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Shadow Academy, chapter 11

The Nyght Tales, book 1

By Amethyst ChampagnePublished 3 years ago 5 min read

Standing by the wall in one the gyms, I clenched my fists and jaw as I watched Gabe magically spar with one of the advanced members. My magic roared just below the surface.

Joanna eyed them critically, arms crossed as she paced around the sparring mat on the floor. Like she had to do anything beside grade their performance.

Suddenly, in a flash of black, Gabe and the other male disappeared into the shadow realm for a moment, Lyra squeezing my arm hard. I winced, keeping my breathing even.

Despite my years before the Academy, I had never shadow shifted, which was turning into a shadow, or been to the shadow realm, the place where our brand of magic originated from.

Ma wouldn't allow anyone to teach me how, yelling at Va the few times he tried taking me there, saying I was only a child who get lost in there.

To some extent, I understood her worry. From my various readings, the shadow realm was a vast place. It could replenish our magic, but it could lure us and trap us forever if we weren't careful.

However, I was an adult now and needed to learn and master the full scope of my being.

They reappeared in another black flash, the male landing on his face as Gabe pinned him. I smirked. Although my friend's magic was average, he made up for it in combat technique.

"Alright, Underwood, let the man up."

Gabe rolled to his feet, a grin on his face as he step back to our line. I gave him a thumbs up as Lyra drifted to him, my left arm aching from her grip of steel.

I rubbed my hands together as I waited for Joanna to choose the next two opponents. With my luck, she'd pit against the short female with light brown hair, her magic among the strongest in the room.

Not that my magic was weak. In fact, it was above average in strength, and I knew how to corral it in when needed, but the female had been at the Academy much longer than me.

"Nyght verses Nyght."

I blinked, Kade staring at her incredulously.

"You heard me, both of you." She pointed to the mats.

Who was she punishing here? Although I was a star student, my mouth got me in trouble at times. And I had no clue what type of student my brother was.

I stepped onto the mat, drawing my shadows and magic to the surface. "C'mon, Ba, it's just sparring."

"Fine." Kade was now on the mat, fists raised as he took his stance.

I copied, balancing on the balls of my feet, waiting for the match to begin.

As soon as Joanna gave the go ahead, Kade bolted at me. I quickly evaded his punch by doing a roll, shooting back on my feet.

I was one of the fastest zyllahs at the Academy, but speed had always been a gift of mine. Even as a child, I could run from the punishments the elders tried inflicting on me.

Kade went to sweep my legs, but I jumped, dodging another punch. I backed up, readying myself again.

I smiled, "Is that all you--"

But he grabbed my shadow, yanking me to the floor. "Oh, I got plenty of surprises." He pulled me toward him.

I grinned wider, getting control of his shadow. I gritted my teeth as it became a battle of wills between us. Kade was strong, but I was stubborn.

My wings erupted from my back, flapping fiercely as I broke from his magical hold, my stamp throbbing. I ignored its call, focusing on my brother.

Kade's amber wings burst into view, the light making them sparkle. I didn't know where he got that color from. Va's wings were black like mine, and Ma's were a silver gray.

I took flight first, smiling. from the height, I sensed everyone's sheut energy, including Wren's, Elys', Taryn's, even Ry'anne's and my other instructors. It sung to me, wanting me to take its strength.

I refrained. Robbing someone of their sheut energy, or shadow energy was considered taboo amongst zyllahs, unless it was for defense, or if the other person offered willingly.

Kade followed and we began an all out fight, our wings holding us it place. I dodged most of his attacks, but he kicked my solar plexus hard, sending me back.

I stabilized, not lost on the fact he was releasing years worth of resentment on me. I didn't stop the match though. I had my own feelings to purge.

I soared at him, throwing him into the ceiling. I then flew over and started beating on him, my right fist bleeding in the process.

Kade grabbed my arm, and with a snap, blinding pain seared through me, but I broke his nose with my other fist before retreating.

"That's enough!" Joanna flew to us. "This is a sparring match!"

Kade held his face.

I swallowed down the wave of nausea, my right arm not looking good. It was about time I had a broken bone, it being an unofficial Academy rite of passage, just didn't count on my brother being the one to do it.

"Both of you go the infirmary and I'll have words later." She glanced down. "Rest of you are dismissed early."

Gabe and Lyra lingered behind as I slowly flew back down to the floor, stumbling when I folded my wings back in me.

"Oh divine!" Lyra shrieked. "That looks bad!"

"Doesn't feel great either." I gritted through my teeth.

Gabe helped steady me as we went to the infirmary, my arm pulsing with pain with every step. I sensed the stares, but I focused on not throwing up on myself and my friends.

One of the asas spotted me, rushing over. "What happened?"

"Sparring match went wrong," Gabe spoke for me, "he and his ba were pitted against each other."

The female rolled her eyes, "I wish Joanna would stop doing that." She tilted her head, "Follow me."

I was quickly laying on a comfortable again, keeping my eyes closed as the asa examined my arm, her hands warm against my cold skin.

"Luckily, it was a clean break."

I sighed as her healing energy coursed through me, feeling warm and fuzzy inside. My arm fused back together in the right places, the pain fading with each minute her magic did its work.

I opened my eyes, looking at my arm. "Wow, that was fast."

She smirked, "Well, it hasn't been busy today."

"Thank you."

"Well, you're easier to sympathize with than many of the students." She was on her feet, smiling. "You are free to leave now." she walked away.

I sat up, rolling my wrist. Yep, everything was mended. Did they heal Kade's broken nose yet? I hoped not. Maybe someone was scolding him good as he held his face.

Sparring was a test of skill, speed, and strength against another person, but you weren't supposed to intentionally hurt someone like that, much less your sibling.

I flexed my left hand. I wouldn't have punched him if he hadn't broke my arm like that, not in the face anyway. It was training after all.

Lyra hugged herself tightly.

"I'm fine, don't worry." I stood, grabbing her shoulders. "And now I can say I've broken a bone."

"Exactly." Gabe bobbed his head. "Now let's get back to class."


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