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Take you into the inner world of Capricorn part 6: Capricorn is too easy for love paranoia

Comprehensive analysis of Capricorn

By GiovanniPublished 3 months ago 5 min read

This next paragraph ah, it is very interesting, especially interesting ah, Capricorn to listen to a froze, what is it? You never know Capricorn is a super super super super super paranoid people, paranoid to you simply can not imagine. You do not look around you Capricorn twenty to thirty years old, ah, a serious really, oops, I this person in love on no emotions, oops, I this person, oops is this, oops, gentleman's friendship light as water, there is no emotion. You never know this than even young for love crazy live to what extent, for love to do how many silly things, he died will not say this paranoia to what extent, especially this seventeen or eighteen years old, ten twenty-one two years old this model male residual dirt pox, paranoia to terrible. What is the Capricorn woman? Other Capricorn women are 18 or 19 years old when they quarrel with the object began to make up, made to turn the world upside down, overturning the sea, to do everyone know ah, to that extent, that Capricorn men are crazy, really crazy, crazy for love, crazy for love ah, so why is called paranoid super super super super liar, that is, I tell you Capricorn on.

This emotional paranoia only once in his life, first, he only once in his life, because the love of too paranoid, too shocking, one to four or five years he did not slow down, so he no longer dare. This time the paranoia directly affects his next half of life on the judgment of love, as well as for the handling of feelings, may be a little exaggerated, but the nature is similar, uh, Capricorn piece is a kind of, I tell you similar to what, I do not know if you have seen the ancient sword Qitan Li Yifeng acted that, his body has a called what a brake, Capricorn's body is sealed with a brake, because that reading When it is also Capricorn generally do not have conflicts with people, it is more unlikely to say that more fights with classmates, that conflict with a friend, the first year, the second year, the third year, and then sometimes really can not help it, to play a one-time fight over ah, to fight to really, to fight to fight to vomit blood flow, he does things he has this style, he can control their own situation, will try to control themselves, but he Control themselves simply can not control.

So he really in the body shares of fury, this fury will continue to accumulate, accumulate accumulation, and then one day let his emotions move, and then this fury directly accounted for the whole person, Capricorn this kind of thing is awake, the most terrible place, in fact, in my opinion, Capricorn in many places of the liar, only once in his life, is too terrible, he simply did not dare to have a second, the other party said to Leave yourself, let Capricorn fever like crazy. Capricorn call the other party does not answer, Capricorn will do? Capricorn will sleep? Capricorn will not, Capricorn will definitely go to the other party's downstairs and wait for him, if said in a foreign city, Capricorn will definitely buy one of the earliest flights to fly over, set so, before flying over, he simply can not sleep, really to eat, understand, because this is the first reaction of Capricorn in the face of feelings, in the most original, the most pure, the most sincere Capricorn in the face of feelings first reaction, that Later why not do so? Because he found that there is no point in doing so, he was tired, Capricorn found how to be able to suppress their own brakes, for example, the next time more than 30 years old, break up, that party are said to break up, and then pull his phone down, the first reaction or fly over, but in that brakes occur, he was able to pass their own.

Experience with the law, forcibly hold back, and then restrain him, and then oops, you can not go, there is no point, a person who does not love you, you go to no use, just like you see if you are false last time, there are good results no good results, he will control himself through the last lesson, so why say only once in a lifetime, because he only has to experience once, the second time he knows how to control themselves. So some of my friends say that love has not happened, think back to your affection, you have not screwed with your girlfriend like this, you have screwed with your mother like this, also is also once ah, once to understand ah, once after, uh, once will not ah, is this kind of people? So you Capricorn with a few moms, with the father of the conflict, is not also pleased with it? Then someone said he looked back on his state, really too funny, because he found that he just do this, others will laugh at him for life, he will never do this again. He argued with his mother like this, is that he found his mother not only disrespect himself, and then every time you have to take out when, but also with everywhere with others, when indoctrination speaks key others laugh at him, he also can not refute, because really is too embarrassing to do it yourself, how can he still do this kind of thing a second time?

So the consequences are too humiliating, so Capricorn as long as after an experience, will not be so paranoid, to put it bluntly or rational, Capricorn's rational is able to control the emotional side, but the premise must be two points, the first point, Capricorn must have a bad result as a reference, and then use this warning to let themselves forcibly inhibit their own paranoia. Second, Capricorn must have experienced, know that his paranoia does not make any sense, let him feel that this paranoia is not logical, so that he no longer paranoid, must be so, so must be experienced, experienced is so.


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