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Shocking prophecy of a nun. It talks about China and Poland

Sister Lucia dos Santos from Portugal is one of three people who were to be witnesses of Our Lady's apparitions.

Praying Nun

Sister Lucia dos Santos from Portugal is one of three people who were to be witnesses of Our Lady's apparitions. One of them concerned, inter alia, the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II. The woman died in 2005, she stayed in the monastery until the end of her life. She shared her visions with the monk Augustine Fuentes.

Sister Lucy, together with Jacinta and Franciszek, was to witness the so-called apparitions of Fatima which were later recognized by the Church. The nun passed away in 2005 but left behind many written visions. The woman shared with them with a monk - one of the few people she could have contact with.

One of the prophecies of sister Lucia concerns the outbreak of war. According to her, it will be related to the use of nuclear weapons, and the most affected countries will include, among others, Germany to be flooded with water. A similar fate awaits Denmark and the Netherlands. According to the nun's vision, France will also suffer, where Paris will burn.

The events to come will change the face of the earth, and force all the nations of the world to act. Some under the pressure of war, others as a result of natural disasters or the destruction and decay brought about by nuclear weapons - she was supposed to write.

The Americans will not want to get involved directly in the war, but by seeing what the Chinese are doing, they will wish Russia victory. Germany will draw the US into the war as an Atlantic ally. Aid for Germany from America will focus its attention on Asia, and that is where the US and British troops (Iraq, Turkey, Iran, and the Balkans) will land in defense against the Chinese. What the Germans do will be a suicide step. They will count on the occupation of Poland. In their hatred, they will not realize that the sympathy of the West and the rest of the world will be on the side of Russia - the nun reportedly predicted.

In the prophecy of sister Łucja, Poland will face a much better scenario: the country will not only survive the cataclysm but above all will be responsible for what Europe will look like.

This time Poland will be spared and will be the only country that will emerge from the world cataclysm as a country more powerful, stronger, and more wonderful. The future of Europe will depend on it. In it, the restoration of the world will begin, through a system that will create, through new laws, in accordance with God's law. Poland will implement God's law within its borders because it has experienced grievances, injustices, crimes, and lawlessness. She will build a new house of brotherhood for all the nations of the world and will be a mother for her children. He will not reject anyone, he will not condemn anyone, but he will take in - Lucia dos Santos was supposed to write.

Polish cities - according to the nun's vision - will not be destroyed during the bombing, so Poles will be able to return to them. "Poznań will not be destroyed. During the war, bombs and missiles will threaten Szczecin, ports, and Silesia. The cities in the Western Territories will not be destroyed by Germany, hoping to seize them" - said sister Łucja.

The prophecies to be written by Lucia dos Santos were quoted by Stephen Lassare in the book "Secrets of the Future Uncovered, Prophecies, Prophecies, Visions of Seers".

Poland as the home of the brotherhood of all nations of the world :) results from the fact that many generations will not live to see this war.

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