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Take you into the inner world of Sagittarius Part 3

Full analysis of Sagittarius

By GiovanniPublished 2 months ago 6 min read

He does this for only one point, he must be in this way to make himself optimistic, to be able to make himself happy in the past, once his faith collapses, hope in life begins to lose, he has no way to get happy, so let me say, why was it cheated when I was a child, why people go out to play games, basketball is always he buys water, always pays, always gets pit from it, he can get happiness from it is enough, what he wants is not me to pay for you, you pay for me, I buy you a bottle of water, tomorrow buy me a bottle of water, he wants me this behavior can give me happiness, I have to do this, so to answer the question, whether Sagittarius is rational or emotional, I can only say that Sagittarius is one A rational thinker, but with emotion to do things, because of all his behavior, never think about the rewards and costs, but think about whether he will do it, I once drank a lot of wine with a thin friend, and then pushed the heart-to-heart chat, and mentioned a point of view, that is, he does always instinctively protect himself, then in the process of communicating with him, I asked him this thinking question, why protect himself, he said that sometimes he will be taken advantage of, will be used, but he does not know how to refuse, so he will protect himself, then I will ask him if you think I am a person to protect himself, he said, I think you are a person with a strong sense of defense, I said, do you know why me Never protect yourself, recently I have a strong sense of prevention, so I will not protect myself, and why should you protect yourself, because you have never guarded against others, you think about yourself, your mother, fox and dog friends, wherever you go, let you pay, why because it is good, because you have a little richer than them, is it because you yourself rush to buy, because you feel embarrassed to buy it yourself, after buying, find someone else AA to collect money, feel very embarrassed, so you will feel that others use you, in fact, others have not thought of saying that they have to let you pay, right, you put you after buying, AA, people also feel reasonable, but you yourself feel that others feel unreasonable, so you do this, resulting in finally you feel in your heart Uncomfortable, but you find nowhere will people take the initiative to explain to you, will people talk to you, it won't be that you choose not to communicate with others, you choose not to guard against others, you choose to deal with this matter alone, so you will feel very tired, you feel very lonely, and I think you just need to think with people, consult with people, people will be on your side, is this the case, so the Earl's Sagittarius in this issue, the biggest problem is this, he always uses his own way to make decisions for others, because you do this, it leads to all the grievances are borne by yourself, because people think you don't care, people don't know how to return to you, you don't even give people the opportunity to return to you, that's it Sagittarius, right, Sagittarius, I get along with Sagittarius friends, the first day ah, we went out to buy water, he rushed to buy the order, the next day I want to buy water, I said then you drink or not, oh, don't drink, don't drink, don't drink, the loss is that I understand, I bought him a bottle and sent it to him, he also drank, if you don't even understand the person you meet, he really didn't buy it for you, what will you think, your parents are uncomfortable, who is to blame, no one can blame you, in the end only blame yourself, you lie in bed, you turn over and over and can't sleep, you yourself say you don't want it, friends really think about it, why do you always say that Sagittarius pursues happiness, Sagittarius is very optimistic, do you think this is a good thing, I also didn't say Taurus pursues happiness, because I and Taurus There is no point in saying that Taurus pursues happiness, Taurus instinctively will look for happiness, he is easy to be happy, so Taurus does not need to look for happiness at all, I said that Sagittarius yearns to be happy, where is the essence of finding happiness, where is the reason is that Sagittarius is easy to be unhappy, it is easy to be unhappy, so he yearns for happiness, so he wants to emphasize to be happy, Sagittarius is the most need to be happy, because Sagittarius is too easy to be unhappy, taste a pin, taste a pin, why am I crazy to compare Taurus and Sagittarius today, I got along with a few Sagittarius friends, and found that Taurus and Sagittarius really have too much difference in this way of thinking, why am I so easy to be happy, me Can't tell you ah, my circle of friends has a three, four, four, five, here like to drink, there like to play scripts, kill there, like to surf the Internet, there like to play basketball, what I generally do depends on what I want to do today, I now ask all your friends, you generally know what to do today, generally do not return, why will you usually be called away, it may be my friend just dreamed of lying in bed for a day, suddenly a friend said, hey, my new home is moving next week, I want to go to IKEA to buy a few cabinets, you accompany me to IKEA to see if the cabinets are good, is it Luo Yujun, yes, okay, then okay, I wash my hair for half an hour and leave, I will come to me for a while Come on, I think it's very happy today, why I went out to find happiness, I went to IKEA to go shopping, very happy, is that happiness, is it the happiness you want, I forgot, not why, because in bed, he couldn't help but think about the question in his heart, that is, why did he ask me to accompany him to visit a house, I was going to go, I asked him to accompany me to do what, he couldn't, he felt unfair, but he thought yes, that's my own going, he told me to go, I went, why blame him, he consumed this grievance again, the result is that he forced himself to be happy, lied to himself to be happy, emphasized that he was happy, and then after a while, his friend said to him, hey, come and play the glory of the king, okay, okay, go online immediately and play 2 hours happy, can it After a while, there are still people who say, hey, we're bouncing, you're bunging, you're coming, you're going to be happy, it's such a person, and then lying in bed, happiness is unattainable, happiness is short-lived, happiness is instantaneous, uh, everyone is like that


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