The 4 Man Invasion [Part 6]

A new challenger arrives! A Mysterious direction!

The 4 Man Invasion  [Part 6]
Wanzo's Mist Form

Pinx awakes startled. The energy she feels makes her skin tingly, rough, cold...uneasy. Her eyes dart at the recovery pods where the captain and Gideon are still sleeping. She opens her tent and leaps on top of the hovering machine gun.

Creatures of the night screech and roars louder and louder until...

The wall of noise falls slowly as she began to focus more on the potential threat ahead of her. Suddenly an instant abrupt silence of the wildlife... off into the distance...A shimmer of red light implicitly shoots up from the ground toward's the sky. PEWWWWW!


Something's rustling through the vegetation SNAP! CRACK!POP!

Tree bark and the creatures of the night are being tossed into the air. She equips her glonai by her hip and her jets from her legs propel towards the enemy ahead without any hesitation.

Looking back heading near her enemy dodging debris and monsters snarling running away from the destruction that awaits. She thinks..."maybe"...

Boom! A cloud of fire pushes its way back!

"Shields up!" Crossing her arms over her face with one eye open to see the aftermath of this wave of violent flame. Fffffwooom!

Captain Thomas wakes up and the Kuri bot switches itself back on. "Alert, alert, alert! Pinx has left the premises!"

The captain turns off the hover tent formation. Snatches the hovering mini gun landing with his vector mask locked and ready. P-woof! "Assault mode . . . .tink tink ting... Activated". Vector Mask activated.

Gideon lands and stretches with his weapons already on hand. "Ready, partner?"

Captain replies with a slight smirk "Born ready."

Both of them head out after setting the perimeter drones for the healing pods. Kuri hot on their trail recording everything that's happening. Fanning out deep into the forest far ahead they see lights and blows being exchanged between the enemy and our amazing ninja "Pinx!"

Pew! Pew! Ting! Slash!


Cutting down the goons surrounding our mysterious leader that refers to itself as Wonzo Mist. A 7 foot tall masked, and armored pterodactyl humanoid samurai, armed to the teeth with enough weapons to desolate a whole entire ranger fleet at a swing of his blade-less sword . . . . . Stands calmly deep in the slaughter of his subordinates.

Pinx is merciless in her attacks guided by her ferocious swings decapitating heads and limbs. She catches a head or two pierced with horns and beaks chest armor bashing and impaling the hearts of the next enemy in her way. The gore makes her fro drenched in purple and blue blood.

A deep unsettling voice rings through the air..."Eeeeeeeeeee!!!"

The horde of monsters discontinues their assault on pinx like puppetry, and the ventriloquist cut their strings.

The masked pterodactyl samurai known as Wanzo has entered the battle.

"eeenoughhhhh is a enoughhh . . .yesssssst?" He speaks his words long and drawn out almost as a snake would. It breathes slow and heavily. Wonzo reaches for its blade as the group begins to back off between pinx, and wonzo. Pinx is beaten up, tired but ready for the next fight.

"That all you got, you prehistoric chump?." The Pterodactyl responds wittingly and swift.

"You seem...nimble...compared to my skillset you are what your people... call...ponderous."

Her suit tightens, loosens, and grips back to normal size again as if it breathes on its own blowing back all the blood and alien remains from her body. The suit forms jets on the side of her hips, armored skin solidifies and bouncy steel-plated bottoms for her feet. "Who are you!?...hmph" The ninja chuckles lightly under her breath. Head down with a scowl on her face.

"Let's see who's clumsy bird boy." Her jets fire up, glonai spinning in her hands forming a circular bright pink blade burning hotter than a small sun. Wonzo swings out the hilt and takes it's hidden blade at her.

Ffffvvvvvwhip! Witish!

Pinx falls backward hurtling in the air. Her eyes widen with astonishment. Part of this invisible blade sliced her shoulder. Her suit starts to shred. The energy wave proceeded past pinx into the deep of the forest passing captain Thomas and Gideon. Bvvvvwwwwoooom!!!

"What was that?" Screamed the captain.

Gideon just puts his head down and tells the captain "keep going just a little further!"

Pinx suit slaps back on her skin spinning her body out of control in the air. Fwoom! She flys off into the sky right back around towards Wonzo rapidly blasting her glonai. Vvvt! Vvvvt!

What appears from Wanzo's Mist are floating knives that are forged by wind rapidly deflecting. Ting! Ting!Ting!Ting!Ting!Ting!Ting!

"Rrrrapid Hiiiilt!" Wonzoo pushes out his blades with its hilt hurtling towards pinx. She deflects what she can but soon gets overwhelmed by the numbers. Ting! Ting! Slice!Rrrrrip! Shredding through armor and skin the mist goes under her scars unaware of the breach Pinx slaps the glonai together..

The mist invades her body. "Ahhh!!!"

Her hands shake cringing in despair. A long-burning purple staff emerges from her palms. vvvvting! gasping for air " Check out my NINA, ugh! big bird!"

confused at the term wonzo replies "Hmph, childish feeble human, your tricks wont work on me !" Pinx locks her staff in place, pink electricity flows from fro to toe. The night sky is lit up with her aura, bouncing from cloud to cloud.

chuh chink! Spinning back further away ricocheting all of the knives into a pathway towards wonzo. Her jets burn hotter than it ever did before. Bursting past wonzo's defense barrier of his blade and the spiraling mist shielding him. Pinx realizes that it's hands are free and reaching for something else. Pwoom! She stops in mid-flight.

