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Take you into the inner world of Taurus part 3: Taurus how conceited, how inferior

Comprehensive analysis of Taurus

By GiovanniPublished 3 months ago 8 min read

Taurus is a person who constantly jumps around in the process of inferiority and conceit, so the ups and downs of his fate and the process of reincarnation is because of this. Inferiority complex and conceit, constantly jumping around this thing on his growth of the impact, it brings harm is reincarnation. What do you mean by low self-esteem? Into the inferiority complex refers to what? Taurus in the inferiority complex will put themselves down to worthless, as I said, Taurus is a person with a strong memory, he will grow up in the process of those embarrassing, humiliating those words, make mistakes all remember clearly, then he is at a certain stage, when he can not withstand the pressure of the outside world, his inner sub-brain will recall all the things once, and then the self become Then feel that everyone will leave them, and then feel that all the happiness can not stay, and then feel that they will never be happy again, and then feel that they are virgin, so at that time he will deny himself very badly, he will not communicate with anyone, because why? Because he is in the shame, he does not want anyone to see this side of him, he does not want anyone to pity themselves, pity themselves, so once he fell into this state of low self-esteem, he.

Only his own digestion, he can not get anyone's help, then what is called conceited? That is precisely because Taurus all the trouble is their own solution, all the emotions are their own regulation, he clearly remembered how he was over every hurdle cut every general, so he for their own resilience, for their own endurance, for their own ability to self-regulation is a very strong recognition. So after he has overcome the difficulty, adjust their mentality, and then get a new achievement, he will produce a super strong self-affirmation mentality, let me think that really this is the test of heaven, I am the interweaving of heaven, nothing can be difficult to get me, and then produce a strong conceited mentality, then this mentality shift will make Taurus's words and actions a radical change The change is what I call the reincarnation of Taurus life.

Take a good taste and see if we can discover our own life from this one description. First of all, for example, Taurus entered a new state of university, but this time the present state is very normal, you go in, first chat with classmates, play games, but Taurus, what is it? I also stressed before, I said Taurus is a person born with super poor initial attributes, because Taurus is too stubborn, too much ego, too axis, so every time Taurus into a new stage, his body will carry a stage of bad habits and bad habits, so Taurus from high school to college, he will quickly find this problem, because this problem is too much Including with roommates do not get along, including self-control is too poor, each can not help but want to play, including ah, before adapting to the kind of high-intensity study, no one will become free to let themselves go, he will find that once no one is in charge of him, he will become particularly brave, and then constantly in conflict with others. And the reason for the conflict is because.

He is difficult to communicate with the character, as well as control the material mouth bitch and anachronistic jokes, then in this state, he will certainly get into trouble, after the first trouble, the second trouble, the third trouble, the fourth trouble, almost, after two or three months, he will enter a state of self-blame, low self-esteem state, which is generally the beginning of the school three or four months, the Ying dynamics seat called emo, why he found that he does not fit in with this school, he found himself compared to his classmates really can not, too many bad habits in his body, and then he is now a period of self-imposed, began to think about where my problems, why I did not have no transformation, I asked him what to do, what should I do now, and then degenerate for a period of time, a period of time to lie in bed every day to eat take-out, sleep in class, play after class, in order to let themselves be able to relax a little bit, so that they can be happy a little bit, drive the mind, well with thinking about it, after thinking about it, he will have an inside-out view, such as his previous first two months ah, quarrel with roommates contradiction ah, feel very bad when sex intercourse, you let him think about it ah, think he this in not, he may eh give roommates eh eat again, eh what you want to eat ah, I'll bring you A ah, ah I want to give milk tea.

After you want to drink, eh on the brain turned, eh right, eh you have to learn to be ah, you have to learn to make good relations with people ah, eh you have to learn to please others ah, you do not be too stubborn, do not be too shaft ah, do not be too obnoxious ah, and then eh right, began to learn ah to talk to people properly ah ah ah and then the class is also, if he said that he found that he always said before with those few friends who do not study properly play, classmates play, resulting in his not love to learn, eh he began to slowly go with your love to learn friends to deal with, eh and then with them together, eh you will go to the library, you have to call me oh, uh, you to school at the time of class you wake me up, I can not sleep, you will you will you will report the quilt first, tomorrow call me to go ah through external forces to make their own reversal, turn themselves into a small state. Then this period of time eh, his interpersonal relationships became better, academic performance became better, the teacher also praised him, eh then is life is getting better and better, hey, he began to be complacent, once he was cautious, into that state, he began to learn, began to think, began to reflect, and then his life became better and better, the ability to become stronger and stronger, and then once he became stronger and stronger after Eh think themselves ah, I now ah, look at me now eh friends more and more ah, study more and more good, right, the teacher also praised me.

Look eh, I am more powerful ah, right, I am the pride of heaven ah, you see I am a genius, I am omnipotent eh, he has slack, he is slack, what he is doing? He has a slack he will definitely go, this I am responsible to tell you, young Taurus, not to mention young people, even I can not change this choice, he just a slack, he will definitely offend people, how to offend people? And began to play hard to get, and began to go to the mouth of the bitch, he has a period of time to make a dry life, the offended people offended ah, the play also play, the eat eat, the class he did not go to, the sleep of the study he can not, and then, right, and conflicts, and scolded, love and began to fall into depression again. I really hate to smack this one mouth, why his mouth can not control it? Why this most basic autonomy are not it? Why will always be like this? Aigoo, angry, and then determined, no, no, hey, I have to rectify, I can not let myself so. But what is the point that has to be said? When he re-learned, his ability is actually much stronger than the upper man's, but because he did not get the results, he may not feel it, but in fact this small stage of growth must help, must need a stage results, he will change completely, what do you mean?

Just for example, three months a year is also a cycle, cycle four into, all feel that they have not changed, and then the fourth time, a touch of four is to feel, ah, I constantly cycle four times this year, feel the former straight without any progress, he will not be denied, but the actual ability to change a very strong, and then get a good ranking, or get a title of honor, there must be a secular The reward of a recognized milestone is the only way to make a real change from the inside out, and then one day realize, oh, I am now a model student leader representative, I am this year, right, constantly adjusting myself, constantly reflecting is still helpful, so then I can't say goodbye to these bad habits, and then I have to say goodbye to those, right, I I have to be strict with myself, right, I can no longer I can no longer play games, I can no longer be in conflict with people, he just get this result, his whole person will change, completely changed, because these reflections need a milestone, like what, like playing games you need to archive points, this thing for Taurus is an archive point, Taurus has been reflecting, has been growing, but when he really from the inside out to produce changes, need An archive point, this archive point.

It must be able to make him very proud, this stage of affirmation and results and praise ah, I also said, that after 13 points, he will be able to win? No, he will face new worries, new growth, new pressure, continue to new breakthroughs, that is another cycle, that Taurus is the Taurus life.


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