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Shadow Academy, chapter 4

The Nyght Tales, book 1

By Amethyst ChampagnePublished 3 years ago 7 min read

It didn't take me too long to find the training arena again, my photographic memory serving me well once more.

I spotted Wren quickly once I was inside the arena. She stood over by the fake weapons stretching. Good for her.

Va had taught me from an early age that loose and limber muscles healed quicker, and made it more difficult to get injured.

I noticed how much shorter Wren was in comparison to the other gargoyles, or even the other angels like myself. Kaelum angels tended to be taller than most of our other world counterparts, who had left the home world long ago to settle the other worlds.

However, she was not petite in build. Her curves were appealing in the general sense, along with her big bust and wide hips. I just wasn't attracted to her in that way.

I jogged over and joined her, my own muscles stiff from yesterday, providing plenty of space for both of us to stretch without smacking each other in the face.

Wren grinned at me.


"You just can't stay away from me?"

I rolled my eyes, "Well, you are the only one who's shown an actual liking to me." I stretched my arms, groaning. "Everyone else just stares at me."

"I did notice." She bent over, hugging her legs. "Being friends with me won't help with that."

"But I won't be by myself either."

"Besides, Elys does like you."

"Really, wasn't sure."

"Oh yeah, he's like that to most everyone here, but you're on his good side."

"Good to know."

Wren hummed, more students walking in. Most ignored us, but one female with light brown hair and gray eyes watched me.

Wren growled at her, her eyes becoming a more intense version of the pink they naturally were.


"Ugh, dreamwalkers, they bug me."

I stopped stretching, glancing at her.

She walked over. "I see we have new blood to spill."

I swallowed loudly at the smile she wore.

"I'm just messing with you," She smacked my shoulder. "I'm Taryn Valentyne."

I winced, as it was my stamped shoulder. "Kyrell Nyght."

"I know." Taryn winked at me before walking back to her group of female friends.

I blinked, rubbing my face as our instructor walked in, eyes widening. Her bronze skin practically glittered beneath Solara's light, despite it being mostly covered with gear. And those amber eyes. I almost got lost in them.

Wren elbowed my side.

I shook my head, bringing myself back to the present. What just happened? My heart hammered in my chest and my mouth was dry.

"Hello, students," she spoke, "for those who are new, I am Maeve Sereday, your combat instructor, and this class is to learn the basics and how to defend yourself when you can't use magic."

Oh divine, I was being taught by a Sereday, and by the looks of her, a direct descendant. So she was a strong one. I wiped my hands on my pants

Maeve glanced at me, stepping over. "What's your name?"

"Kyrell Nyght."

"Hmm, hope you'll survive in here, Nyght."

I tried listening to her as she began to teach, but my whole body was on fire, only this time it didn't hurt.

"Get it together." Wren hissed at me as we practiced basic moves.

"I'm sorry."

"Have you never lusted anybody before, because I smell it, and it's distracting."



"Because this is the first time the people around me don't share my blood."

"Well, you gotta get a handle on it," Wren threw a punch, which I dodged with a side step. "Maeve already knows."

I turned, Maeve smirking at me.

Red flushed my face, "Damn, well, she doesn't seem to care."

After that, I did my best to ignore her and my body's response to her, which proved difficult at first since Maeve kept correcting my techniques.

Luckily, after a while, Wren helped focus my attention by wailing on me as we trained, and although my va had shown me a few defense moves, my new shifter friend pinned me down many times by the time class was over.

"Ow." I grunted, rolling onto my stomach. "You hit hard."

Wren smirked, "I would apologize, but this is good for you."

I pushed myself up. "Still hurts."

"Oh stop whining."

Standing, I quickly hurried from Wren to my next class by the wooded area, which was also physical, but it was about flying, my wings aching to be used as I ran to the field.

There were no shifters, only other zyllahs and karae, which dealt in combat magic, but they also had wings, so it made sense there would be a mix of different races.

That class literally flew by, my wings sore, but happy from the use, as did other morning classes.

By the time lunch rolled around, which I was alone for since Wren and Elys had different schedules, I could barely move, even with the other classes except one being a sit down and take notes type.

Ry'anne must have spotted me, because she set her tray in front of me. "Hey, Kyrell."


"Damn, is that a black eye?"

"A karys accidentally smacked my face with his wing." At least that was what he said, but I was sure he was just jealous that my technique was better than his.

"We do have an infirmary."

"I know, but I'll be fine." I hoped. I knew it would be grueling, but I was a tiny fish within an ocean. "Do you check on every zyllah, or just me?"

"I'll probably check on you more since you're new, but I make sure all my zyllahs are okay."

Nodding, I continued eating when I spotted Taryn heading my way. Ry'anne didn't leave, not that I wanted her to. We might not have been technically friends, but it was reassuring to have her support.

"Hey, Nyght." Taryn sat to my left. "I see Blakthorne didn't totally kill you during class."

I shrugged, "Well, Wren is my friend."

"That's nice."

I narrowed my eyes, unsure if she meant that.

Taryn sighed, "I know my race and House name gives me a certain reputation, but I'm not trying to be manipulative."

Ry'anne snorted, but said nothing as she ate her lunch.

"Why am I so interesting?"

"Your mysterious vibe, that's why." She popped a berry into her mouth. "You're kind of a blank slate to us, Nyght."

I frowned, drinking my milk. I hadn't considered that. But this was the first time I was out of my House, so maybe that was why everyone stared at me. they just weren't sure what to make of me.

"But you're a dreamwalker, you could just read my mind."

Taryn smiled. "Actually, I can't, not in here, or many places within the Academy."

"It's true," Ry'anne lifted her head, "Unless it's a place designated for magic use, our abilities are dampened as a safety precaution." She sat up. "Even the instructors and other faculty, like myself."

"I didn't even notice."

"Our dampening tech and magic are designed to not hurt or distract you from learning, or us from doing our jobs."

You learn something new everyday. "That is good to know, but I've heard some of the shifters growl."

"It just keeps them from shifting."

"And my wings?"

"Only in places like here."

I moved my head. I didn't plan on taking flight in the Mess Hall, or controlling someone else's shadow, but it was better to know now.

Ry'anne stood, "I have to leave though, make sure the others are alright."

I watched her exit the Mess Hall, Taryn playing with her hair. "She's nice, you're lucky she is you rep."


"The dreamwalker rep is a jerk."

"I'm sorry."

"Yeah, well, you can't do a damn thing about it, Nyght." With that, she left me alone at the table, joining her friends again.

I still wasn't positive I liked the dreamwalker, but I would give her a chance to change my mind. If I wasn't going to like her, it would be on my own terms, not because of the opinions of others.


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