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Shadow Academy, chapter 31

The Nyght Tales, book 1

By Amethyst ChampagnePublished 2 years ago 5 min read

A few more months passed since Tarek's flashy return and I did my best not to interact with him, focusing on my friends and classes.

I couldn't afford to allow myself to become entangled in old emotions again. My heart couldn't bear to be disappointed by him for a second time.

However, Tarek made it his mission to try and talk to me, running into me whenever the opportunity presented itself.

I was sure he wanted to explain why he left, but I wasn't having any of it. It wouldn't change anything anyways.

I felt a smack on my stomach. "Pay attention."

I raised a brow at Wren. "Yeah, you should."

We sat in the back of our history classes listening to a long boring lecture about how the borders between Houses were created. Like I needed to know that.

Although I'd learned plenty of things I questioned the usefulness of. But it was school, so I learned them anyway.

Wren glared at me, folding her hands on her desk. She was more fidgety than usual, several classmates staring at her intensely. What was up with that?

I rolled my eyes, jotting down notes on my tablet. Our instructor's voice droned on, some of the students fighting to stay awake. I didn't blame them.

It was always easy to be alert in the physical classes, like combat, weapons, and magic training. After, it involved body movement and those instructors smacked anyone who didn't pay attention.

Luckily, class ended and we were free from the monotone voice of our instructor, and we headed to the Mess Hall, my stomach aching from hunger.

The Mess Hall was busy as usual as we stepped into line, our table empty, which happened on occasion. Our class schedules were never set in stone, changing about every quarter or two

Wren kept moving her weight from foot to foot, arms crossed impatiently, earning more attention.

"The line isn't going to move faster," I forced her to stop moving, "so please relax."

"I can't."

"Why not?"

Wren grimaced. "Don't laugh, but I'm in heat and I'm trying to avoid Elys and the other gargoyles."

Using the synergy of my Gemini bond, I studied her closer. Wren did appear more sexually desirably, her curves exaggerated, her scent sweeter, her voice smoother.

She was safe from me at least.

"I understand why you're keeping distance from Elys." I heard his growl in my mind, smirked, "He is not happy though."

"I don't care!"

"Calm down, no need to make a scene."

However, I spotted a familiar figure, dropping my head with a groan. Not again. I now wished the line would move faster.

"Kyrell Nyght!"

So much for not making a scene.

Cringing, I turned to find Tarek glowering at me, his arms crossed. "Yes?"

"Come with me, now!"

I remained in place for a moment, deciding it was better to follow an order from an instructor, even if I wanted nothing to do with his handsome self.

Stepping out of line, everyone stared at us, some with jaws dropped. It wasn't normal to be taken from the Mess Hall at a faculty member, not even a guard.

I followed Tarek, my jaw clenched and hands fisted. Where were we going now? Better not be that damn cabin. That would be an insult.

Luckily, he marched into an empty room in one of the side buildings. "Now, you're gonna hear what I have to say."

I said nothing.

"Yes, I left, and yes, I know you're burning with rage over my return," Tarek crossed his arms, "but I do have my reasons."

"Which are what, exactly?"

"I needed time to think about my situation." Tarek paced the room, arms crossed. "Initially, I'd planned to be gone for only a couple months, but then other things happened."

I waited for him to continue.

"My so called family decided to summon me, sending a representative to escort me home, and I'm not from Khysfyre originally." He threw his arms to his sides. "They wouldn't let me leave."

"But they let you leave before."

"Not, I took off when I was sixteen, wandering Kaelum until I arrived here."

"So you're a runaway?" I made a face. "Doesn't seem like you."

Tarek shrugged, "There are a lot of things you don't about me, Kyrell."

"That's the problem."

"I am sorry for leaving without saying goodbye, but I was worried if I came to see you, I wouldn't have been able to leave." He smirked. "The main thing that kept me sane with my family was you."

Flutters filled my stomach and a lump formed in my throat, turning from him. "It hurt deeply when you disappeared."

"I tried telling you earlier, but you kept avoiding me, so I had to use my authority on you."

"Fair point."

"I get if you don't anything to do with me, but I just needed to tell you."

I faced him, "So what did you decided?"

"That I'm not leaving the Academy," He grinned playfully, "so you're stuck with me."

I was torn. Although the sting remained, I couldn't deny the pull I felt for him any more.

Closing the distance between us, I crushed my mouth onto his, earning a surprised moan. But Tarek returned the favor, pushing his tongue in my mouth.

My hands roamed around his torso, slipping beneath his shirt. Tarek gripped me hard, sensing his aroused stated, which matched mine.

I pulled back after a couple moments. "You better not disappear like that on me again." I grabbed the back of his neck, "And start telling me more about yourself."


I kissed Tarek again, pushing him against the wall and losing myself to the moment, forgetting my need for lunch.


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