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Shadow Academy, chapter 20

The Nyght Tales, book 1

By Amethyst ChampagnePublished 3 years ago 4 min read

I didn't get to use my armor again until I reached my weapons class, which I wasn't surprised. I knew Maeve and Tarek often coordinated classes with each other.

And it was brutal too.

I never thought I'd ever see my weapons instructor's aggressive side, but what happened with the crazy zyllahs must have flipped a switch.

Until his usual helpful critiques, Tarek yelled at all of us whenever we mis-stepped, me more so. But I took it, knowing his rage wasn't rooted at us and that he would never give me special treatment.

I wasn't the only person to notice his foul mood.

Both Taryn and Gabe kept quiet as they trained with their armor, unusual for them. They constantly competed for top spot, being paired up most of the time. Even Wren bit her tongue from making snarky remarks as class progressed.

I also noticed no one besides Elys dared to approach me, making him my sparring partner for the day.

'Damn, never seen him so pissed before,' Elys thought at me, going for a punch.

I dodged him, 'I know, I'm worried.'

Tarek watched Wren and another student spar, body tense.

'Weird he didn't get like that when Kade attacked you.'

'But that one on one, and everyone watched,' I swept my leg, knocking him to the ground. 'Besides, you broke that fight up.'

Elys rolled to his feet, bouncing on his feet, fists raised. 'True.'

We sparred for a few more rounds, no one winning. My body felt the pain he received from my blows as well as from his hits Was that a Gemini thing? I wished to study our bond further.

Suddenly, I heard a punch, Wren stumbling bent over, clutching her stomach.

Her sparring partner grinned down at her. "Armor couldn't protect you. huh?"

She snarled at him, fangs showing.

Elys growled quietly, my body shaking from his protective rage.

Tarek did nothing, arms crossed.

Our other classmates stopped sparring, waiting to see what might happen next. Sure, that student was a better fighter, but Wren would maul him if given the opportunity.

I clenched my jaw and fists, my shadow magic pushing against the dampeners. I wanted to jump in, Wren hated it when people fought for her.

The male attacked her again, kicking her. Wren pounced onto him, both falling to the ground. She went to punch, but the male grabbed her throat, claws breaking her skin.

What the divine? What was he? He clearly wasn't a gargoyle by his leaner build, but I hadn't seen him shift either.

She clawed at his grip, not getting anywhere.

Elys went to rush him, but I grabbed his forearm. 'No.'

His gold eyes glared at me.

I didn't let go.

"Okay, that's enough," Tarek intervened, prying his hand from Wren's throat.

She coughed, the puncture wounds already healing.

Tarek punched the student in the face. "This is sparring and learning how to control your armor, not killing your classmates."

Elys rushed to Wren, placing himself between her and the other two.

The male growled, blood rolling down his face, "She started it."

What a childish response.

"Class dismissed." Tarek walked away, the male scrambling to his feet.

When everyone except for Gabe, Elys, and Wren left, I marched over. "What the hell was that?"

Tarek didn't answer, turning away.

I yanked him back to face me. "Answer me."

"So you're in charge of me now?"

"Maybe he should be." Kade was suddenly on the outskirts of our group, arms folded over his chest. "You were acting like a jerk to that student."

Tarek clenched his jaw.

I turned. "You were watching us?"

"I have less classes than you." He shrugged, "Do they know what happened?"

Gabe and Wren had perplexed expressions.

I cringed, "They'll have to now."

As I explained both happened with the other zyllahs, and my Gemini bond with Elys, the atmosphere changed, making my skin crawl.

"Can't say I'm surprised," Gabe rubbed the back of his neck. "That group is extreme with tradition." He paused. "Although I'm shocked you didn't say anything about Elys."

Wren only glared at us, or at Elys, who stared back at her. Were they communicating? I knew pack bonds carried a few abilities.

I shook my head. "Yes people are after me and I have soul-bonded with Elys. Can we move on?"

Kade nodded, looking rather impressed.


"You're making a name for yourself." He stretched his arms, grinning. "Now lets go track down these bastards."


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