out to be a large green slimy tentacle and a mouth at the end of it! Dagger's for teeth pointing backward digging into his leg hauling him through rock tree and creature until...

Splat! Blood from the captain's leg blinds him temporarily til he wipes his eyes free of the gore -

Fwoooooooom! Straight off a cliff still being tugged in mid-air back down into the dark abyss.

Gideon right behind them throws him a handgun and jumps from the bottom of the cliff thrusting himself towards the creature with his famous Bear Claw! A contraption that wraps itself around the user's hand with over 8,000 pounds of PSI grip! Once activated, it never lets go until the mauling is complete!

Suddenly, the moonlight dims. .Into utter darkness . . .

In this split second, the wildlife has gone completely silent.

All you can hear was the captain and Gideon's struggle with this monster.

Pwoom! - Pulling so hard the monster breaks the sound barrier! Closer and closer to the ground, they start to panic more and more!

Captain Thomas in disarray looking for the safety in pitch darkness

"Wheres the safety on this thing, why'd it get so dark all of a sudden?"

Gideon responds

"I'm almost here to you! Right above the trigger well and light the way for me!"

Captain Thomas finds it and turns the safety off "Alright, here we go!!!"

Pew! pew! pew! pew! pew!

He lights up the area with the tracers from the lasers, enough light for Gideon to make his move!

Gideon with a yell and a holler rips the tentacle to shreds freeing the captain from its tenacious grip!


Rrrrriiiiip! Splat! Splat!

The moons light fade back into the jungle while our heroes still fall close to the mountain into a dark gorge!

"Thank God for light!"

Gideon looks back at the mountain and aims the bear claw at it, while in mid-air, catching the captain utilizing the bear claw as metal rope shooting it back into the mountain!

Being pulled back up the captain turns back while the creature roars in agony.

"I'm sick of this place" chink!

He chucks a grenade into the pit.

Boom! Crack!

"OOOOOwaaaaahhhhrrrrrrr!!!" The creature burst into purple flames!

Captain Thomas smirks and closes his eyes as his comrade takes him back to camp.

The next day . . .

A warm fire blows its embers into the cold wind past the crashed ship from the previous battles that occurred yesterday. The captain wasted no time and got right to it.

"First what we need is concrete intel on these .. things. Obviously we are physically weaker. These creatures somehow know a lot about us but we have no record of this on file. It's odd though, -"


Pinx cuts him off . . . "There's something that just gives me the wrong vibe." The captain stares down at his rugged boots covered in different colored blood with concern and deep thought.

Pinx barely can speak because of the fatigue "You know ...cough* cough*I think your right. The harder you try to understand them, even in your own mind you can't shake these . . -"

Gideon interrupts her. "Aliens pinx, that's what you believe in?"

" Yes, giddy! You got a problem then take it up with them . . .oh, wait you already have!"

"Why don't you look inside yourself for once and take a gander at the reality you're in! These are monsters! All of those . . things we fought off around the universe are monsters we're just to blind to see it!"

Koticon taps him on the shoulder and gives him a gesture to calm down.

"Enough . . . I know . . .

The rest of the crew looks at him in almost a pitiful glare as if they know the pain he's feeling through what he said because of his past, however, now is not the time. Except for Pinx with an oblivious look on her face.

"Big boy, you do not want thi - " cough* cough*

Pinx starts to cough up blood and literally goes back to sleep in her recovery pod.

Koticon frantically rushes to her from Gideon's shoulder."She can't go on, we gotta get a signal to HQ and get outta here!"

"Already have them on the line . .and it isn't good, our government seems to know all about this planet but hasn't had anything updated on the public or classified files for this sector of space at all. Koticon, in curiosity, asks

"How would you know?"

The captain walking to his tent.

"Because of what this is . . . " Pulling out the remains of the Kuri robot diplomat agent "The only thing that isn't out of commission is the red light blinking from its face."

Koticon looking at Pinx and Gideon

"What do we do?"

The captain looks off into the sky with a deep breath. . .

"We wait . . . If they're hostile then we take them out and their ship. For now let's regroup, rehash, and recover for the next day...Also, we're not supposed to be here at all . . . legally . . .

"What!?" -

Will our heroes find the missing relic that once protected the tower of power and apparently all of existence?

Who is this King Babylonias? Can the others surely defeat them? What will happen when their government learns of their involvement in an illegal planet? Next Time on "THE 4 MAN INVASION"!!!!!

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