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Shadow Academy, chapter 5

The Nyght Tales, book 1

By Amethyst ChampagnePublished 3 years ago 6 min read

After my quick lunch, I went to my next class, which was basic weapons training. It was in the arena like my combat class, but I noticed many weapons laid out on tables.

I did some more stretches, not paying too much attention to my surroundings since I was the only one there. It was kind of nice, not having people watch me, even if it would be for a short while.

Who was the instructor for this class? My schedule never showed who would be teaching any of the classes I was attending. A small part of me hoped it was Maeve, but I shook my head. She distracted me enough in one class. She'd undo me if she taught this one too.

Luckily, a male wearing an instructor uniform stepped in, glancing at me. "Hello."

I stopped stretching. "Sorry, should I come back later?"

"No, you're fine, but most students wait until last minute to hurry here."

"Well, its my first day and had nothing better to do." Both were true. "Are you tough on us?"

He smirked, "Probably."

I crossed my arms. "Then I'm gonna die."


Hearing the steps of my classmates, I stood up straighter, pretending not to notice their gazes. I wished that would end soon. I could deal with the physical pain of becoming stronger, but this was getting absurd.

"Hello, students, for those of you who are new, I am Tarek and I teach all things weapons."

I frowned. Did he not have a House? Interesting. Most instructors and reps did, not that is was a requirement, just a common theme. I didn't care either way. As long as he was good at his job.

But the shadows swirled around his feet as he paced the arena. "Today you will be choosing a weapon to bond with."

I flexed my hands.

"I thought that would happen later?" a student asked. "I mean, after we learned how to use all weapons?

"Oh, you will still do that, but many of you are ready, so everyone will choose today."

My eyes drifted to the tables, scanning for any that drew me. I noticed a chain curled up at the end of the farthest one from me. I walked over, picking it up.

Suddenly, it became a whip, the celestium humming in my hand.

Tarek lifted a brow, "Fascinating."

I blushed a bit as everyone looked at me. "Sorry."

"Don't be, but why the whip?"

I shrugged, "It was the one that caught my eye." But the longer I held it, the more I knew this was my weapon. "Can I keep it?"

"That's why we're here today."

Grinning, I willed it to turn back into a chain, hooking it the left front pocket of my pants. I barely felt the weight, but my chest hummed nonetheless with my new found connection to the whip.

Watching my classmates choose their weapons was funny, me covering my mouth to conceal my grin. Many of them fumbled around as they tried deciding which one would be theirs.

I noticed Tarek smiling at them too, arms crossed. A strange flutter filled my stomach. I liked that smile on him. Lit up those blue eyes.

I turned away when he caught me staring at him, feeling the blush again. Damn, what was wrong with me? How did I go from not liking anyone to having two people I liked?

And it wasn't even the fact one of them was male and the other was a shifter. Angels didn't perceive the difference of different races or same sex relationships like many non-angels on other worlds. Love and lust were just that in our culture, no matter what shape it took.

I just couldn't afford to be romantically or sexually distracted at this point of my life.

It took all of class for everyone else to find their weapons though, my legs sore from standing in one place for the majority of the hour.

I was sure they were complicating it for themselves, overthinking the pros and cons of each weapon. But I followed my gut and heart for most things. It was in my nature and it always worked out in the end.

When class was done, I didn't bolt out immediately, most because my muscles were stiff, shaking out my legs.

"See, you survived."

I let out a laugh. "For now."

Tarek lifted a brow, mouth twitching.

"Apparently, I was coddled in my House when it came to anything physical."

"I notice that with many students." He cleaned up the arena. "Don't worry, I think you'll do fine."

"You sure?"

"Yes, much of this is attitude, and yours seems pretty positive."

"I try."

Tarek walked over, placing a hand on my shoulder. "Good. now hurry to your next class."

"Oh yeah." And I did, my stomach fluttery again. I needed to pull myself together. No reason for me to be attracted to every instructor. I was there to learn.

Wren had saved a seat for me in the back of class. I quickly slid into the chair, noting a larger tablet was in front of me.

"See Maeve again?"

"No." I rubbed the back of my neck. "Different instructor."

"Damn, Nyght."

My last instructor for the day strolled in, a stack of books in her hold. Books and tablets. The Academy spared no expense, as it should be.

"Hello students, my name is Clare and I'm going to be teaching you about the different types of angels in this class, and I expect you to pay attention, because this will not be an easy class."

Grabbing the tablet, I began jotting down notes with the pen that came with it, seeing it had a attachable keyboard. I'd use that later, but I wrote faster than typed.

Clare plopped the paper books in front of us as she gave a basic summary of what exactly she'd be covering with us throughout her course. It was a nice distraction from my emotions, especially since I had no feelings toward her.

Wren growled to herself as she typed the notes, flexing her hands occasionally, claws extending and retracting. Seemed sitting for classes wasn't where she shined.

"Don't worry," I whispered, "I'll help you."


"Yes." Even thought I was the newer student. "We can be study pals."

She smiled, "Thank you."

"You are welcome."

Clare glowered at us as she spoke about different projects we'd be doing. I silenced my mouth, writing everything she said. Clare was clearly a tightly wound person.

Thankfully, class ended quickly, my arm aching from the straining of her speedy talking. I took both the book and tablet, Wren stuffing hers into a shoulder bag.

"Damn, that's gonna be a hard class." Wren rolled her neck and shoulders. "My brain is sore."

"Yeah, but you only work your body, the mind's a muscle too." Arguably the most important muscle

"I know, but Clare is . . ."

I agreed. "Like I said, we'll help each other."


We walked to the library in comfortable silence. I took it as a good sign for our blooming friendship.

The doors opened for us and we went to an open table. Clare hadn't assigned anything, but Wren needed my notes and I wanted a closer look at all those books.

She tilted her head. "Nice chain."

I smiled, "Thanks, I got from my weapons class today."

"Nice." Then her smile turned a little evil. "Tarek's the other instructor."

Red creeped into my face. "Let's just get you those notes."

She purred, "Well, him I understand."

"Please stop talking about this."

"Fine, I will, for now."

Ugh. Sharing my notes with her, I hoped she wouldn't bring it up again, ever, but I knew I wasn't lucky enough for that to be true.


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