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Shadow Academy, chapter 13

The Nyght Tales, book 1

By Amethyst ChampagnePublished 3 years ago 3 min read

At the end of the school day, I continued hanging out with Gabe and Lyra, mostly because they wouldn't leave my side after the debacle of shadow class.

I didn't mind all that much. They were great company, and it was probably a good idea for me to have a couple of zyllah friends, who understood my nature.

We lingered in the common of our sleeping quarters, waiting for dinner, my stomach making noises.

Lyra knitted her brows, "You okay, Kyrell?"

"Yeah, I'm just hungry."

"Who wouldn't be after what happened today?" Gabe leaned back into his chair, smirking slightly.

I couldn't disagree, bobbing my head. Asa magic always made me require food afterwards, remembering how hungry I'd been the last time.

"At least both of us got something broken." I rubbed my hands together. "Has Kade pulled that stunt before?"

Gabe shrugged, "He tried with me once, but I busted his kneecap." He stroked his short beard. "Although it wasn't during class and we both got in trouble."

"Didn't realize my ba was that bad."

"He also tried with your male shifter friend."

I blinked.

Gabe chuckled, "Don't worry, Elys didn't hurt him."

I opened my mouth, but shouting filled the outside air. I shot to my feet, sensing and hearing Wren as one of them, Kade being the other, his nose bruised badly.

I ran out the doors, finding her wailing on top of him, her fists trying to hit his face. I attempted to speak, but my voice wouldn't work as Kade shoved her off, rolling into a crouch.

They didn't notice me, or Lyra, or Gabe, watching them punch each other out. I wasn't going to stop them either, nor the quickly growing crowd of students and faculty.

"How dare you hurt my friend!" Wren snarled, her eyes shifter pink, claws and fangs extended as she stalked him. How was she even able to do that?

"It was sparring!" Kade stood his ground. "You're supposed to fight."

"Not break your brother though!"

I felt warm and fuzzy inside, smiling.

I also noted both Maeve and Tarek watching, whispering to each other while neither one did a damn thing. Good. Wren could handle herself just fine.

However, that was when Elys showed, stepping between them. "That's enough."

"You can't tell me what to do." Wren challenged, standing tall despite her short height.

Elys towered over her. "Do you want to be expelled?"

"Who's gonna? No one's stopping me." She pointed to the instructors. "If anything, they seem happy about it.

He grabbed her shoulders, glancing at me. "Kyrell can fight his own battles."

"Although it's nice she's willing," I mumbled, arms crossed.

Her biological weapons retracted. "Fine."

Elys pulled her close, turning to Kade, "And you, grow up already! Do you really think you're the only one who's been screwed over by family?"

Kade glared.

"News flash, most of us here aren't favored by our Houses, if we even have one, but Kyrell isn't to blame for your issues, so stop punishing him for it and move on."

Gabe and Lyra nodded in agreement, Tarek knitting his brows as he moved his weight from foot to foot. Then for whatever reason, he took off rather fast. Odd. He didn't usually run from confrontation. Maybe Elys struck a nerve

Kade only huffed and stormed off, Wren snarling one last time.

I couldn't move, staring at Elys. How badly was he treated in his House? It made me realize I knew almost nothing about him, a lump developing in my throat.

He gave me a terse nod, then guided Wren away, most of the other gargoyles following them. The crowd dispersed, people murmuring already. No wonder Wren found out so fast.

Maeve approached me, "You okay, Nyght?"

"No, I'm a bad friend."

"No you're not, Elys is a person who doesn't share unless he deems it necessary."

I tilted my head.

"I knew him before he came here." She shuddered slightly. "The Gryphonson House isn't what you think it is."

"How do you mean?"

"There's a reason why my uncle and ma left and created the Sereday House."

I vaguely knew the story of Mykael and Merah Sereday, who were the first gargoyles and how they changed certain angelic rules and customs forever, but not the details.

"But Elys is blood."

Maeve sighed, "So is Kade." And with that, she walked away.

My chest ached, blinking back the water in my eyes. How blind was I? I'd always assumed angels were more accepting than many races. Guess I had much to learn.

Maybe people like me were part of the problem, but maybe we could be part of the solution.

I clenched my jaw. I would do better, I would be better.


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