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Take you into the inner world of Cancer part 8: experience emotional intelligence can help the Cancer break through the emotional rut

Comprehensive analysis of the Cancer

By GiovanniPublished 6 days ago 9 min read

Ah, a lot on the friends said, ah, I heard so much, hey, I feel that my character is really sometimes a lot of trouble is really self-inflicted, there is no way, I should do it? I to tell you how to do ah, in uh, I observed a lot of immature crabs and mature crabs, I suddenly got a conclusion, emotional intelligence for the crab is in the robbery of this level, he must pass, and their own excessive past, the drama industry is going to become particularly fierce, particularly happy, the horse instantly find the meaning and direction of life, he can not pass, he will last a long time in the process, is constantly looking for a new person. It is constantly looking for a new person, and then feel that this person is not what they want, and very painful and difficult, and then torture, and then change a person, and then not want, and then pain and torture, and then change a person, and pain and torture and change a person, and fall a very scum reputation, and then his own heart does not admit that he is very scum, although his behavior is very scum, but he does not admit that he is very scum. Why? Because he feels that he is a victim, because he himself is very eager for a relationship, but can not find, that is, his heart is eager to get the real feelings, and because too much to find, and then to blame themselves, and then more can not find their own feelings, and then the feelings become impure, not pure, not real, and then constantly do this process, so I think this process for the body of the play is.

No, how to get through this problem is particularly suspenseful, because it is really very suspenseful, why is very suspenseful it? Because this thing is not something that can be said, you know? Because even if you say it, I think most of the crabs can not do it, why? Let me give you an example, I know a Cancer, what is he doing? He and his object is the first love, in seven or eight years, but this person has not been suitable, he also knows that it is not suitable, has not been married, and then the other party also proposed to break up, he also proposed to break up, two people do not get married nor break up, has been dragging, dragging seven or eight years, very painful. Then one day it, the other cheated, he caught, he under you have broken up, and then thought he would not love again, in the house off for more than a month, and then it, also do not see people, and do not talk, and then see again, the whole person has changed. Next, in meeting a new person, often in love, he will be completely different look, it gives the impression that the whole person has changed, you know? And then there is an illusion, as if it is not really necessary to actively give up something to be able to grow, that is, friends, you taste it, you close your eyes to bring into a kind of that scene, that is, you, you will think that this person is the most suitable woman, you see this person lies in finding unsuitable people, this person is you in together for life, although you know unsuitable, although you in his Together you will not be happy, not fast.

But you will feel that after you leave him, you will definitely not live, and then suddenly one day you will find that you fall into paranoia, and then you find that the relationship you want is not really like this, your wrong relationship, this is your imagination out, this is you fall into paranoia real. In fact real feelings are not supposed to be painful, and real feelings are not the kind that are particularly sacred, or particularly pure, or particularly pure, and also the kind that are uh, unattainable, in fact that this and that thing is not real feelings, but a kind of yearning for feelings. The actual fact is that we should consider the reality of love when we aspire to it, that is, we should look for one how comfortable how to come, how suitable how to come, and not too much to consider their hearts will not move ah, will not produce a feeling of dependence, will not produce a feeling of making their own pain and fast, that is, he will change a view on the choice of a spouse, the concept of love, that sudden change is will I think I might have thought that love is like a big bang, that is to be long, that is to be painful, but I suddenly feel.

Love does not seem to be like this, that is, love is to make people happy, make people comfortable to do, you know why? Because I can not tell you, Cancer in the second stage, is the 12 signs of the most strict control at the same time the most picky people, is what I said once Cancer said disappointed by the feelings, want to heal, he will release his nature, specifically looking for good-looking, will play, think with this kind of people playing together very happy people, but he will know that with such people together must not have results, but he will also feel that the good-looking, will play. But he will feel that I can only be with such a person, because my requirements are to be with such a man, he knows that such a man is not your son, he will feel that I can not control ah, I will not think about the future, I, I will not think about the future, because I now I just want to be happy, I will only feel that at this stage, I am with such a person, I can be happy a little The company has been looking for such people, but in fact he must not really fall in love with such people, because I really have several women around me are caught in this state, the relationship is to play, he is on the surface of the relationship is to play, in his heart and the desire for real feelings, but he does not want to move the heart.

Because a heart will be difficult, it will be aggrieved, so he wants not to move to experience feelings, he does not believe in love, but he wants to get love, this stage it, the more scolded, the basic are pure seed state, he most love to resist, so he is in the face of this particularly pure and particularly good doer, he is also very inferior. In fact, you think about it, now this state to crab do, you should be able to experience this feeling, he encountered a particularly good person, he will be inferior, he will want to leave him, why? He will feel that the me you meet now is not the best me, right? I don't want the current me to be with you, and I also think you will not like the real me, I might as well leave, because sooner or later you will leave me, because after you find out what kind of person I am, you will leave me. But he actually inner life is still a particularly longing feelings for people in his fear of feelings make their own pain, he fell into a misunderstanding, he is afraid of their own hurt, the more afraid of Fang hurt, so he at this time he can meet what kind of people, you think about it, really why I say Cancer state is bad, he will be very easy to fall into a kind of paranoia into, for this reason, Cancer in .

What kind of people can you meet when you are in bad shape? I give a reason, for example, monthly ah, play a social software, meet a person very honest also can not tease the girl, eh in? For example, back to a sentence everyone, then the drama said also do not speak, eh I said eh I look at your profile, eh you like you like to read novels, right? ah yeah, oh, I also like to read oh, that good coincidence ah, then that there is no talk, and then the other party does not speak, I think really not sincere enough, and then come to a person especially good at chatting, and chat with you fly, hey, the woman said eh this person is quite good, quite interesting, but also with that person willing to talk with him, then you say you feel this person interesting, he talked to you interesting, he talked to others interesting ah, then you In this state, you have blocked yourself, you have closed your heart, you want others to enter your heart. Not the people who really love you into your heart, but the real skillful, set up, have the means to go to your heart. And those who want to like you, want to get close to the people, but will be your appearance of indifference to dissuade, not they are not sincere enough, but sincere people he often can not accept you, indifference can understand.

? You do not say anything ah, because I have suffered a lot of injuries, because I am a person who is easily moved, so I can not be lightly moved, so I have to be high and cold, so I can not era. The more you do this, the more you will exclude those who are really dependable, because they are really not good, not good to pick up close to some other people, and even less good to open the heart of a closed person. So you are a kind of state, you seem to be around a lot of people, but no one can make friends, as if there is no shortage of fixed, but can not find a resonant person, as if every day in love, but it seems from all can not touch touch, can not touch, either because of women, or for themselves.


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