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Take you into the inner world of Cancer part3: feelings is the spiritual dependence of the Cancer

Comprehensive analysis of Cancer

By GiovanniPublished 6 days ago 7 min read

I'll analyze this paragraph with everyone, why so many people say Cancer will not wait for people to say Cancer philandering, say Cancer slag, I'm not helping Cancer whitewash this thing, I really said many times, I said Cancer is really no slag ability, in fact, in my opinion ha, Cancer he but want to break up, want to retreat in the relationship, most of them are found each other retreat, and then found that the relationship is not He wondered if he thought too much, and then he did not know how to communicate with each other, afraid of each other angry, afraid of each other think more, and then their own personal hold, and then hold it, and then he is easy to ignore each other because of the cold war, and then easy to quarrel, and then a quarrel it, he was afraid of each other really left himself, and then in that kind of dilemma in that kind of realm, he will stir himself up The other party is also particularly tired, and then at this time he will produce the illusion that the other party must not like me, so we get along so tired, so I must go to prove that he really does not like me, then at this time he will find a sense of existence, he will deliberately show a look, ah, I just do not like you, I just do not trust this relationship, I just want to Break up, he is to want to go through this way.

Know that the other party will not retain, that if the other party said to retain, coax him two sentences, eh, he is in a good mood, he will uh smile and not mention it, but now the problem as long as his state does not change, the mood does not change, he will from time to time into this doubt, the other party is not like their state, hot will constantly looking for existence, and then this kind of feelings or his special pain, is that I can negative I tell you, you anyone in the feelings of the pain suffered no Cancer more pain, because Cancer in the feelings of pain and aggravation, he will certainly self-doubt, and then self-blame, on you do not know this self-doubt and self-blame on this are how much damage, on two people quarrel, and then the more said ignore, do not return your message, pull you black, as if he is very dragging look, I tell you that the more he is so dragging, the more he is sad. The more he is dragging, the more sad he is in his heart, why? It is because he is very dragging, so he is always in doubt, is not because he is too dragging, so he did so while he was crying, while in that aggravation, while still in that. Why I blacked him out, he did not add me back? Why I blacked out his microblogging, he did not weibo to send me a message?

Why obviously I paypal did not pull black he, he did not find me in paypal, he can drag while doing just that, while aggrieved, that now the question comes, just now no friend said that following crab do you this is not deserved? Then why do you want to pull others, why cold war with others, why ignore others? That is also to emphasize it, because Cancer he can not leave the feelings, he took the feelings as a kind of spiritual dependence, so in your world two choose just a quarrel, but in the world of Cancer is what? Is that we will actually quarrel today because of this kind of thing, if this thing is not solved, the future will certainly be more and more serious quarrel, so this thing must be solved, if not solved, we two have no future, is because he is too sensitive, so he many times he does not care about you too much, he must care, because he will be easy because of this thing and think a lot Other things, for example, you said well, said seven o'clock in the evening to pick up Cancer, and then you are half an hour late, you you will really think Cancer because you are half an hour late angry? He is because why you are half an hour late.

When but there is absolutely no apology, you dare to be half an hour late today, you dare to be an hour late tomorrow, you dare to be two hours late the day after tomorrow, why? Because you can not pay attention not in my emotions ah, you can not pay attention to my ideas ah, you can also do not need to consider my ideas well, right? What do you want to do? Is this relationship up to you? I listen to you, that is, you, you said seven o'clock to have dinner with me, I will be off work at seven o'clock, waiting at the door, and then you eat half an hour, then you take me to dinner, you can also pretend not to care, and then I have to wait half an hour, I have to pretend to be very happy, I am not happy, I have to be unhappy ah, he thinks so, then once he thinks so, he will not be able to go with you Well talk, because she will feel that I am so aggrieved, I am angry, I have to smile and talk to him, then I am not too humble? What do I count in this relationship? Is so a set of combinations down, so Cancer he suddenly even the board, you said angry? He is not angry, you know why so? He is to express his position and attitude, I am not so easy to fool, second, I am very drag, you do not want to bully me.

This is also another point can be, is the kind of Cancer kind of inner kind of desire to win in the work, in fact, you do not know is that Cancer is actually a very strong desire to win the sign, he will feel that you do not think they won, you do not think they are very powerful, in that the upper hand ah, you are half an hour late, that mouth a sentence this customer joke, you joke with me, I do not joke with you, you let me Wait half an hour, I have to, I have to wait for you half an hour, I'll talk to you for half an hour, you play with me, I play you to death, he thinks so, so he tends to him he may be when he just can't get the words right, so some of my friends say that Jui said not to communicate ah, said Jui Crab every day in that day to hide, nothing to say to you, you say Jui Crab how to communicate, I just deliberately, he just so communicate, he He can not communicate in this way ah, so his words do not mean, he will not say a word, how you do not say ah, is not in a bad mood ah, no, that touch on what to eat ah, whatever, is not happy ah, no ah, I am not happy? Can you not talk like this ah, what is wrong with me? I always talk like this? The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are doing.

Cancer people seat aggrieved, that I am also aggrieved, that every day there is nothing he caught me yin and yang a ah, there is nothing on the go, often ironic I can stand ah, you remember I said this, Cancer he is precisely because there is no way in the relationship casually, so he really can not accept each other in dealing with emotional problems when the hip, because you have to know that Cancer will be this smoke strange people, it must be because you I think it becomes hip, and definitely not because of what happened, I think it does not matter, it is because of your attitude he blew up, know it, you know it, is that half an hour late or give me hip, not to eat to half an hour, but because you hip. So I think I said before that Cancer likes people inside, Cancer likes to know people, in fact, this knowledge is essentially a way to be able to read people's words, to be able to distinguish the emotional attitude of Cancer such a kind of ability, that Cancer mouth a cock, face a than, eyes a roll, stop your heart, ha ha.

Immediately attitude correct, you will not quarrel, you believe me, okay?


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