Kuri Robot Story
Kuri Robot Story

The 4 Man Invasion [Part 3]

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Agent Kuri: the Last Diplomat #Kuri #KuriStory #HeyKuri

The 4 Man Invasion [Part 3]
Black Lagoons of Scalesikeya

The time to reunite the crew is soon at hand. But what other mysteries about these constellation explorers can we muddle through before the hour?

A stasis pod is hanging from a tree leaf and burning through the vegetation because of the impact. It is surrounded by a black, flammable lagoon that spits out a white liquid known as Erasure—a liquid that literally erases anything it comes into contact with, except the lagoon, for some strange reason.

The burning herbage drizzles to the liquid below as our lost soul from the Ranger space-cruiser is knocked out from the impact.

She is a woman born in poverty and raised to be proper, but cunning and quick on her feet and who has trained with the best of the best, specializing in high-level stasis, the ninja arts for survival, and covert-ops using unique equipment only destructive to opponents and never to themselves.

Her uniform consists of the standard space airtight suit with modifications for her body to survive in any environment.

The heat, not natural to any known human habitat, forces the pod's doors to burst open and ejects the pilot out towards the lagoon. In an instant only short of seconds, she awakens from the smell of flames and melted debris from the pod which then, in turn...spontaneously explodes scattering the wreckage into her back.

Shink! shink! shink! ssuuutch! crack!

Bent metal flings from the pod, boomerangs towards her off the ground, and strikes her further out into the middle of the lagoon.

...Ting! ssssssszzzt! Ting!

Activating the solo-behavioral mode of the suit, it ignites, dodges thrusting rockets, and spins her unconscious body in the air!


With the jets installed in the suit that can gather anywhere on her body— this suit is state of the art. They call it the Adapter, and it helps regain consciousness.

"...Ahhhhhhh!" From the pain, she passes out in the air.

Splash! Squash!

Slowly, she sinks face first into the lagoon tarred with fire. Following behind her leg, a long line of fire pursues. The suit instantly repels the flames and explodes into a form of a ball, allowing her to breathe out of the muck. Gasping for air but still dormant, she nearly misses direct contact with a random spout of erasure.

An engine-like exhaust forms onto the suit and smoothly moves to the side of the Adapter and sucks up the air from the back and top and bursts it out toward land.

It shoots her out of the lagoon onto the land and slaps her into the odd mixture of soot and rocket fuel. A ring forms around herself with a comforting yellow aura to ease her mind. The suit begins stitching and recovering her stamina.

Tink... tink...

Metal is being pushed out of her body. As she starts to come to, she goes for a signal for help... nothing.

...Suddenly, an odd shape at the corner of her eye strikes her. She gets up with what little energy she has. Exposing her Ge-tana and stringed Glonai, glowing energized throwing knives around her neck that float continuously, she poses for battle. A circle of energy engulfs her and a globe of moxie that can be seen by all from any distance, including our fellow warriors, surrounds her whole being. In this mode, her mind, body, and soul are united as one creating the perfect skill. A mode is only known to this certain clan of stasis—ninja.

What could this mysterious figure be?

In times of the far-off future, there are more than android, humans, and simple robots. But there was a series of bot from Earth that trumped most, not because of strength or anything especially accommodating to special abilities in the battlefield on other planets, but because of its future positioning into the current occupation...

外交: Diplomacy.

These robots were originally known as a home bot: very friendly and honest. But the Intergalactic government saw the potential in this fellow because of its attractive personality and awareness of the environment around it in real time. The offering of peace was the loyalty of these intelligent creatures of the cyber jungle. They came with translators to have a more broad use around the universe. This phenomenon happened over hundreds of years after their successful release. But when the package landed on this planet, it took the turn for the worst.

The reptilian society figured a way to bypass its systems and create a shock wave big enough to stretch across the whole system and shut the rest of the robots down. All but one ... "Agent" Kuri. The home bot that landed on planet Scalesikeya that was already prepared from a cautious government for the concern of the survival of the galaxy.

So they sent a spy that could regenerate from the deceased organisms and environment around it to study this species and figure out a weak point in their kingdom.

The shadow begins to make its move as it's speeding towards our warrior!

...Back to the ninja's crash site...

This unprecedented placing of the modern shinobi we have yet to identify from an unexpected amount of scenarios going off back to back is named:

"...I am Pinx! The Black-Water ninja!"

Her royal-blue energy resonates within her and the suit, turning her into into a one-man army for the unexpected.

黒い水の忍者 . . . .

Who is this figure from the dark silhouette finally to reveal itself? Its name is...

"Agent Kuri at your service!"

Agent Kuri: The Last Diplomat

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