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Take you into the inner world of Cancer part 5: aggression and insecurity will make the Cancer become paranoid

Comprehensive analysis of the Cancer

By GiovanniPublished 3 days ago 9 min read

Then the friend of the giant said, ah, ah, right ah, said good ah, after the crab do is the need for patience ah, that is to say, patience ah, after the crab do is what kind of, well, that is called good ah, do not rush ah, we will tell you next, that the Cancer why always let each other lose patience, I tell you a few stories, that continue to say, six o'clock with their object ready to go out to eat hot pot, and then, in the When you are ready to go out, Cancer suddenly said to the object, you take out the garbage to pour it, and then the other party said, ah I'm busy, you go pour it, don't give me a sentence, ah this this room is all I pour, you pour a little well, hey, pour you don't pour you don't eat, month more serious, don't eat, don't eat, hum, and then didn't flash thank the map back to the room, and then the other party will ah immediately ran to the floor and said, ah, a joke, a joke. Just kidding, just kidding, oops hum, oops I arrived at the line? Then immediately Dad arrived, ran over, he said you apologize to me ah, said sorry sorry sorry, you what people apologize, you ask me to do ah, sorry sorry sorry, I was wrong okay, I do not eat, hum, you are afraid that I apologize, I will not eat, and then the other side really angry, there is no end ah, said, eh, all of a sudden goose, this road.

You jokingly open too much ah, you can not talk to the pals right right? Every time why every time there is something to go out and play or whatever, you have to spoil the fun ah, think not to talk, suddenly a little aggrieved, why am I doing is what I do is what you do, this when a garbage is so difficult? Let the other side to sentence you in the end to eat or not I do not eat the other side to go, directly began to cry there, is this very reasonable? Girlfriend said this is very excessive ah, this is very excessive? Cancer in the quarrel seat wait, than I just that look much more fierce it, you do not know yourself? I can tell you negatively, Cancer in a quarrel, he is second only to the Scorpion, his giant fierce, his expression, his tone, his attitude is very real, this is not joking kind of state, is really, is that you still say I, how about yourself, you do not think about him so, you ask him what he said, he said, he said he said the yellow rule sentence, is to live to many times, he began to be No quarrel, nor angry, he was joking with you is what kind of mentality, you know it, he said oops, he was coaxing me, oops, I gave him two more roar, hey, I'll swing, his heart straight in the dark, who in that mouth a word oops, you apologize to me, you I apologize, the other party suddenly lost his temper, he was a little confused, a little goose, so it is.

I said the key point to solve the problem here, in the time you say the first harsh words, the giant seat scared confused, you immediately go over and pull him, hey hey, forget it, don't say it, don't make a scene, let's go to dinner, oops, give him a step down, his mouth pouted and gave you away, nothing happened, if at this time you then bet a sentence, how do you every day so much ah, he will not work, all of a sudden If you are a good person, you will not be able to get along with Cancer, sometimes you have to be full, take a measure, and then do not give him too much time and opportunity to react. That happy I'm not happy, and then he said a customer service not with you.

My boyfriend left, he was angry? He is not angry ah, he is waiting for you to finish playing the game after you can find him? It's really simple, really simple, it's really like this, he's right next to it is also busy himself to go, and then after playing the game go over to him, hey, what's wrong? Oh uh oh well, then maybe he has to pamper you right? You see how he treats him, how he wants to treat you, he wants to give you oh a ten minutes later, hey, he talked to see you just this way with me? You suddenly that you want what well, what do you mean I want what ah, you just find tease you talk, that dry people playing games you are playing with the game of buddies over ah, I choose when you are playing, you look at me when you come to me, I have to give you a good face, see what you take me for, and then the other side a confused, there is so much aggravation? I am responsible for telling you why Cancer always makes the other party impatient, there is this one sentence left, ah, really so great aggravation? I'll play the game ignore you, you say so much aggravation, ask the sentence of friends have so aggravated? In fact, no, I tell you this, Cancer at this time by his aggression 80% he did not want to mention, he can be indifferent, but under this scene he has to say it, this is Cancer most.

