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Take you into the inner world of Cancer part 6: Cancer most afraid in love words do not mean

Comprehensive analysis of the Cancer

By GiovanniPublished 6 days ago 8 min read

What does Cancer want in the end? In fact, it's really simple, because compared to the Scorpion Pisces, Cancer wants a lot less than they have been a lot, Scorpio wants to be the only, Pisces wants to be favorites, but Cancer understands, Cancer wants to just have an exclusive position in your heart to him is enough, he does not want favorites, nor displacement, there will be better, but if you do not give Cancer favorites, Cancer he can also accept. Cancer in many cases, he as long as the relationship is stable, I say this to you, Cancer requires each other only, require each other to change love, basically because of insecurity, feel that the other party must prove that they are the only, prove that since the preference to be able to have a sense of security, but as long as he is stable, after having a sense of security, he can put each other have a bigger life, can let each other have more hobbies, as long as the heart has own position, he is enough, he really will not charge more, this is the core of this thing, Cancer like in the end is what, I can perfunctorily tell you. Cancer he does not.

We are a person who will ask for, and Cancer is very easy to know, Cancer tolerance is always more than you think more and broader, many times Cancer mouth can not tolerate said, but as long as he published a complaint to communicate with you, you coax him well, he will automatically drop a point in the inner bottom line and principle, he next time he encountered this problem he certainly do not mention, if he is still angry next time, most likely Because your last explanation and apology is not sincere enough to convince him. The problem is in the road. I have 12 zodiac signs around my friends, what zodiac signs are there, we go out, such as about to go out together to drink, ah, have fun, ah, the object of Scorpio is the most out, the object of Cancer is the easiest to come out, on call this thing can explain very much, with the male my friend to go absolutely outside, my wife every day I told straight, hey, my good brother called me out to drink some wine, drink to what time ah, drink what drink? Your daughter is asleep at home, I'm at home to let you go out drinking ah, do you find yourself interesting? Silly, the object of Cancer I am really talking to you, but all the friends of Cancer here, you think about this scenario, your object after running here said I, my best friend my brother has a what a bureau.

Birthday he called me over, I may be back at one o'clock in the evening, can it? You just have to say this, about the seat is basically impossible to refuse you, I now put the words here, because he has no reason to refuse you ah, he will also say to you, oops, it's okay, you go play well, he will also talk to you guys to give you a step ah, I played with my friends at night King's Glory, it's okay, I should be at home is also quite happy, it's okay, you do not have to worry about me to go go, it's okay, before he left he may also go, that is, oops, you do not have to worry, I'm bored alone, OK, right, they play very happy, all right you do not worry about me, you play happy ah, did not that care about him, there he thought at this time or this thing, on this point, I think the father can tell the giant constellation, in fact, is really a very knowledgeable person in the relationship, and he really will not say that the other side needs to surround themselves with Rather, what you want to live, what you want to do is fine, but you have to remember me, what you want to do, you tell me, I'm not not letting you do it, right? You have me in mind, you will say to me, you take me as one of our own, I will be happy, that this thing is what I said a skill, than people friends say Cancer as, I said countless times Cancer as, most of them are you handle carelessly caused by, for example, ah, Cancer and a magic bull in love.

Ah, Capricorn workaholic, working overtime every day, and then, Cancer call, Capricorn, Capricorn oops I'm busy, I'm in a meeting, I'll talk to you later ah, and then the phone hung up after the phone will not call to play, and then Cancer is very made, and then eh, you're busy? You have a meeting? I'm very annoyed, hey, I've said, I'm in a meeting, do not look for me, I'll find you after I'm busy, hey, hang up hang up, and then so, and then the back also do not explain, and then this Cancer will be more and more work, more and more like to call, he called to say, hey, he is not really busy, he is not cheating, he does not like me, he will not be able to resist this thought that he wants to play, the more you The more you want him to play, then how to deal with this problem is very simple, you are working is to call, eh, what are you doing ah? Oh yes, baby, I'm in a meeting, I'm waiting for the meeting to finish, I'll call you over to you? I have nothing to do, bye, then you will call after the meeting, baby, I will be finished, what do you want me to do just now? Oh, I have nothing to do, I just want to talk to you, I want to hear your voice, then okay, ah, then I'll see you tonight, bye, he will never call you again, you believe me, you just have to deal with it this way, he will never call in your studio again, it's that simple, I tell you, this kind of thing you integrate into your life, any thing, any scene, any environment, you are going to do this Deal with it, do it well in advance, say it to him.

Must not say, like I said the reading of the work, are often words do not mean, often you say to do not do, but he can not blame you, he understands while doubting you, let him tense up, he will find you, so in my opinion, Cancer he many times he looks for the reason of existence is often because you do not pay attention to him, he will look for the existence of well. So Cancer speak in the end is what, in fact, really simple, he said you listen in, the last sentence Cancer must not be wrong, and you do not know how easy to meet Cancer, I'll tell you how good Cancer fire, I cite the constant, for example, you two night days on each buy ah, Cancer before work, oops, suddenly in the residence of a sentence, oops, today good to eat a string of sugar gourd ah, you went in, and then after work you'll curbside downwind to buy him a sugar cucumber, in his happy for several days, he may not want to eat, he followed the mouth, but you will immediately be sure to finish eating, I'll tell you, really, you he said every word you remember in your heart, you can do, you try to do, although that you did not do, he will not be angry, but as long as you can do, which will certainly be very attentive to maintain Your emotions, because what he wants you have given him, on.

After the male, the crab man is more sensitive than the crab girl, in the live room must have hidden a lot of crab man, because the crab man in my career four two movement in the most like a sign of the zodiac, a Pisces man, a crab man, crab man more sensitive, crab man more remember these things, he remembers the special dead, because he does not say, crab man than the crab girl more like to hide tucked, know it, he more not say, so in that dry wait, I will Look there, for example, you are playing the game, people say the king of glory on line, see you playing, and you say eh play to play the game how did not call me ah, you think it is a very casual words? He is really sensitive, why in a heart to teach me, he really will mess up, you know? Then he said oops, I just saw you were not online, I opened, I'll pull you next oh, and then go on to say, that well, there and wait for you to finish playing a hand and open a hand, after playing a hand and open a hand, he was there waiting, he did not speak, he also did not you send spleen, just wait there, wait for you to finish playing and then find you, he will not be angry, he said you called me what, playing the game ah, that who played ah, friends ah, Cancer man The next day found a crab man in the net, playing games with other women online, you do not say that the crab man cheated ah, I am responsible to tell you, he will certainly the next day.

Will go to play games with the opposite sex of the giant male, for this stoic revenge will be refused about the female to do more of that ah, more so ah, really this is Ming's revenge, you really are, this is is deliberate, and fight also you know, but also you see the ah, deliberate. So some of my friends will say, that I do not know he was angry ah, right? That is what I said, if you do not have enough patience, is to be touched moment heart, who can not be blamed, okay, is who can not be blamed ah.


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