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Shadow Academy, chapter 17

The Nyght Tales, book 1

By Amethyst ChampagnePublished 3 years ago 5 min read

Waking in the middle of the night, I groaned, body stiff from what happened, then sleeping on a less than comfortable floor.

I glanced at Tarek, smiling. He was fast asleep, breathing slow. Glorious. I carefully removed myself from him, quietly standing, the fire embers now.

Lunar energy called me, my skin prickly, the moonlight pouring through the windows. I sensed Elys roaming the woods with the other shifters, well they stood on the ground while he and the other gargoyles flew high in the sky.

This Gemini bond thing wasn't terribly convenient, but it explained everything, and curiosity bubbled in me.

I quickly dressed, slipping outside, taking it all in. the shadows, the energies, the hum I felt whenever I thought about my instructor. I laughed lowly, gazing the stars.

The moment was short lived.

Several zyllahs appeared, males grabbing my arms. Before I called out for help, they shadow-traveled me to another area of the Academy woods, throwing me to the ground.

Spitting out dirt, I glared at them. "What is the meaning of this?"

"What gives you the right to have a relationship with an instructor?" a female shot back

"That's none of your business." On my feet again, I balled my hands. "And what gives you the divine right to judge me?"

She touched her light blonde hair, giving me the look of death.

"Oh I see, it's not the fact they're an instructor, it's who they are."

She didn't reply, shadows swirling at her feet.

The males who flanked her stalked me with malice intent. I gathered my strength, shadows backing me. My stamped pulsed as well, but I ignored it, still having yet to be taught how to wield the armor.

The tan one, which was odd for our kind, went to punch, but I side stepped him, Elys' speed assisting me. Divine, this would take some getting used to, chuckling softly.

"Oh, we know you're an agile one, Nyght." Tan gritted through his teeth.

The female paced, hands crossed behind her back.

They continued their assault, landing a few hits, but missed me otherwise, which only seemed to make them angrier.

Suddenly, the female shadow-grabbed me, slamming me onto the ground before I had the chance to defend myself. I gasped for air, body unable to move for that moment.

She hovered over me. "Maybe this will make you think next time."

I fought the female as she extracted my sheut, but the males held me in place as she performed the taboo practice, my being growing weaker.

However, loud growling ripped through the air, my enemies focusing on the shaded area. I turned my head, laughing quietly.

In his beautiful white animal form, baring his teeth, Elys looked ready to bite their hearts from their chests, slowly approaching them.

'Are you okay?'

I stiffened, swearing he spoke to me.

"Leave us, you filthy watch dog," one male said, releasing me.

Uh oh. You never called a shifter that.

Elys pounced him, the male screaming as he mauled him, leaving him a bloody mess. The zyllah was still alive though.

The other zyllahs went to attack, but Elys' shifter body kept him buffered from the worst of their shadow magic, slapping them with his wings and tail.

The facial expressions of the males quickly changed and they took off, grabbing their injured friend. Cowards. The Academy taught us to face our opponents, not run away when we got scared.

The female was clearly pissed at her no longer backup, cursing loudly.

Elys stood over me so I couldn't stand, his body pumping heat outward like the hearth, not that my muscles wanted to move anyway.

"You will pay for this, Gryphonson." She shadow-traveled away.

Elys stepped back, shifting into his angel body. "You didn't answer my question."

I stared at him, "I wasn't sure if it was real."

He pulled me up. "It's one of the perks of our new magical bond."

"So you know?"

"Of course I know, I hear your thoughts now after all."

I felt myself sway.

Elys helped me walk, "You draw a lot of attention to yourself, Kyrell."

I don't mean to."

"I know, but I keep having to bail you out of trouble."

"I didn't ask you to."

"As your friend and now Gemini, it's my duty."

I rolled my eyes. Yeah, he wasn't being parental or anything. But Elys checked on me as he helped me walk. I almost asked he to turn toward the cottage, since he probably already knew about it.

However, Tarek trusted me with its location and I would not violate that trust, so instead, I had Elys drag me to the infirmary.

My favorite female asa shook her head, taking over for Elys, setting me on the bed. I explained what happened, leaving out my instructor. No need to include him.

She ordered me to stay the rest of the night for observation after patching me up. I complied, mostly because having much of my sheut sucked from me had been draining.

Elys refused to leave, even when she insisted I'd been fine. She finally gave up, attending to other patients.

He sat to my right. "You feeling alright?"

"Yes, just tired." I closed my eyes.

I must have fallen asleep, because I next thing I knew, I listened to Tarek and Elys whisper fight outside my recovery area, the infirmary not having individual rooms.

"Why didn't you get me?"

Elys growled, "I was preoccupied, and you can handle yourself."

I rolled my eyes again. Despite how it appeared, I was stronger than my Gemini gave me credit for.

"I'm the instructor, not you." Tarek gritting his teeth.

"Which was why they attacked him."

That was true, not that I blamed him.

I sat up, muscles stiff and head heavy. I paused for a moment, then stood, testing my balance. I might need to take the day off, if it wasn't one already.

I shuffled to them, "There's not use playing the blame game."

They looked at me.


"How are you awake?" Tarek grabbed me, his healing magic giving me energy.

I enjoyed his touch, Elys raising a brow. "I don't know."

His eyes went gold, "I'm ready to kill those zyllahs."

I shot him a glare.

"I won't, but I want to."

"Well they're gonna to expelled for this." Tarek didn't let me go. "We need to find them first."

I knew we needed help tracking them down, frowning at the thought of the person who could do just that.


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