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Take you into the inner world of Cancer part 9: Cancer, the only way to avoid more trouble is to be firm in your position

Comprehensive analysis of the Cancer

By GiovanniPublished about a year ago 8 min read

This paragraph, I said to the reading listen. The first problem, reading friends you must remember my words, many times you want not to offend any party, the results you get naturally will not be recognized by any party. This sentence said must be listened to, especially kind of young on learning, because you do not know how much trouble this character will bring you in the process of your growth. The problem original reason two people quarrel, you and a good, you help a scold B, you and B good, you help B scold a, you must be firm in your position, clear your attitude, if you say you hope that both people are good, and then always move to say something, the result must not be two people are identified good, they instead think you do in junior high school you very green tea. Cancer actually mostly have eaten this back, if you do not experience the field, there will be a kind of problem, such as people spit with you, you do not have any position, people after two days, eh, they play together again because of what reason, eh this becomes this Cancer what do you mean, two heads? Ah, how does he so ah, they both scold each other explicitly, instead of counting, what you said he remembered, why? Because he feels your love.

I hope that both good people will be friends, but they seem to be not so, must remember ah, clear position second, because this clear position of the point comes from what? On the Cancer is a special fear of misunderstanding, but I want to tell you today, the more you are afraid of misunderstanding will cause more misunderstandings, this science Cancer should also eat not know how big it, what is called the more afraid of misunderstanding will cause more misunderstandings. In fact, Cancer in my career, Cancer is not a person who likes to lie, but he likes to conceal, why? Because he is afraid of others misunderstanding, for example, Cancer, ah, with those friends out drinking, there are men and women in the room, ah, he will, but he did not do anything, is to drink a little wine with friends, but then, he is afraid of his object angry, people ask him, eh, what are you doing? That continue to do, obviously in the drink, pretending to run out, hey, oops, I just fell asleep, I was on the hay, hey, I'm sleeping, good night, why? I although I was drinking, but then, I, I also, I also did not do anything, but the scene did have a man and a woman, I was afraid of him, I was afraid that he slipped.

Auntie, I told him that I was sleeping forget it, so as not to cause more trouble, I most fruit found you in the explanation, oops I I oops said your explanation, you on now you think about this, this thing how to explain ah, that's it, some residents say, hey, I did not do so, I have not done this kind of thing, is what I said, I am giving an example, you have not done this kind of thing, you have to think about it, you have not Have done similar things, how many will have, do not do so, what to say, do not worry about what others think, is this kind of good heart but what trouble, will make you more difficult to explain, and then what, good karma is what? Many friends, including Cancer himself, he will go to a point, that is, why Cancer so nostalgic for the former, this problem I also said countless times, I think Cancer never actually never nostalgic for the former this person is sometimes lying in bed, he will go to the pain, will go to think, will go to nostalgia, he misses not the former, but what, but resigned, not convinced, why he has to put I dumped, is so, this kind of I also want to break up, also do not like him, but he may suddenly turn to each other's microblogging, send each other with their new object.

I was very happy drifting outside, did not think about her, suddenly she broke up with me, she can go out and go drifting with others, I am here hard to die, I have what she had premeditated, she broke up with me long ago, I went to work, he suddenly began to miss, he suddenly can not get out, so this point lies in Cancer, at this time, he is actually this point, he really did not miss his predecessor, he also Did not say how much he wanted him very well, he sometimes is not convinced, unwilling, that the problem I can think of the best solution is what I said, he can with the preparation out of a drift, you can also be with others in a drift, you have to learn to vent, learn to give themselves a vent, you do not hold back, this is the best way to execute, that is, there is learning will be, that I will I just hold back in that will be how? Do you understand that the first day you may just hold back did not do anything, the second day you can not resist a microblogging, the third day you can not resist treating his circle of friends, the fourth day you may resist adding his WeChat, the fifth day you may not resist writing a small essay, you do not hold back, you can not hold back ah, you hold back a since hold back the problem, you are in a bad mood, you.

Just go out and play, you will go to vent, you must not hold in their own homes, you forced forced out of the problem, you a you a play play, you will find, oops, seems to be nothing ah, is my own thinking too much ah, indeed you originally did not like him, play with others than he played more happy, you figured it out, do not fall into the bull's eye, do not cheat you, so the last paragraph I will tell you separately, Cancer The vast majority of paranoia is actually caused by themselves, this paragraph is the core on the core sublimation part, you criticize well on listen to Chu, this paragraph is really helpful, you do wrong you admit, you will scold yourself, you do right you do not admit, you will scold each other, you admit or not, wrong or right, you have to think clearly, you have to be firm. And the only reason Cancer produces paranoia is I'm wrong, he's wrong, I'm wrong, he's wrong, blame me blame him, blame me blame him for constantly swaying, lost in this process of swaying? I am responsible for telling you that this piece is so, micro direct, very simple, you have a good relationship with a friend, her best friend, ah, very good relationship, and then, you have a good relationship, then suddenly one day it, you did not do anything.

The case, he suddenly in front of the other bad things to say about you, and then ostracize you, and then you, and crazy Wen to tear him up, kind heart for the dog roll it, all roll it, and then the end, you have a liar? Will not, not at all, scolded after the gas coarse, or to live it, this person suddenly since the pick up disappeared, but if you say before he targeted you, you first do the most unworthy thing, even if only a little, that is to say, he then scolded, and then cut off, the mentality is different, he now changed, oops, why will make the kind of conflict? Is it my fault? I should not talk about him behind his back? Then I said he did not say anything ah, then why he should be so angry? Why is he targeting me? That he was wrong, that if I said I did not say that he would not target me, that I was wrong him, as long as he could not sort out who was right and who was wrong, he would take this thing out constantly to reject, will produce a kind of self-doubt when making new friends, that I now make new friends, that I will not this character no one I play, will not be because of this character and haunt me? When I let it go, I better not make friends with him, lest then hurt him again, hurt me, because I think my character still has some small problems.

This self-contradiction plus doubt, it will let produce a kind of lack of confidence, this lack of confidence will also let him produce a kind of resistance, this resistance is in the face of the same he rational part of clear God problem, he will choose to avoid, is that I feel that I make friends again, I will suffer I will be sad, I hurt, I also did not figure out who in the end who who is wrong, so I I this time I do not want to make friends, I am so tired. Then if he really clear in the end who is right and who is wrong, he is open-minded, think clearly, he will soon make new friends, love is like this, work is like this, study is also like this, all are like this. Many times Cancer's contradiction and bondage is because he is still in a state of self-doubt, self-torture, self-torture, now this state is a kind of what can not do, because whatever he wants to firm up a kind of idea, will eventually be their own doubts to dispel, this internal conflict, this lack of confidence, this self-doubt, will make Cancer particularly easy.


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