He did not care about the place of the relatives, he quarreled with you he had to say out, so if people feel that Cancer is a careful person, but Cancer is actually not careful, Cancer can actually go to digest and deal with those conflicts, he does not care, but in the quarrel, but had to say out, so that the other side feel that he is very careful, remember everything, in fact, he is not fine, he said that, in order to The other side is so aggravated that they have to express how aggrieved they are, how excessive the other side is, chasing me, the other side is confused ah, so aggravated? In fact, not so ah, on the crab meat just come out to say a word, so the other party immediately confused, then what do you mean? Just with me in a very tired oh, you want to break up ah, you have to remember ah, I, I only say one thing to you ah, in this state of sniping crab hands like a spring, how you press him, he is how to press you, you said to him you want to break up ah, sub on the sub ah, you said to him that what does it mean? With me very aggrieved, originally very aggrieved ah, today and he said is not I did not notice your small emotions, I did not expect you to pay so much for me, tolerate me so much, a night is so, is so, so sometimes there are friends say ah sister, which I said hard and fast, I'll kind of say with you.

Cancer is only to say that you said the harsh words to enlarge three times back to you ah, Cancer is not a rebound, Cancer said harsh words must be magnified three times back to you, so this problem there is a problem what I tell you again ah, continue to speak, on what you just said ah, you said to the woman that want what well, for example, you want what, and then how you are not to do so again, how you last quarrel how to break up, do you remember you You also quarrel with me, right? You do not want to break up again, split, split ah, who cares about you ah, quarrel parents big, and then you go together, I told you to say two o'clock before coaxing him, a word coaxing good, six o'clock before coaxing him, you must coax 30 minutes, after a day coaxing him, you have to coax three days, after a week coaxing him, you have to coax a month, must remember why, because Cancer said again that break up ah, this moment of emotional change, the first reaction is hurt head angry, angry, send friends to scold you, scold you everywhere, all the gas issued, wild scold you for 30 minutes, scolded after the start of the goose ah, look, ah hey, this real I'm too much, I really too much, he will not really angry? He will not really break up with me? So at this time, as long as you don't open a smile, nothing happens, you don't have to say a word, you don't have to coax her, you don't have to hit him with a smile, he will immediately bow his head and give you a step down.

The first thing that you need to do is to say that you are not going to be able to do it. If you say you have been ignoring her, she waited for you to come to her, until two o'clock you have not come, she began to negative, she began to enter the state of Yin mode, began to original feelings is this, originally feelings is to make people sleep, I am a person who does not deserve to be loved, he began to trap a conspiracy-like, people any what in his coaxing him, 80% of friends should be this stage with the fall of the pull. Baby, I was wrong, there is no point. Baby, I really should not scold you this afternoon, now say all this is meaningless, we made up, I'm tired, why do you want this? I feel that nothing is meaningful. Did you not get any happiness during the process of being with me? It's all in the past, all that's left is pain, I don't want to be in pain anymore, so what do you want now? I do not want to do anything, I just want to be alone, that is what I said, the vast majority of people should be in this time to pull with Cancer, so are cursing Cancer, Cancer is too hurt, too tortured, I communicate with him, I want to go crazy, he really is a partial bottom, for this reason, you are late, you find him earlier, he is not like this, he is now in this state, I tell you, you who I tell you, whoever you talk to him is like this.

It's useless, it's really useless, he's already paranoid, you know? It is paranoid to why I said it is two o'clock, he is paranoid to 2:30 bedtime, suddenly realized a problem, is this relationship to me in the end what brought, why only the endless pain and aggravation of resignation it? So why do I need feelings? I do not want feelings ah, at this time is no longer your problem, it is this one touched his brain, just a little bit, on why I want to torture myself? Why do I want to pull back and forth with him, I do not want to pull back with him, I'm really tired, I really did not want anything to use here.


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