Temple of the Reverend Seeker

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Temple of the Reverend Seeker

In the Beginning, As in the End, There is the Summons

Welcome to the Temple of the Reverend Seeker. As you may notice, this is not a traditional place of worship in that we are less about religion than we are about spirituality, although we accept and welcome the religious instinct when it reflects our spirituality. We will not profess an absolute truth that you must accept as a given in order for you to participate in our community, for we believe it is much more important that you explore your own truth and make up your own mind and spirit about the Universe and your place in it.

Yes, I am an ordained minister and the founder of this Temple, but I will only tell you about what I know as my truth, what I understand as my role in the Universe, and how I engage myself in communion with humanity. At no time will I insist that you have to accept my word for anything. The discourses that will take place here are like a spiritual buffet in which I make my offerings at the table of our communion as a group, and you are invited to partake of that which appeals to your hunger for the perennial, and to leave untouched that which does not reflect your appetite.

In spirit and in intention, we all know and understand in our own individual ways that at the core of our being the only differences between you and I are the ones we erect out of fear. Love for humanity is the doorway that brings us into the chambers of our hearts and that connects us to the same pulse of eternity within us. This temple therefore asks you to express your passion fully and completely, to answer the calling of your life via your lifework, and to re-story your life and work according to your authorship. For if you have come here to find divinity, I ask you to consider the miracle that occurred when the Universe embodied itself at the exact moment you entered this place of worship.

In this Temple of the Reverend Seeker, I wish to provide an account of my “vagrancies through circumstantial evidence” of what is and what is not spiritual or religious or natural. But I warn you, my wonderings and wanderings traverse both sacred domains and profane realms, with utter freedom of spirit to discuss whatever matter rises to my awareness, in whatever manner it happens to occur.

I will also stipulate that I do not profess any firm understanding of anything in particular, although I may occasionally come across as having a pretty good fix on a number of curiosities. I have no problems with questions that are postulated from a place of suspected not-knowing, either my own or other people’s, but I have to admit to a visceral rejection of answers that are proclaimed from a place of definitive knowing, either my own or other people’s.

How can we know anything for sure about things that we can know nothing about for sure? Am I missing the point here? Or is the point the tip a religiously-imposed iceberg that is melting in the warm waters of advancing scientific knowledge? Whatever the scenario, I offer my thoughts, sentiments and reflections as a testimony to my quest for truth, meaning and purpose – whatever is meant by truth, whatever may be the purpose of such a quest, and whatever may be the truth about meaning and purpose.

The intent of the discourses that will be entertained in this temple are entirely about raising our consciousness enough to realize that we haven’t even begun to really raise our consciousness. In keeping with creative licensing, my talks are about reality as we fabricate it in our own minds. Fiction becomes non-fiction when we suspend our disbelief long enough to understand the intoxicating power of the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves.

Indeed, we are author, narrator and character all at the same time. Non-fiction becomes fiction when we append our beliefs long enough to an inherited narrative we do not question beyond any reasonable doubt. We are player, observer and victim all at the same time.

The Temple of the Reverend Seeker is about spirituality, religion, and human nature, in no particular order. I treat the subjects seriously, but rest assured that I treat myself with wholesale mockery and a total abandonment of reason. Be forewarned, furthermore, that my premise is simple yet far-reaching: Nothing is sacred other than that which we choose to sacralize; nothing is profane other than that which we choose to profanize. I don’t know if ‘sacralize’ and ‘profanize’ actually exist as legitimate words, and I don’t care because they suit my purpose here.

As well, consider this: Nothing is too sacred that it cannot also be subjected to the profane; nothing is too profane that it cannot also be subjected to the sacred. Nothing is, in short, everything.

I believe that it is by virtue of this blending of the sacred and the profane that we can choose to worship in a manner that empowers our ability to believe in ourselves as the co-creators of our subjective reality. After all, everything about us is subjective, and nothing is purely objective other than that which we purport to be so. Hopefully, we are sufficiently evolving as a species to begin awakening to the verities that still lie at a subconscious level.

But wait – let’s examine that statement for a second: “verities that still lie?” A semantic quirk, perhaps? Or is there a deeper truth that intends to lead us to a broader meaning? What are the verities? What are the lies? And who is to tell the difference?

Although this lecture series will discuss various aspects of spirituality, religion and human nature, it is neither comprehensive nor exhaustive, correspondingly so with the topics. Let’s recognize that spirituality, religion and human nature have concerned humans since the dawn of civilization, when we first noticed a spark of consciousness in ourselves, and they will likely concern us until the dusk of our civilization, that point at which we will realize that we have become utterly impotent to reverse the conditions we have arrogantly created that are leading to our own inevitable extinction.

