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Shadow Academy, chapter 9

The Nyght Tales, book 1

By Amethyst ChampagnePublished 3 years ago β€’ 3 min read

After that first grueling month, the Academy became easier and time flew by like never before. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and before I knew it, a few years had passed.

I saw in my reflection each morning, surprised each time to see the person staring back at me. My clothes fit different, actual muscles on my body, filling me out in certain places.

It was more than that though.

I felt different, being able to rely on my training when needed, my knowledge about other races and factions altering how I received situations, and being able to interact with others almost unrestrictedly.

I still had my friends, Elys and Wren always having my back, our group bond deep and strong, Ry'anne helped me when required and vice versa. Gabe and I had also grown rather close, each of us teaching the other something new constantly. Even Kade and I were on good terms.

Plus the instructors all raved over me, especially Clare now, me being an honor student at the Academy. My shadow powers were also stronger and more developed, me sensing everyone despite the dampeners.

I flew the fastest, was the fastest, and smartest in my weapons and combat classes, besting my classmates.

Maeve no longer had that effect on me, which I was relieved. Now I could focus on her teachings. She was an excellent teacher too, firm, but fair, and helped people play to their strengths while fortifying their weaknesses.

The only thing that distracted was my weapons instructor, who seemed to trail me whenever I advanced a level, not that Tarek had any trouble keeping up.

I touched the chain connected to my left pocket as I sat in the square, the colder air of fall brushing my face. It was a day off for us students, Solara shining bright in the sky.

It was peaceful, people rarely passing by. I closed my eyes, smiling. My shifter companions were doing their own thing, which I knew was playing with each other.

Yeah, along the line, they had become a pair of some sorts, since they weren't officially mates, not yet anyway. The other shifters always eyed them whenever they passed by for some reason I didn't know, but they didn't seem to care.

I was happy for them. They deserved each other, and to be happy. I just didn't feel the need for it myself. I'd have plenty of time to find someone.

I blinked, my body stiff from sitting still for about three hours. My stomach also rolled, me swallowing the nausea. Okay, guess I was going to the Mess Hall.

As I walked, I noticed a new student by the main gates, Ry'anne talking to her. Another zyllah. Nice. I changed course and walked their way, the other female widening her eyes at me.

Ry'anne turned, brow raised, "Hello, Nyght."

"Hello, I see we have a new member among our group." I smiled at her. "What's your name?"


"Nice to meet you, I'm Kyrell Nyght."

"Oh, I hear great things about you."



Ry'anne moved her weight. "I was about to give her a tour."

"I know, that's why I'm here."

Lyra smiled, twirling a curl of her red hair around her finger.

"Fine, you can join us." Ry'anne began her walk.

I grinned, following her.

I understood how intimidating the first night was, and this female had no House, unlike many Academy students, so she needed someone to back her up.

Her power was strong, shadows swirling at her feet. I mimicked her, our energies interacting, hers anxious. Lyra seemed to relax as I touched her magic with mine though.

Ry'anne gave and did the same spiel for Lyra as I got, not sounding totally into it. That was her attitude for many things. I ignored it for the most part, but I couldn't say that for everyone.

We eventually came upon our sleeping quarters, Ry'anne leaving quickly.

Lyra stared after her. "Is she always like that?"

"Pretty much."

She frowned. "Not that I was expecting a hug or anything."

I smirked, "Yeah, don't take it personally."

"So how long have you been here?"

"A few years." I led her into the common room. "I'm sure you'll do fine."

"Thanks." Lyra rubbed her hands together, scanning around, "But I should get settled in."

"Of course." Catching her hint, I backed off. "But I am here if you need me."

I quickly walked back outside and to the Mess Hall, my hunger refusing to be ignored. I would keep an eye on Lyra though, in case she needed a friend.


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