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Take you into the inner world of Virgo part3: Virgo's strength and weakness are complementary to each other

Comprehensive analysis of Virgo

By GiovanniPublished 2 months ago 6 min read

I said before that Virgo is easy to offend people when they are young, it is easy to get into trouble, that's the reason, this is the strong side, next I'll talk to you about the weak side, you will know why there will be conflicts, okay? Still from elementary school to say ah, everywhere you this character, because he will be too right or wrong, as well as his character is too straight, and he himself is a proud character, what do you mean, for example, ah, I think this person did wrong, and then I pointed out to him, the results, he did not listen to me, but also with my temper, I think this kind of people do not need to make friends, I offended him, how? Why I bowed down with him, that is, he was wrong ah, you will think so when you study is normal, think about it now you can still think so? He is the Virgo maturity a scale line ah, as long as still think so, Virgo, basically or not by the society has been beaten, beaten once people do not fall out of phase, because he found his biggest problem is not to say that only he is awake, he knows in the end who is right and who is wrong, but he should not say it to embarrass each other, but you in his vision, I am right, you are wrong, I said you, you.

You are difficult to open it is not my business, you deserve it, but in this point is what? Is in the way to deal with the problem, this thing must be supervised by society to make Virgo deeply aware, but this kind of thing in the end must be a lose-lose, why? Because Virgo afterwards will also be difficult for a long time, he will clearly know how he said the other side, but also clearly remember the other side's expression attitude, but also be able to clearly perceive this thing happened before and after this person's attitude to their own changes, he felt that this thing he did not mean, but also not a big thing, but why the other side seems to ignore themselves, then he will do? He will be careful to test each other whether they really ignore themselves, but he can not say, in fact, you can know how aggravating this process from a literal understanding, if you say like the water ram sign, I offend you once, you ignore me, I will take him as an enemy, I have been against you. But Virgo he.

Not a person who can do so, because Virgo is a rigid outside and soft inside, Virgo he dislikes people, he will feel guilty, he is embarrassed to target again, can understand? Even if the person in the aftermath of their own ignoring themselves, even in front of others to say bad things about themselves, Virgo he can not go to your side angry, because Virgo will always feel, ah, I'm sorry for him first, I was the first to offend him that day. This character for him will let Virgo produce a lot of a lot of aggression, he really like to reflect, so Virgo friends you think about ah, I just seem to say that Virgo always like with loyal parents, but in fact Virgo in the process of life with others, and then quarrel with people, and the number of conflicts with people is actually not a lot, but every scene every sentence he remembers Clearly, he will often in a sleepless night to chew out a little, think about it, especially when he offended a person because of this character again, he will be more of the wrong things he did before to take out again.

Reject a little bit, because he will be more pregnant himself, so in my opinion, this kind of damage for virgin women, is cumulative, is superimposed, is a lifetime is difficult to eliminate, because he is that deep inside the vulnerability of that inferiority complex had him. In my opinion, in fact, Virgo's external pride and external strength, and external confidence, and his deep inner inferiority, he is two different things, because he will be all the bad painful things are hidden in the heart, this kind of thing will always burst out, you can understand that the so-called strong and weak, he is complementary, it is the external and internal, it is the inside of Virgo and Outside, he has a strong exterior, how proud, he has more inferiority inside. Why do you say so? Because in my opinion, Virgo's outer pride and strength is because of the inner inferiority complex that drives him to become stronger and stronger. So why do I say that the young Virgo, 27 Virgo.

Seat has not yet become a tool, because twenty-five or six-year-old Virgo is the proudest, the strongest, because he will feel that he no longer want to show his vulnerable childish side to anyone, so this internal inferiority complex will become a thick shell wrapped in the body, will make him become particularly sensitive, but do not admit. For example, he had a conflict with a colleague, and he disliked others two sentences, others are indifferent, do not care anymore, but he recalled his first year that summer to dislike his desk crying scene, he felt that the other party angry, but the other party said he was not angry, so that will be very sensitive to think about what happened ten years ago, and then he will feel that the other party must be angry, he will constantly try to find ways to explicitly and implicitly to Investigate whether the other party is really angry, in the knowledge that the other party is really not angry, and then happy to talk to you after the person, his heart is hanging down. So in my opinion, his external strength and pride, in fact, he is because of self-protection when, and this harm.

Fear of further mistakes, fear of such bad scenes, evoking his painful memories led to a risk-averse behavior, in fact, you can understand that, in fact, very often at this age, Virgo often say things he does not want to say, do not want to do, express not what he wants to express, but he thinks he should do so, not what he wants to do. This problem in the process of growing up is one of the biggest contradictions of Virgo, a huge contradiction between the person he wants to be and the person he feels he should be, which is the sensitive and strong, inferiority and self-confidence, the difference between the inner and outer caused by his entanglement. So why do you say that the numbers are very tired of living, in fact, because of this point, because he often need to cheer themselves up, this life in the end is not what they want? This kind of yourself in the end is not what you desire, this.

This kind of problem will always plague Virgo, no matter how he lives, in what stage, he just raise a new level, he will think so, because tired ah.


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