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Take you into the inner world of Cancer part 7: Cancer's concessions for love are not taken for granted

Comprehensive analysis of the Cancer

By GiovanniPublished 6 days ago 8 min read

Speaking of this easy to aggravate this point ah, and then repeat a paragraph, to deepen the understanding of the big. First of all, we must figure out a problem, Cancer in the end is why it is easy to aggravate, more easily destroyed than other signs, more easily paranoid than others. The core point why it is easy to aggravate? Because two, because understanding, this is standing in a third perspective of this perspective to observe to get a result, I'm right there, you think back, you and Cancer in love with people, you and green beans together for so long, this role generally listen to who, than people go out at night to eat what, where to play on the weekend, watch movies to see what.

Other friends, friends say, ah, I think Cancer is very tricky ah, he said to eat that said to eat that, said to see that said entertainment play, he is very gripping ah, right, he is very gripping, indeed very gripping, but ultimately with whom to go? So he tends to make decisions in many cases, he often looks like he is standing on the top bunk, looks like he won, looks like he is there, in fact, he finally compromised, this is the key to the problem, that is, I said he because of this kind of thing he won or lost, is that I think you should care about me, you have to listen to me, why? Because I have understood too long, I have listened too many times, so this time must listen to me, then after his controversy, he will not be able to help ah, he wants to eat Western food, it is better to eat Western food, right, anyway, he has listened to me, then we will eat Western food, is so, so this character will lead to Cancer in the relationship is bound to pay more than the other party. I'll give you another example, two people graduated from college, discussing whether to go to graduate school or go out to work, you think often this reality.

Ten based on who, your friend said to him, that Boer giant said he was particularly wavering, today advised me to study, did not advise me to work, he always wavered, you are wrong again, he wavered to a billion uncertainty, but in the final result, you get on, he will also study for you to work, he will also find work for him in a billion uncertainty, he went to discuss with you, he will have a very strong opinion of this, but in the final result, you get on, he will also study for you to work, he will also find work for him in a billion uncertainty, he will have a very strong opinion of this. But in the final choice, in fact, will still be with you, this kind of thing can actually be applied to all your scenes together, including you now recall, you decided to go to which city, decided to choose what work, decided to live in where, decided all the, you in now and then think about it, Cancer silently for you to do how many people compromise and sacrifice, even if you say Cancer 12:00 at night sleepy You said to him ah, my friends let me shout me to go singing, Cancer oops I'm so sleepy na, I'm good to go back to sleep ah, that oops you line it, that baby we go back to sleep it ah on Yue said, said the count forget it, I still play with you for a while, let's go, I go to class, to go when the mouth is still grinning that smile, but also drink with friends, why, because outside do not want.

Sweep you up, do not want others to feel how your object so unintelligent ah, that's how, there are Cancer friends a second before you quarrel, quarrel two people do not say a word, and then the back of the ah, immediately we have to eat together, and then he chatted with others others, talk to others, smiling, and then pretend things, you people with me a word not to say ah, out singing, out eating on the smile Smiling ah, as if who is sorry for who ah, do to me to see, he is not doing to you to see, he does not want to let others inside the group so contradictory it, do not want others to say this your object how so ignorant ah, is so. So in many cases, Cancer he will do, really will not lose the reason lies in this, he can do, he can understand, he can pay, he can inherit, but he must feel it is willingly, is to pay for love, to make way for love, not to pay for you, right? If you don't love me, you don't care about me, why should I give for love, why should I give way for love? So at that time, he has to fight is to fight, you are love me he.

The fight for this thing reasoning is also in convincing themselves to make a preparation for the sacrifice and compromise later, that is, I already intend to pay, but I now think I should not pay, then I have to emphasize that he loves me, I want justice, so that he let me lower my head, and then tell themselves can pay because he loves me, is so, like I said, Cancer, he often he is not together at the time On the beginning of the conflict, you may live with the giant before a month, the first two months, the first two months are very good, but once the conflict for a long time can not be resolved, and then you are very tired, and then want to break up with him, then this conflict is suddenly produced? He is not, he is the moment you are together, he has produced a contradiction, only has not been resolved, has been Cancer in trying to reconcile, trying to find a way to step back, but he back, back to his no way back, you still have not changed, he can not help it, he will come out to say, but he said you love you, to imply that you do not understand, and you do not change, he can only keep repeating another Things to say you, will only say what do you want? Do you want to break up?

How do you know so little, how do you so much, you will only say this thing, but only more and more to do ah, is so, so in my business ah, the more he is easy to do aggression, easy to paranoia, he is often because he understands, because he usually in life, in the relationship to do too much regression, resulting in his no way back, he will definitely take all the things out, then he will definitely Paranoia, because he carved so many times to see this time paranoia, he will make the light of two people, two people together, no joy, only pain, you say he can not be paranoid? He can not lose control? So I rely on throwing a thesis, Cancer in the catch, must be paranoid time, out of control time, can not extricate themselves, so you talk to him at this time is no sense, because where he can listen to reason, he will not do, not out of control, but where he is out of control, he will not listen to, not listen to reason, this is how to solve the key to the problem. If you can pay attention to the details, as I just said, he said that you listened to what he said, he told you in the morning, want to eat a bowl of candy canes in the evening, after you leave work in the evening.

Just buy him a piece, he must not do, you must not have conflicts, which can be done, if not, you quarrel, quarrel you gas, immediately turn back to him, take the initiative to find him to speak, he just open up to speak, basically nothing, because he misses you again, he will not look for you, so you must take the initiative to solve the conflict, he can take the initiative to step back, but you must take the initiative Solve the conflict. So many times Cancer his aggrieved point is to feel that they know too much, although too much, he is not for their own regression feel not worth, nor their loss, but feel that there is no point, he will feel that this kind of their own unilateral one-sided concession of feelings will not last, so he just need you to stand up and tell him that this relationship is long-lasting, this conflict can be resolved, you believe me okay, that is So.


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