"That attack from before? Not gonna work this time honey!" Spinning her staff above her afro swaying in the wind created by the Nina it brings triction to the ends of the staff. Pop! Pop!...Boom...Fwoooooom! A wave of blue energy sparkling in the night sky falls towards wonzo. The black mist clears and Wonzo gets blown back toward the tree line into the volcanoes. Crack! doom! doom! Splat! Sploosh!!!

Lime green lava seers into its suit. The masked assailant cringes and gets up with a roar that finally reaches the captain and Gideon who has now entered the stage of inevitable carnage and despair.

"Not done". Pinx raises the Nina high in the air once again and swirling winds cuts into the sky. She shoots a blast and the staff reappears on her back. Wonzo restrained by the energy released from the Nina but still reaches his hand and grips it closes.

Pinx feels...

Crrruuunch! Arrrgh!

The mist from earlier in combat clenches all of her insides! The captain and Gideon make it to the site. Not only do they see their comrade locked in battle but a wave of unforgiving brutal puppets waiting for them as well. "Pinx are you alright?!" Yelled the Captain.

Landing and turning back quickly pinx exclaims out of breath.

"I'll be fine...ah! You guys seem busy... get to work yeah! ugh! Ahhh!!!"

Gideon curls his fists kisses his cross and jumps into the group of monsters punching his way through. His combat gauntlets and the Robo bug charged to the fullest. His gauntlets are hidden in the violent blows creating blurrs and eventually distorting the air around the enemy suppressing their vision to ultimately decimate their heads when ever made contact with any part of their body.

BWOOM! BWOOM! Kersplat!

The captain fly's high in the air and takes out his blade activating the vector mask. Hurtling towards the group of monsters he slices and chops like butter with rain, blood, and dirt splattering everywhere against the trees and the grass. Using the triction force to his advantage spiraling around his hand with a couple of explosives added on to it- "SSSHHHOOM!". Balls of fire produce in his palm whipping around his arm the faster he goes in and out of the mob.

"I love this thing!" Vvvvvvvpwoom! "and again!"vvvvpwoom! The blast incinerates the creatures leaving their skeletons behind- CRACK! A club thrown into his back makes him strike the ground! He gets back up with a fierce backflip and stomps burrowing his feet into the ground. "Vector, overloooooooad!"

"Overload commence, please stand clear of the stardust wave" beep...beep...beep..ting! zzzzap!!!

Fwooooom!!!! Chink... Boooom!

Everyone gets blown away with explosive stardust wave and when the dust settles the creatures are decimated and Gideon is tired with blood dripping down his arms but not just his. Gideon plops down on the ground. Wonzo red-eyed, dying and melting in the mini volcano region of the forest starts to burn alive.

Gideon with relief "Pheeeewwwwh!

wait for Pi-" "Its alright" The captain points up. Pinx has the mist out of her body and manipulates the misty substance into her staff. Locking it into her weapon. Chi-chink!

"This will not be enough to stop us" wonzo's words curdle from his mouth overflowing the mask with green sparks and purple flames onto his body. The mask shatters and his face is revealed. Pinx in the air waiting for our ominous pterodactyl to die out. Something gives the ninja a startle. The eyes are greyed out.

"A blind swordsman...typical" The neck of the samurai bulges and glows red, his beak points up towards the sky and shoots out a cloud of smoke blasting past pinx and goes in the same direction...The same direction Zanthars blast went off to.

Pinx begin to hold the staff like a javelin.

"You won't win! None of you will!" Wonzo exclaims.

Wonzo's limbs start to melt off down to the bone. nothing but his one arm remains. The beak cracks and a stream of smoke emerge from the slips of its bill. Pinx is in motion throwing her Nina...

A desperate roar cry's out across the land stretches from our blind swordsmen toward a castle in the midst of the lost fields of Scalesikeya.


Pinx hurls the Nina at Wonzo!

Fweeehhheeewp! Kersplat! Right through wonzo's chest! Then BOOM! a cadet blue cloud of smoke and multi-colored plasma implodes in wonzo's chest drizzling through its armor. Wonzo melts and burns away into the lava. The battle is over, but the war is far from over...

Pinx and the team recoup again and settle on an adventure towards the direction that the mysterious luminescent elements leaving our enemies bodies before utter defeat;

Kr-Krak! Pinx sternum explodes. Her body slaps the ground, her eyes begin to dilate. The black mist drains out of her body getting bigger and bigger.


Gideon and the captain flying towards their comrade exclaiming over and over again to keep her awake. her vision blurs gazing at her teammates as the mist transforms itself into a colossal Misty beast. The beast turned towards the ninja! In a low but yet ominous tone;


The beast speaks; "It seems my MIST FORM is too much for you, my fellow ninja "

Wanzo lives beyond the grave thanks to its mist.

The beast lunges out and its hand grows exponentially smacking the captain and Gideon back into the trees. Pinx life begins to flash right before her eyes. crying and lifeless due to the heavy blood loss her heartbeat gets slower... and slower. She begins to crawl in the direction of the tree line. The cold slowly creeps over her body. Her suit tries to save her life leaving the rest of her body naked filling up the hole in her chest liquefying itself into her bloodstream and substituting the blood loss with a temporary fluid activating a short term adrenaline boost. a boost strong enough to get on her feet and limp towards the crew.


The objective is the Annunaki tower, a fortress that held an emperor of great power and understanding. But now a chamber of beast led by a tyrant that currently resides over these strange lands of Scalesikeya. An emperor that leads with an iron fist, his goal...domination over a new Universal order. These humanoid pterodactyls and reptilian creature's missions have had this dastardly goal since the dawn of man.

What do our adventurers have in store for this new colossal-enemy? Can the crew fully recuperate before this ferocious villain decides Pinx fate? Next time on "The 4 MAN INVASION!!!"

science fiction
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