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Take you into the inner world of Capricorn part1 Capricorn Constellation

Comprehensive analysis of Capricorn

By GiovanniPublished 2 months ago 7 min read

Today, we will take you into the inner world of Capricorn ah, in fact, I really like Capricorn, and I get along with Capricorn special harmony, because I will feel that as long as you can make Capricorn feel that you are a good person, Capricorn will be very good to treat you, this I can guarantee, why? Because I will feel that Capricorn is a very simple person, so is this this word, we are confused, Capricorn himself are confused, have not thought about this problem, this simple only Capricorn in the face of feelings, the face of good people, the face of a friendly and harmonious relationship, he will naturally show his most natural side, this pure and natural side is called simple. I would think that although Capricorn is very good at learning and growth, but in fact Capricorn learning and growth are external, skillful, self-improvement aspects. But the inner Capricorn.

The heart will remain very good, that's the truth. So why use the word pure and simple to describe Capricorn, is because Capricorn can protect their hearts very well, in the face of his hurt, face frustration, he can hide his heart, and then to learn skills, and then to get stronger, and then to overcome a difficult problem, he can this time without feelings, can not bring his heart, then wait until he has overcome the frustration, overcome themselves, and live a After a stable life, he can take out the simple side of himself and return to his life. So although Capricorn and Scorpion will be the kind of people in the pain, in the darkness to draw energy, but the biggest difference lies in this point, Scorpio absorbed enough pain, will change his nature of mind, will affect his mentality, will destroy his balance, but Capricorn will not, some Capricorn if you say to 20 or 30 years old, grow up 334 stages, should be able to understand me clearly this sentence, for example, when the teenage years, the growth of 334 stages, should be able to understand me clearly. For example, in the teens, encountered some frustration ah, think ah, I blacked out ah, I will never love again, I will never love the world again, I will never have the world again.

Looking forward to his 20s, he did not want to have a heart, and then he met someone he liked very much after he left society, and then had a very good job, and then he slowly became warm again, and will become very positive, become very sunny, he was able to change himself back, and his biggest point is to say that as long as he can change back, he will be able to let go, I can even tell you negatively, he I can even tell you that not only can he let go, he can also have a grateful state of mind, really, this live room may have a lot of friends who have quarreled with red friends or broken up, I think, hey, after that Mengniu and struggle, right, how about that hanging, but in fact he may be grateful to you, it is entirely possible that he will miss you, he will give you thanks to you, but he will not look for you, because he will keep you sealed In his memory, can understand what kind of feeling? He will feel either happy or sad, whether it is destiny or not, as long as you appear in my world, then you are a memory that belongs to me, then the relationship between us just exists in the process of that year or two, it belongs.

My exclusive memory, I will not hate you, nor will I blame you, I miss nor because of you as a person, but my memory of you, that part of my memory, then so this self-object will lead to Capricorn is actually a person who is particularly demanding on himself, but particularly low on others, because once he loses the relationship with this person, then he will not have any demands on this person, because you Do not belong to me, you do not intersect with my world, I have what requirements for you ah, I, when we were together, you quarrel every day, the heart is very made, I am your object, I can manage you, I hope you do not so made, you, we are now broken up, I and you? Will blame you? No, because your problems exposed my problems. So in re-chewing this relationship between us, Capricorn will have an objective and calm perspective to analyze each other's mistakes, but more will go to analyze whether their own mistakes led to each other's mistakes, that for example, the other party is a lot of people, and then Capricorn broke up with the relationship, Capricorn broke up for six months, and then has been having a bad time, Capricorn will not.

Love him to be thinking, that is not because I do not love to explain, so people are becoming very made? So is there something wrong with me? So is it actually I am sorry for him? That's it. So why I say Capricorn is a pure and virtuous person, is a pure and simple person, is because Capricorn he will always stand in a third perspective, the person with their own conflicts and problems aside, with a third perspective to look at this person and the relationship, his purpose is not to redeem or to please, but for self-improvement, in order to avoid repeating the same mistakes. So why do I say that Capricorn all the growth and learning are external, never internal, because in my opinion, a person's internal growth means not to have too many expectations, not surprised, not happy, but Capricorn is unable to do this, I am responsible to tell you, you may think ah, Capricorn is very sensible and mature ah, face paralysis, right? Often there is no emotional expression, but you are really wrong.

Capricorn his inner maturity is very difficult to do, he is only good at to disguise their emotions, but Capricorn encounter like people and like things, he is simply can not control, he no matter what age, how many things have experienced, how much damage has been experienced, he can still maintain a kind of expectation, but he will feel that he does not want to express it, I would say that Capricorn actually put their own inner protection very well Because of this, so such a person, why he has to learn like crazy, crazy growth, because he still want to firmly maintain his a fragile and simple heart.

And it's not that he's aware that he has to protect it since he was born, but in his early teens and early 20s, when he's experienced the fall, experienced hardships, learned a lot of bad habits, and experienced turning himself into a mess, he suddenly realizes why I've become a mess, because my heart has a problem, because my mind, my state, my expectations of the world, my expectations of people, my expectations of relationships My expectations of the world, my expectations of people, my expectations of relationships have gone wrong, why? Because I experienced some bad things, made some bad friends, did some wrong things to myself, made myself very degenerate, so this Capricorn made up his mind to break off from his wrong self, to detach from those bad people and circumstances, to make himself more pure, to protect this heart, to know what he can and cannot do, what he can and cannot say, so it is he who after After experiencing a lot, only then suddenly realized that once his heart suffered from pollution, basically ruined, this feeling Capricorn himself must be more clear than me, think about it, it really is, Capricorn as long as the inner pollution, basically a period of time all ruined, similar to a Capricorn study, know that learning can change fate, study well, and then make a friend who is not three or four Day in and day out.

Playing games, dating him every day, online he could not control himself, playing for six months, the results fell skyward, the parents' reprimand, the teacher's punishment, let him regret, let him suffer, determined to delete the game number, cut off with that friend, and then clean up his heart, do it again, first from the outside to turn himself around, this is the growth of Capricorn, so such a Capricorn inside will always remain sensitive, keep the desire, the outside will More and more skillful, know more and more, this contradiction in the process of growth will make Capricorn grow slower than anyone else.


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