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Twisting and twirling they drift gently towards the Earth, none two alike and each mesmerizing in their own uniqueness and beauty. They signify purity and a new beginning coming forth from the heavens and experiencing a whole new world. Unaware of what their surroundings hold and dancing through the air to the tunes of the wind, sometimes catching the warm dazzling sunshine, sometimes drifting aimlessly in the dark of night and sometimes being swept into a furious blizzard. Yet each one has its own splendor and intricacies to put forth along their journey.

Nevertheless all of them are destined to fall; fall to the ground, upon trees, into streams and be forgotten, forgotten to the point that their existence never mattered. Oh! the irony of how each one is distinct and yet in the end they lie together as one unified glazing, only to melt and eventually flow back to the heavens to once again partake in their glorious but meaningless journey.

Only a few, just by the smallest fraction of chance are eccentric and stand out even among the most beautiful of snowflake's. you see the manner in which the water droplets freeze to form snowflakes usually only leads to six armed snowflakes, but occasionally they form 4, 5, 7, 8 or any other unique number of arms. These snowflakes are erratic and the varying number of arms greatly change the twirling rhythm and course of their fall.

Human's are just like snowflake's, each one unique and mesmerizing in their own way with their very own dancing journey. Yet all of us are fated to meet the same end, to fall to the ground and melt away, forgotten and left waiting to be born again as a new individual.

Only a few are exempted from this fate, the ones that even after melting leave a mark upon this world, one that will never be forgotten. For although we cant decide the direction the wind of life will blow us in, we can still decide to change ourselves or rather shape ourselves setting the course of our destiny.

You see, all those great people, famous people, the people we all look up to, they shaped their own destiny. We are all born the same, a water droplet. the ones that shape and freeze themselves in a unique yet similar six- armed manner are forgotten, while the ones that decide to go beyond and become extraordinary and different, those are the ones who have managed to engrave their existence onto this plane. their words are set in stone beyond the reaches of time and material influences.

Scientific view - Snowflakes are formed when droplets of water freeze while falling in chilling temperatures. Water droplets enclose dust, pollen or any other particle and start freezing from the center to the outside, as this frozen crystal descends water vapor in its surroundings freezes into the primary crystal forming six crystalline arms. Water crystallizes into six arms due to its lattice and molecular structure, sometimes it even forms twelve arms.

Snowflakes are divided into six basic categories- + plates- all six arms are frozen till they almost touch. + stellar crystals- they are pointed at the ends with plain, flat structures. + simple stars- plain and no extra outgrowth on the six arms. + sectored plates- outgrowths have symmetrical cuts along the arms. + spatial dendrites- unique outgrowths from all six arms + 12 branched stars- they have 12 arms with overlapping patterns.

All types of ice crystals.

temperature difference.

Snowflakes are beautiful creations of mother nature that not only hold much literary and phylosophical value but also immense potential in the fields of science and mathematics. They could hold the answer to many unsolved puzzles on building materials and shapes, especially for rough climates and habitats. These are mini natural wonders of the world and their beauty must be appreciated. Find more on snowflakes at -,

Prithvi Saha
Prithvi Saha
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