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Take you into the inner world of Cancer part4: whether you can communicate well with the Cancer depends on whether you have enough patience

Comprehensive analysis of the Cancer

By GiovanniPublished about a year ago 8 min read

First of all, I will be responsible for telling you that Cancer can be said to be the most serious of the 12 zodiac signs in the face of feelings of a variety, some friends may say ah, no ah, this Crab is very promiscuous, Cancer look who's feelings quickly, I negative can tell you that this must be the kind of deeply wounded Cancer to restore their own healing kind of way, but in the world of Cancer, this must not be feelings, that is, Cancer in a serious Want to face feelings, he must be the most serious person in the double life, he will consider a lot of things, the past, the present, the future he has to consider, so this thing will let Cancer in many times produce a kind of ambivalence, because the comparison, this comparison is very critical, because what? Because Cancer why not choose the dog's head, that is, will be compared, because this comparison makes Cancer words do not reach, for example, ah, you just Ren Cancer, every day to call him clock two o'clock, two o'clock in the evening to chat with him ah, then he does not sleep, you do not sleep, you coax him for a week, and then chase to the kind of time, and then one day the more nights.

Just suddenly 12 o'clock at night, you said you can not sleep, and then you said oops, can not sleep on sleep, oops I'm sleepy, I'm going to sleep ah, you think about yourself you sleep well, good night. You perfunctory him, then he suddenly very angry, and then said you were not like this before, and then he sulked, cold, pull you black, you said ah, this are good to make ah, not he made, but he can not face the past you and now you fall, you have to figure out, not he is very calculating, said ah you, you do not chat with me is your fault ah. Capricorn is clingy, Capricorn is careful and like to make, not so, he knows that you do not wrong, but he does not face long is the fallout, he may be very understanding at that moment, will say, oops oops, okay, you sleep, ah, I disturb you so late, oops oops, you are indeed I am not the same, you sleep, you sleep, after lying on the bed he began to think wildly, he will think is not the feelings a hand It is not cherished, is not the people will be like this, because it makes him think of the dissipation of the last relationship, at the beginning of that person is like this to me, behind slowly not on, is not I this person really does not deserve to be pampered, is not I this person will always let people spoil? He may not be because of this behavior anymore at this time, and.

Rather, because this thing makes him a bad association, in this sense, he doubts himself, doubts feelings, doubts the world, to one o'clock sleep, of course, looking for you again this time, it is no longer because he can not sleep, you ignore him, but he is very painful, very aggrieved, he needs you, but what are you doing? This is the main reason for Cancer to pull a person's black. In terms of Cancer, he felt that if you really have me in mind, you should ask me a question, why are you still awake at one o'clock? You do not ask, you must not care about my possible friends ah, after the fact to explain, oops, I really fell asleep last night, oops, I really did not pay attention last night, it did not work, why? This is your subconscious reaction and attitude in the first place. You explain afterwards, hey, I didn't pay attention last night, it didn't work, this is your subconscious, this your attitude there is no need to explain, if you really believe by me, you will not do so, so he will be cold, he ignored you, this thing for a long time can not be solved, in essence, in fact, it is basically your problem, I honestly said, because you are too complex.

Well, too care about each other's emotions, that is, you are too centered, so Cancer in many cases, explicitly and implicitly to your hint, you not only did not see, and completely do not care, for example, Cancer and you quarrel, Cancer people said you roll, and then you people said I rolled you do not regret, and then Cancer immediately do not speak, and then sit there crying, and then you really go, he put you Lahey, why? First, you said I rolled you don't regret when you must say immediately shut up, it is already low, second, he saw you may want to go, he immediately cried there, let you come over to coax him, let after you still go, that you now came to a sentence, or he told me to roll meaningless, you just a little more understanding, you can't roll, so about color people, about color friends, after this kind of thing happened, he can not make? The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are doing. Can you understand? It means that this thing happened ah, you may have a month and after the good, then he more and more, more and more, more and more, you blame him, the most also blame you why, because this month he suffered a lot of aggression, but he recalled the night, he told you to roll, you rolled, so he did not dare to make, he did not dare to find the existence, and then he was in the feelings.

He will be deformed, his language, his behavior will be deformed, he will be afraid of your right hand flung, and then roll, so he did not dare to lose his temper with you, for example, before he could not sleep at two o'clock at night, he will send a message to you to call, ask you what you are doing, he now can not sleep at two o'clock, can not sleep, he did not dare to call you, he was bored alone, and then he may not be able to sleep at night, he a The impact and impact on him is huge, and the impact you have on him and the damage you have done to him is exaggerated, he really does not know what he is doing every day because you have become unlike himself in the relationship, he cannot sleep at night, he cannot get up during the day, and he cannot talk to you every day, he wants to Self-regulation, because he understands ah, want to rely on their own ability to come out, he can not come out, because he can not sleep at night ah, so once into this state, I think the final two people scattered, ultimately or blame you, he will still blame you, because you as his object, you should help him at this time, because the regulation of his emotions itself should be something that you should do ah, so Some friends say that green whiskers do too much, I can not stand, I have said this before, if you say that there is not so much patience of people, you do not.

Touch reject some, you will encounter, encounter two losers, you have to scold these do not make any sense, because many times Cancer what he needs is to guide me you to, for example, Cancer wants to communicate, he may need to brew emotions before communicating, brewing 30 minutes, he will this time he will left a sentence right, east a sentence west, with you east and west, and talk about this and that, he Want through this process to judge whether you are willing to listen to his emotions, listen to him in that is the idea of sin, willing to enter his heart, so you need to have enough patience to accompany him that east and west, and then he suddenly emotions big, he will say, so the words, I said Cancer does not communicate, I really say to you giant, you want to think that Cancer does not communicate with people, in fact, most of what I call impatient people, I can Responsible to tell you, Cancer in the feelings of the desire to communicate is very strong, but he will not take the initiative to communicate, he will be through a variety of ways, explicitly and implicitly let the other party know that they have emotions, and then judge, if the other party really care about their words, the other party will certainly come forward to communicate with.

Their own communication, that if the other party did not come to communicate with themselves, it shows that the other party does not want to communicate, then he does not communicate, is so, understand all understand, until now do not understand I will not say much.


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