The 4 Man Invasion [Part 4]

4. Introducing the 2-man team! Half machine, half man! Enter a new member...Koticon! The final phase!!!

The 4 Man Invasion [Part 4]
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The fight from part two is underway, from the floating cloud in the middle of this abandoned jungle . . . . Gideon Simmons and the pterodactyl man Zanthar comes to a miraculous conclusion!

Combat climaxes to a point were Gideon Simmons and the pterodactyl man are fighting to a bloody death match. Their uniformed shirts are torn to shreds from the colliding blows gliding through the air that they struggled to land on each other.

The pterodactyl man screeches as it spreads its wings and rises from the solid cloud, or in this case the platform that this battle started from. In the process, Robo- bug has been repairing the wings as well as Gideon's body. He glares at the creature with determination and detests its existence, but tilts his chin down, signifying a respect factor towards a warrior fighting for his land and his King.

A large screech is made from the top of Zanthar's lungs and his neck begins to glow, shooting out a twisting flame of purple mist blasting even higher above them. Exploding into the air sending a ripple effect towards an appointed direction. It shimmers in the eyes of the crew from a distance.

"This fight has gone on long enough, don't you think? Human!"

Gideon responds jumping off the edge and his hollow glass wings are back into operation with the boost of help from the robo-bug!

"It's over...Zanthar!!!!!!"

The warriors fly off into the atmosphere clashing over and over again breaking the sound barriers and biological components to their bodies exerting and steaming from exhaustion their screams are heard from both sides.

Meanwhile, the other survivors...


"I heard, were coming...Gideon!"

Thomas flies off with his boots, throwing caution to the wind for his comrade.

Pinx is hopping from tree to tree with her Ge-tana, and Glonai ready for battle and a sample of erasure Kuri collected. She also decided to bring Kuri along for the adventure for evidence of crimes against the Universal Compass and what all the systems together stood for...diplomacy. Also, a friendly robot isn't easy to find these days.

Kuri being astonished by the battle expresses her excitement. "They have both broken this planet's atmosphere, which is quite impressive because of how much bigger the planet is with the winds being exponentially greater than earth or any other planet for that matter in any system known to man!"

Off into the distance at the battle...

Boom! Boom! Boom!

"I've recorded many interactions with regular beings, but as such of this caliber is undefinable. Oh, this will be so fun!" Kuri exclaimed. Kuri and Pinx speed off through the jungle.

Meanwhile...finally, we lock into our final phase of introductions...the most mysterious out of all the crew members not too far where his fellow shipmate crashed has landed only two miles away from Gideon.

The final crew member, a man with no emotion turned into an experiment—a skeletal robot. A Simmons, a brother of someone who didn't agree with Gideon's work but still deeply loved him with all his heart...he almost died rescuing a damsel in distress from a hover train wreck on planet V9 in the civilian system. It was either die or become an experiment for the betterment of his own and only blood. The cost...his emotions...stripped away.

Only anger for his enemy and love for his brother was left. The experiment took 80 percent of his body. Also made it into an artificial battle-bot backed with electrical nodes for Gideon's signature move set: charge mode, a technique that uses his nerves electric system as a source of power to launch physical lightning attacks. But the only issue is that his brother's anger can get a hold of Gideon's mind. This members name is...

"Koticon on the way"! Hovering off into the distance, the team of crew members are breaking trees, bursting through lava falls, and dodging creatures packing a punch and a bite with acidic saliva and corrosive fur gets closer into the fight to the death of Gideon Simmons.

Who is the closest? Koticon. His one red eye glows fearlessly through the debris while monitoring his brother's heart rate and finally witnesses the scene of a death match only known by elite warriors.

In that split second of a moment, Koticon realizes...his eye grows wider analyzing the robo-bug's status. The sky gets darker than pitch black no longer than a split second. Koticon knew his brother was in trouble. but Gideon stands tall. The fusion of the century needs to be done at this moment if he's going to save his brother.



The creature snarls with excitement blowing Gideon off his footing in mid-air. As soon as he balances himself out—


Zanthar instantly gets even faster and almost clips one of Gideon's wings, barely missing him and cutting his face. The snap was so powerful, the glass off his back got blown back quite a distance, were Koticon was still at.