I believe that it is the latent awareness of our downright impotence in the face of our unsustainable conditions that prompts the religious instinct, likely as a panic response, and it will be the epitome of irony that we will finally begin to understand our fragile relationship to the immensity of the universe when that relationship nears an end. In the meantime, we believe ourselves to be indestructible. Is it any surprise, then, that we created a God-image that is omnipresent? Deep down, we delude ourselves that we are as well.

I postulate that the message is what’s important, regardless of the medium. Never one to blindly accept an imposed limitation on anything, particularly with respect to creative license, be forewarned that I allow myself the privilege of exploring everything in whatever manner suits me.

In case my biography interests you, I am a metaphysical seer who copes as best he can with his third-eye astigmatism. I am an intuitive with a self-directed moral compass that frequently leads me to turn wrong when it would have been wiser to turn right. I am a highly auditory introvert with an exposed predisposition for random cosmic noises.

Some professionals have told me that I am clearly psychic, while others have told me that I am possibly psychotic. I am very creative in my imaginings, and imagine myself to be very creative. I consider mild schizophrenia a normal state of being for our species. In fact, I believe that perhaps a more intense schizophrenia may help us survive despite ourselves. Who knows?

Although I don’t know anything for sure, I do know this with absolute certainty: Paradoxes rule our lives even when we are wholly out of control.

Permit me to offer a few additional comments on the proceedings in this temple. In trusting the intuitive to guide us to what is essential, it’s also important to value the unique ways in which one’s natural wisdom chooses to express itself. Feel free, then, to consider my comments as separate snapshots of perceived reality, much like a photographer uses different lenses to capture moments of time in separate picture frames, each valid in its own context.

Or, you may choose to interpret the sequence of discourses as suggestive of a continuous story line, much like connecting deliberately placed dots on an otherwise blank page results in creating an overall image. Each dot is self-contained yet related to every other dot in an interdependent manner. Feel free to colour the image as per your own perceptual filters.

Then again, the relative truths may reside in what is not presented, such that you may perceive the gaps between my talks as windows of opportunity through which you may find a third, deeper dimension to integrate. If you prefer to step through doorways instead of gazing through windows, or if your psychic operating system is incompatible with windows, please install the gateway of your choice according to your preferences, along with a gigabyte of your favourite fantasies.

Perhaps that in trusting the intuitive to integrate what is vital, it is also important to value the particular ways in which one’s natural wisdom chooses to understand what is, what is not, and what can be. You may thus find strands of truth and higher intent that are uniquely yours to weave together in any number of ways, like gifts to yourself.

My purpose in establishing this Temple of the Reverend Seeker is to publicly express an intimate character of deeper sentiments, wise to the insights offered by my own experiences, and whose awareness is augmented by my impressions of the many experiences lived by people I have known. The overall theme is one of soul, wherein the myriad complexities of our lives and relationships serve to guide, teach and coach in ways often unknown, and perhaps perplexing, to the heart and mind. The realities I express may thus seem like illusions, or is it the illusions that seem like reality? Perhaps it is both and neither. Of that I am certain, but with some doubts. The paradox will prevail throughout.

Furthermore, let me stipulate clearly my contention that no single person has all the answers to the mysteries of life, or a monopoly on the truth. Do not pass “Go” if such scarcity keeps you in jail. Each person can contribute their questions and their pieces of the answer that, when fitted into their unique place in the great puzzle of the universe, awakens our collective envisioning of the meaning and purpose of our lives.

Imagine for a moment or two, that the universe has given each and every one of us a blossoming curiosity from which we can pick the petals of our own truth. In and of themselves, these petals are sufficient to guide and support our individual lives. But when brought together with other people’s flowers, they begin to create a larger, more encompassing garden that enchants and enlightens us beyond our individuality, into a commonality that transcends the physical and the present.

In this context, each of us carries a seed of the secret of the universe within us, and our lives become a journey of sowing and reaping that secret so that we may thrive within it and share it with the world. Each person’s complete fulfillment of their destiny and purpose is thus imperative, because only in so doing does the full extent of their contribution to the garden of our collective soul become evident.

A portion of a puzzle with pieces missing is not a complete puzzle. A portion of life with pieces missing is not a complete life. A portion of the universe with pieces missing is not a complete universe. In this temple you will thus find some of the pieces of the great puzzle that is our life in the universe, at least according to my awareness.

I invite you to participate with a jagged-edged pebble firmly embedded between the big toe and the second toe of a foot of your choosing. Ideally, this would be one of your own feet, but you are free to experiment along with me the plausible definitions of ownership. Make sure the pebble is not too small or too large, though. I wouldn’t want you to be too comfortable in anticipating what will be discussed, nor too irritated to disallow me the privilege of playing around with our accepted beliefs.

On that note, let’s begin this pilgrimage of the soul around the spiritual galaxies of our conscious existence. Namasté.

Copyright © 2017, Joseph Civitella.

Joseph Civitella
Joseph Civitella
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