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Take you into the inner world of Sagittarius part4: What exactly does Sagittarius want?

Full analysis of Sagittarius

By GiovanniPublished 2 months ago 4 min read

That Sagittarius is what is his strongest I think a person is unhappy, a large part of the reason is based on this, what he wants, does he know what he wants, I am very reasonable, Taurus is a purpose, especially happy people, because Taurus's greatest happiness, satisfaction comes from growth, difficult to collect, difficult to break through, so Taurus as long as there is a goal, he will be happy, no matter what he does in the process, he will be happy, and Sagittarius his greatest happiness, what is his greatest need, I think Sagittarius happiness is mostly some fragments, and is some simple fragments that put aside society, put aside life, put aside pressure, mention of fastness friends may see Oh, the fastest, what I went to my cousin's house once when I was 5 years old, and then the three of us slept in bed, three people in bed, and then at night in bed to tell ghost stories, I was so afraid, but my cousin was next to me, I felt very safe, and then I was telling ghost stories, I was scared and screaming, I was very happy, I now imagine that feeling, how do you find ah, you 25-year-old, you lie in the quilt with your cousin and watch ghost stories, then you can't find it, right, that mention, that mentioned happy year, I was 7 years old, my parents, take me to Beijing to play, ah, and then I went to Tiananmen for the first time, and then I felt particularly spectacular, I especially liked this feeling, and then saw the national flag raised, wow me 's heart is full of pride, I really remember a lifetime, I will be particularly happy, I feel very happy, and then later, he can also go to Tiananmen many times, you can also look at a lot of mobile phones, but that feeling can't find the possibility that he will get used to it, or will go to look at the phone to see Tiananmen, but he doesn't have that feeling, he doesn't have that kind of happiness, what will he do, he will look for new happiness, what is that happiness, the more he has to put himself in a state, and then maintain a desire for the world, want him to return to that sense of expectation, satisfaction, freshness, stimulation, but this feeling is not worth once, and it is gone, and it is necessary to find new ones, so in fact, I heard that what Sagittarius wants most is that There have always been surprises, always affirmed, always familiar with this feeling, but this feeling he can't get, because like I said, you said that freshness and familiarity can coexist, some Sagittarius boys, you ask him what is the happiest, the happiest time is 50 years ago with his brother to play little bully and leather bands, especially three people to play together, take turns, right, die, change to another person, and then in the process of waiting, feel special, special expectations, special urgency, and then play with special excitement, afraid that they will die, and then squeak and squeak happily, and then win their brother, that excitement, that sense of joy overflowed, can you get it back I think the biggest spiritual need of Sagittarius is a sense of expectation, I hope your life has something to look forward to, but it has become another problem, that is, it seems that every time I look for a new stimulus and happiness, this feeling will always dissipate within a month, as if people have no expectations, after looking for new expectations, or disappointed, looking for new expectations or disappointed, hoping that this new person can be different feelings together, and after a month or two, it is that feeling, there is a new feeling, which can make him happy, and the result is unhappiness after a month, this consumption will make him lose expectations, this future expectation and a contradiction with past happiness It will make him have a doubt, that is, what I am optimistic and enthusiastic, but I can get some happiness, but if I am not optimistic and not positive and depressed, I will die, you think he really likes to bungee, likes to drink, likes to play games, likes to make fun, is not, but he knows that at this time, if he is left alone at home, he will die, in fact, after a certain age, all happiness is a thing, because he no longer has much expectations for his new life, because he will feel that he will never be as happy as when he was 7 years old, what is called rationality, is also reasonable, that is, I have to accept myself, I want to accept my life without expectations, I need to know, happiness is It's impossible, so I think Sagittarius will not be happy after coming out of society at the age of 20, twenty-five or six, but accept himself, because after accepting himself, there will be renewed happiness, otherwise, the happiness at this stage is all empty, why is it empty, I still feel that there is no point in playing games, there is no point in playing basketball, there is no point in buying clothes, there is no point in makeup, he wants to solve problems, such as going out to drink, he can only stay happy for 2 hours of drinking, and after drinking is still empty, so he must be pushed forward by this emptiness, the core point is where to expect and reconcile with himself


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