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Shadow Academy, chapter 3

The Nyght Tales, book1

By Amethyst ChampagnePublished 3 years ago 5 min read

Having been too excited to sleep, and I tried, I had stayed up most of the night, taking a couple naps between getting myself settled into my new room, which maybe took an hour.

But I wasn't tired the next morning, putting on the Academy uniform, which were basic training clothes. I chose black for my first day, no surprise their, but I had other color options, all my drawers filled with clothing with the Academy symbol on the shirts, which was a simple a.

As I slipped my shoes on, a small, celestium lined tablet, appeared from under my door. I walked over, grabbing it. As Ry'anne promised, it was my daily schedule. It was busy too, starting with breakfast in fifteen minutes.

There were other applications installed on the tablet relating to the Academy that I would explore later.

I put the tablet in my pocket, leaving my dorm. I was probably the most perky zyllah on campus this morning, the others moving sluggishly to the Mess Hall.

I didn't spot my brother though. Odd, considering there weren't many of us. Maybe he didn't want to see me, or maybe we had different schedules. It wasn't anything new, a warm breeze touching my face.

Kade had always been more private than the rest of us Nyghts, which I understood and respected. Not to mention he didn't like me a whole lot, so I would stay out of his way as much as possible.

Reaching the Mess Hall, I froze. Where was I supposed to sit? I knew almost no one. I stepped into the food line, sensing those stares again. Was I really that fascinating to them?

Sure, zyllahs tended to keep to themselves, and we didn't flaunted our abilities like some of the other races, so I understood some of the mystery my presence brought. On the other hand, it wasn't like I was the only zyllah, or Nyght for that matter, attending the Academy, so the amount of people eyeing me was strange.

I grabbed a tray, grabbing mostly fruit and some meat, since it was a made to order station, meaning we just typed in what we wanted and it appeared, and exited the line.

Nobody waved me over and most of the tables were filled so I couldn't even sit at the end by myself. I frowned, swallowing back a small lump.

No, I would not show that emotion. It was my first morning at the Academy. I wouldn't be known as the angel who had a meltdown in the Mess Hall. I would never be able to live it down.

However, I spotted one table toward the wall with only two people. Surely they wouldn't mind, walking over and sitting at the end.

"Hey." A female scooted over, across from me. "You're new."

"Yep, how'd you guess."

She smirked, her pink eyes bright. "I saw you with Ry'anne yesterday, plus I'm new too."

"How new?"

"A couple weeks."

I smiled, eating my bowl of fruit. "Well, it's nice to know I'm not alone."


"I'm a bit surprised a Blakthorne is at the Academy." Like my family, the Blakthornes didn't mingle with the general public often.

"Right back at you."

The male slid up next to me. "Is Wren giving you trouble?"

Wren stuck her tongue out at him.

"No, she is fine." I chuckled. "Just making conversation with a fellow newcomer."

"Well, I'm Elys, and I am not new here."

I noticed his eyes weren't the same color, one blue, the other brown. "Kyrell."

"Never had a Nyght talk to us before, or a zyllah in general." Elys continued eating. "Most non-shifters stay away from us."

"Well you don't exactly give off a friendly vibe." I drank some water. "Which is odd since your House is nice, or so I've heard anyway."

"And which House is that?"

"Gryphonson." Which were one of the oldest families in Khysfyre, and who had set many of the rules we ran by now.

Elys blinked. "Lucky guess." He dug into his food, which practically domes over his tray.

Wren snickered.

I smiled. "Don't worry, I like you two." I did. "Even you are gargoyles."

Wren lifted a brow, a smirk tugging her lips. "Well I like you, despite you're a Nyght."

"So, what's your schedule?" Elys asked.

I handed him the tablet, watching his face change expressions.

Wren peered over. "Hey we have a few classes together."


"Your first one, basic combat, and after lunch, angel types."

I grinned wider, "That's cool."

"I know, we could team up."

I shrugged. "Sure." I hadn't thought past finding a place to sit and now I got myself a combat buddy.

Was not totally sure how I felt about that. Shifters were competitive, and she could snap me in two without breaking a sweat. I was neither of those things.

"Great." Wren clapped. "Well, I'm done with my food, but I will see both of you later."

When she left, I turned, "How long have you been here?"

Elys tilted his head. "A few years."

I bobbed my head, finishing my fruit bowl. So this one would take longer to warm up to me. But he didn't seem put off by me either, so that was good, and I was a patient person.

I finished off my food. "I'll see you . . . sometime."

Elys jerked his head up as I left, my heart beating fast as I headed for me first class at the Academy.


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