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Shadow Academy, chapter 18

The Nyght Tales, book 1

By Amethyst ChampagnePublished 3 years ago 4 min read

"So, now you want my help?" Kade leaned on his doorframe, arms crossed. "Thought you hated me."

"Want is a strong word as well as hate," I kept my arms at my sides, "need and dislike would be more accurate."

Elys growled behind me, practically vibrating as he fought the urge to shift.

Kade stroked his chin, "Why not ask your zyllah friends?"

"Because you know this cult group, whether of not you're a part of it." Which I doubted. My brother was too much of a loner.

"True, they're always trying to rope me in, but I have no interest in taking orders from a crazed zyllah."

I suppressed my eyeroll.

"Will you help us or what?" Elys leaned over me, one of a very few people taller than me.

Kade peered around. "Oh probably, if our third guest reveals themselves."

Tarek walked into the hall toward us, challenging my brother when he stood by us. "You satisfied now?"

I may or may have liked seeing him in that light, concealing my smile.

"Very well, I'll help you, but after classes." Kade locked his door. "I'm already in enough trouble."

Elys bared his teeth as my brother left for his schooling.

He had a point nonetheless. None of us could skip classes without raising suspicions, especially Tarek.

Parting ways with them, I quickly found Gabe and Lyra, who eyed me oddly. "What?"

Lyra twirled a strand of hair around her finger.

"So you and our weapons instructor?" Gabe crossed his arms, mouth curving upward. "How long has that been happening?"

I blushed a little. "Just happened, but please don't say anything to anyone else."

"Your dirty secret's safe with me." he winked.

My face felt hot as we marched to the Mess Hall, Wren waiting for us. She'd grown to like my zyllah friends. A wicked grin formed on her face instantly. Dammit, I would never live it down.

After collecting our food, we sat with her, my shadow friends across from us. I didn't glance at Wren, focusing on my food as I felt her gaze on me, anticipating her questions.

"Hey, where's the other guy?" Lyra sipped her drink.

Wren shrugged, "Haven't seen him since last night."

I briefly concentrated on our bond, sensing Elys in his room getting ready for school.

"And that doesn't worry you?"

"We're all adults and I know he's alive, so no."

This seemed to astonish Lyra.

I hid my smile, doing my best not to look at her, which proved difficult. Like pair bonds couldn't have time to themselves as well as together, but I didn't want to hurt her feelings. Besides, I understood her point of view.

"Yeah, we don't always have to be together, Lyra," Gabe smiled at her. "I'm sure others would enjoy spending time with you without me there."

Lyra's face blushed, nearly matching her red curls.

"He'd probably love some alone time," Wren mumbled as she ate. "As it is, I don't think I've seen you two apart."

"I like him."

"And there's nothing wrong with that, but he needs his own space."

Lyra turned her head, "Is that true?"

Gabe didn't answer, trying not to fall into the trap.

Wren snorted.

I smiled, grabbing her hand. "Hey, we just want you to have your own adventures."

She moved her head, pulling her hand from mine before walking away.

Gabe groaned, rubbing his face. "Thanks."

I lifted my hands in surrender, "I was trying to help."

"I know you were."

Wren rolled her pink eyes, "That zyllah needs a thicker skin if she's going to survive and thrive here."

"No need to upset her though." Gabe glared at her.

"I wasn't going out of my way." Wren narrowed her gaze. "Not my fault you two don't talk."

For a nameless, Lyra wore her heart like clothing and hid from conflict. Having a big heart like hers was rare for angels and I hoped she never lost that, but she needed to learn to fight her own battles and go on her own journeys.

"Both of you are right." I sipped my kona.

Wren smiled, "You weren't much different at first, Kyrell."

"I know."

"All Lyra needs is inner motivation to push her out of her shell."

Silence filled our table space for a moment.

Then Wren faced me, "So where's your lover?"

I cringed, "Don't call him that?"


Gabe shrugged, "Not a bad word for it."

"Really?" I crossed my arms, finished with my breakfast.

"I'm not gonna reveal their name where others can hear."

I gave her that, and the term paramore, since it was rather applicable to our situation. As it was, I had to be on high alert for whatever attack might come for me next.

I sat straighter, "He's preparing for class, much like yours."

"Fair enough."

"So did you guys..." Gabe made a couple hand gestures.

Wren nodded, "They did, I smell it all over him."

There was no point trying to argue with her.

Despite the red in my face, I held my chin high as they created hypothetical situations until it was time for my first class.


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