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Take you into the inner world of Capricorn part 8: Capricorn suffered too much aggravation because of the heart and mouth

Comprehensive analysis of Capricorn

By GiovanniPublished 3 months ago 7 min read

Then we will incite a small selection of you in this Capricorn in the process of growing up, for this character to suffer how much aggravation, from family to classmates, to the back of friends, to colleagues, to fall in love to work, he will be endless aggravation, because what? It is because of the kind of character just now, silently for the sake of the other party, but do not do anything, and then found that the other party is not rational when the aggravation, while he can only beat off the king's belly, there is no way to express with anyone, there is no way to learn from anyone, but also constantly in the inner comfort themselves, forget it, anyway, you do not care, is a necessary step in the process of growing up to comfort themselves. Another example, when reading a conflict with classmates, admitted the verbal dispute, let Capricorn say the other two sentences, and then afraid to get angry, because all love to save face ah, others scolded he himself certainly can not suffer, and then small.

Very solution, then Capricorn mouth pout, and then the other side of the mouth pout ignore Capricorn, and then Capricorn face pain red, his after female seat said, but how this so unreasonable ah, how he so excessive, and then the more said the more vain, the more said the heart is not capital, the more said right is not divided, and then it, regardless of what is done, he will not take the initiative to fight with that person, he will go to create a chance encounter, want to see each other will This time this mentality is very subtle, is a kind of see can't help doing so, and then no reason at all, for example, Mo Niu in the kiosk to set things up, and then see the students, and then he would have gone out, he found that head a row of veneer, he will deliberately scamper up in the door, he had a head of snot will fall, and even that sometimes go to the kiosk, he will wait to see if the person goes to the kiosk. He waited to see if that person went, went after the back bridge and then go to know, and then that person came out, we are looking at the twist not go, sometimes it will make people very hurt, but at the same time still blame themselves, oops, you see offend people, it is your fault most cheap well, people ignore you, and then at the same time and constantly those comfort themselves, he may.

I don't see your hint, the hint of the wife is too subtle, you have to be obvious, wait and try again, try again tomorrow, so he may try again tomorrow, this to why? I said Capricorn is a special eager to hear from the mouth of the third person to his true evaluation of people, is because he is always in doubt that others say birth son to him have an opinion, you can understand. 20-year-old Capricorn like to joke, this kind of Capricorn he is actually particularly inferior inside, for example, you and he in a WeChat group, you dislike him a sentence, then he in the back in the group said one or two dozen words, that Why he wants to see if you will still be with him, he is also in the activity, he is also very difficult, very aggrieved, but he will continue to say, remember to look at the pieces, because he wants to know if you really hate him, so this Capricorn he is always so inferior, and then produce some humble such emotions, so cause Capricorn in later he will become particularly cold, may start to reply I think the heart of Capricorn it is not at the beginning is.

It is because of a kind of performance constantly slowly getting bigger and bigger and colder. The reason is very simple, logic has a keen sense of smell and subtle observation beyond the ordinary people. Capricorn is always able to pass others a sentence, an attitude, an expression, see the other party to their own rejection, that he wants to know whether the other party is very annoyed with himself, will constantly observe, because the other party may not be so delicate, Capricorn own investment in observation, that very will say Capricorn become that letter well, so Capricorn willing to become, why? Because Capricorn as long as the most primitive mentality to approach the road, as long as the enthusiasm to get along with this person, will certainly offend, this may be a curse inherent in Capricorn, so the Capricorn his heart will be more and more cold, because he will find that he just want to deal with a relationship, will be up, he just really like a person, will certainly offend you, he just want to be friends with this person, he will will definitely let this person see himself.

To please a little, he will give up as soon as he moves his feelings, he will hate as soon as he lets loose, but I don't think that's wrong, right? You say that the most primitive human feelings is not so, that is, I like a person, I will tease him, on his joke, in front of him shouting, I thought he was happy, but it turns out that he is not very happy, then you say the devil said what to do? The devil said he could not change this character, as long as the affection to let loose ah, that can only I can only let the heart of the cold but can only become less enthusiastic ah, become less too fast to give feelings, and then too fast is the other team in front of their own team should be the most real side of the well, because until now, I because he said so in this kind of twenty to thirty years old Capricorn, in fact, he is still such, he When you meet your own appetite, or mouth should not a proper, he just more clear what joke can open, what joke can not open, create a relaxed, that is, ah, joking to find each other your pervert, immediately immediately shut up, immediately not open. But this idea, this behavior will make me also do a little down the head, because his heart has been cold, there have been too much of this before, because this self a joke bubble, but also like with people offended with people.

This is the reason why he doesn't want to maintain this kind of thing, so he doesn't want to maintain it, so he'll just disperse it, right, and he'll just disperse it, and I don't lack this friend, in fact, his emotions are very complicated, he desires to have real feelings, to have the best friend, to have the most real side of himself to face others, but found that others don't like it, but if he says he doesn't have to face others with his real side, he will feel that it's not his feelings. The feelings of the final back to a point, why I said Capricorn is the most realistic sign, because Capricorn finally found only fascination and profit is to see the feelings up, Capricorn than any one person first grateful people when can be true to themselves, with people casually joke, rich, powerful, famous and beneficial, so for people say Capricorn does not pay attention to the interests, but Capricorn can not leave the money, he The purpose of having money is not to eat, drink and play, not to go with, is for the body since the value, is for this ingredient to let themselves live a little more free, no longer because of the interests to go for the desire, do not need to avoid because they dare not feel shocked themselves, to put it bluntly or inferiority, inferiority complex, but Capricorn to overcome the inferiority complex is quite difficult, I also think that for Capricorn, then, make money than to overcome the inferiority complex To simple.

I also think that Capricorn to a certain age, to what 24 or 25 years old, 56 years old, after discovering the laws and nature of this society, he will turn this mind to their own body, to work, to the top of the To make money this piece, because there is no feeling that can make money to make themselves more happy.


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