Falling with his back to the ground, the monster follows in swiftness and beastly pursuit, tearing through the winds to were it looks like it pulls the air with in it.


Struggling to open his hand, Gideon's broken wings begin to blink rapidly—bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep— "Koticon?!"

Gideon inhales and calls for his brother's aid!


Koticon's body opens up as if he were a humanoid coat, or an extra layer of tough skin, and covers Gideon's damaged body. Zanthar finally meets up with both brothers at the same time. Their reflexes...phenomenal. Both fists collide on a catastrophic altitude, leveling the green magma arising towards both of them.

The suit fuses with Gideon's nerves and interlaces brain stems for two minds in one. This being together is known as B.R.O.T.H.E.R for (Battling Royal or Tenacious Hardcore Extraterrestrials Relentlessly). Blow after blow, Zanthar begins to tire but still fights on through the jungles of the far off.

A blue coating of energy glows and sparks off of B.R.O.T.H.E.R.

"You do not understand, our strength is absolute and beyond the feeble bond you hold to your!!!!"

Zzzt! t- t-! Sparks fly!

B.R.O.T.H.E.R.'s eye's retina begin to spin with a black surge of electric current until -


Lightning torpedoes out of Brother's eyes into the chest of Zanthar, piercing its skin, drying the blood before it exits the body.

The process of this attack is simple. Electric metal nodes spin and burst out of the human coating that is now one with each other and forces itself back inside his back. This causes a chain of electric energy to fuse with his body's nervous system.

In turn, the brains that are fused together from stem bondage have enough willpower to comprehend holding and harnessing an element that is so little but vital inside the human body to be used for whatever the matter.

Finally after free falling for what seemed long and drawn out for which was only seconds, they reach the gravel, scraping towards a long slope downward into a pit of erasure with lightning strikes trying to pry open and digging into Zanthar's bare chest, lighting it on fire.

Zanthar screeches in pain. "EEEOUUURREEEEHHEYAAAH!!!! Do you feel powerful, son of Adam?!!"

Burrowing through the black rocks and debris from the awkward jungle, the erasure finally starts to take effect.

"You think this fight is close to King will devour you all... hmph...gaak!" Black blood drains from his beak.

"...and all of Ahhhhhhh!!!" All of Zanthar's hate and regret piles inside of his fist, leaving a shaky right hand that seems to be holding something.


Launching an open-handed attack that blew most of the rock behind Brother and then some, a gust of powerful knuckles rushing nonstop in the air, made of solid smoke, pierced through his chest and out his back. From the bottom up, Zanthar releases a tear of relief but regrets his battle, for what the crew does not know yet

...What they actually have encountered.

B.R.O.T.H.E.R. gets out of the deep slope—barely. The fusion eventually comes undone, separating Gideon and Koticon. Flying back up, their power begins to chip away from the fatigue. The nodes and extra wires short circuit from the pressure of the never ending brawl. They now both dive towards the ground.

Pwoof! Gideon and Koticon crash to the surface. The dust clears, the terror flutters away from it's cocoon, implying the impending doom this pair of trouble has started.

Gideon's leg is a blaze of green flame. Just as dangerous, but slowly burns because of its original extraterrestrial origin.

Side by side inside of a hot, steaming crater, they lay in exhaustion. Looking at each other was all they needed for what they wanted to say.

"I guess we better get out of this 'wonderful' place, huh? *cough*! *cough*!"

Koticon responds with a remark not usual to his speech protocol: "You think Zanthar...that's the name right? You think he's...somewhere?"

Gideon's crucifix is heated with foreign elements to ignite even metal on fire. It falls out his pocket on fire in between them. The light from the flames comfort their cold, drowned out faces, giving off a glow that reassured them of their faith growing up with each other.

Gideon responds with a nod and glances back up out into the sky...

"Pwwwwwshhh! The flame is put out by the man with no emotion for his love, for his sibling burns hotter than the three suns that revolve around this planet."


"Gideon! Koticon!....were here!" Captain Thomas exclaimed across the damaged field.

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