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Take you into the Aries all part 3: discovering the inner desire is a must for the growth of the Aries

A comprehensive analysis of Aries

By GiovanniPublished 8 days ago 8 min read

This paragraph, we talk about the growth of the Aries, Aries can be said to be the 12 signs of the zodiac are most easily influenced by the people and environment around them, and happy people, Aries he will have an inexplicable sense of territory and sovereignty, for example, when he was in elementary school every day to play with Ma Erliu, he went to a junior high school, even if his grades are still good, he just does not play with good grades, why is this called sovereignty awareness? In his vision, he is the achievement, he is the son of ah, he just like to play with people who play the stream, so he and the good grades are incompatible, good grades look down on him, he also looks down on the good grades, so he is playing with the people who play, he does not play with the good grades, he is a completely is affected by the environment of the inexplicable sense of sovereignty, and this character in a few years will not change. What is the sense of territoriality refers to? I'll give you another example, you'll know, for example, the school entrance opened a kiosk, very broken very old, but want to buy white sheep, the boss has a very good relationship, the boss white sheep every day in that play ah, on this kiosk is the base, and then back near the opening of a small supermarket ah, this small supermarket is particularly good, and then things are cheap, and then the boss words.

Ah, then how how to do, that the kiosk business is not good, this Aries this time he zero day came, he will feel that this kiosk is the school kiosk, this small supermarket is an outsider, is over to compete with the kiosk, is the enemy, is the capitalist, is the bad guy. This Aries not only do not go to the supermarket to buy things, he will try to abet their friends in this small supermarket kiosk to buy things, why no reason, in his world this kiosk is his home turf, and does not need any reason, he will be for that past people or accident feeling, for that familiar feeling, a sense of sovereignty, the sense of territory, and then develop a kind of habit Then produce a sense of collective honor, I can tell you, Aries sense of collective honor is the strongest in the 12 constellations, which you can see clearly at the time of the Games, no one is more happy for Aries, more excited, more active. Our class is in the tug of war, that is my class, that is my class, that in the high jump is my class, he jumped woman high, he looked for him to take.

Champion no one is happier than him, he just like this feeling, so you can understand why I said Aries is very simple, Aries aspire to the true goodness and beauty, Aries to obtain happiness and satisfaction of this channel is the most primitive, Aries friends you think about it, it is really like this, your three views or your character or, your joy and sorrow or, is not that kind of special primitive kind, this primitive There is still a difference with the pure, pure refers to the kind of paranoia, Aries refers to the original, it is as if the human instinctive desire ah, the kind of primitive people will feel happy things, then he is very happy, right, eat delicious food is very happy, and then a group of people playing together is very happy, have a sense of honor is very happy, have a sense of satisfaction is very happy, this is very primitive, this feeling he Will also be able to maintain a long time in the case of the original heart, to maintain a sense of original satisfaction, so growth on the hundred sheep figure is just what, is constantly to discover what they want in the end is a process problem to see reason ah, just said.

The thing that will move, the vast majority of the white sheep have resonance, say hey, for moving will be very positive, but there is a part of the less asked for white sheep he does not resonate, he feels very autistic, feel very anorexic, feel very socially afraid, do not want to participate in physical activities, why? He must have had a conflict with the teacher or class cadres, or a group in the class, and then the whole environment produced disgust and resistance, so he directly become autistic and social phobia in this environment, so you talk to him about the sense of honor, satisfaction, he does not have any concept, he will feel that the games I simply do not want to go, I want to sit in the classroom, because they belong to a material officer, that Not Aries for the collective honor does not feel, not Aries for their own class or no feeling, but he is for the class, for the collective no feeling, this class it is not my collective, this class won I simply not happy, because I hate this class, I hate this place, and that's all. Then I say why the growth of Aries is constantly looking for himself to meet his process, because he does not want it. Aries sits in the classroom and says, "Gee, I hope you don't mind, I hope we're number one in the class," even though he'll say that on his lips.

But he will be very guilty, he feels that he should not be such a person, he feels that he should not be so dark, should not be so demoralized, should not be so disgusting, but this class really does not have any place for people to stay, then can only wait until the next stage to change a class, or a school, from elementary school to junior high school to change a class, as long as to the new collective, he can still not find him again The sense of honor, or can be from the autistic, aloof this state into an enthusiastic, positive state. So why I emphasize that Aries is a late bloomer, because Aries in each stage of the trouble, trouble, depression, in fact, it is not terrible, he just need to find a new environment, a good environment, a good platform, a noble person, he will be able to develop in a process of bad habits and bad outlook to change, will be able to be influenced by good people, by a good environment The person will be able to be influenced by good people and guided by a good environment, and turn back into an enthusiastic, positive and cheerful person of his age. That's why I say Aries.

The desire of Aries is the most primitive, because Aries will always be guided by this grand, magnificent, spectacular, touching such scenes, by the desire, by the persuasion, let him up, let him enthusiastic, like I said before, right, you Aries such people, right? You will see the national flag will not be able to hold back tears, passionate, righteous kind of surging kind of scene, or even see a natural a waterfall, and then in that constantly in that rushing, and then a special shock, he will wow that kind of feeling, wow ah ah, special shock, nature is really mysterious ah, that I compared with the universe than a drop in the ocean ah ah, my worries and this natural nature than what is ah ah I should go after, I should embrace nature, I should love life, why am I wasting my time here, he will soon be able to walk out. Like I said Aries growth you remember, remember my words, Aries all depression dilemma belong to self-awareness, belong to themselves, trapped themselves.

Reasonably, a normal situation, a normal mind Aries is impossible to be beaten by any difficulties, he is ultimately himself to put himself down, is that he does not believe in himself, do not believe in the future, do not believe in the good, do not believe in the true good and beautiful, he will be stuck. Memories, as long as he can believe, as long as he sees these things in a good environment, he will definitely aspire, he will definitely regain enthusiasm and courage. So in my opinion, the egret growth is to keep moving forward, keep bumping into walls, keep gathering courage, he just can make himself stronger from it, he will be able to go smoothly, he just need to be defeated, beaten and afraid, he is stuck. Friends of the class, if you really feel very depressed now, very sleepy, you remember my words, change the environment, you will quickly cheer up, you believe me, you can still find that kind of middle school high school kind of state, you do not think you now seem to be old, old mentality, not very young, and then become very depressed, no is this environment makes you old, you just change the environment, change a young environment, you will quickly find yourself.


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