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Set in the Stars

by Regan Stevens 11 months ago in astronomy

Queen of the Jungle

Astrological signs have been rising in popularity recently, the majority of young generations becoming transfixed with the implications of the stars, the sun, and their overarching power over us all.

In the land of zodiacs, there are four classifications of signs: water, earth, air, and fire. In each element, there are three signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, respectfully. Which sign you are is determined by your birthdate month, as the stars are aligned in certain ways depending on the certain time of year.

Throughout my journey in the realm of zodiacs, I have come to realize the uncanny similarities between my own personality and that of the typical Leo, which is my sun sign. Much like their ruling planet, the Sun, Leos tend to be bold and energetic. You can't miss their booming laugh, purposeful gait, and bold sense of style. I feel as if this represents my own personality perfectly. I am one of the boldest, most purposeful people I know. I have never had issues making friends for being too shy, and one of the main compliments I am lucky enough to receive is how bubbly of a person I am, and how uplifting and energetic it is to be in my presence.

Leos are natural leaders, seen as the Kings and Queens of the zodiac world. They are always ready to let out their roar. This is something that I find to be quite interesting in regards to my own personality. I am an incredibly dominant person in my day-to-day life, and I have noticed throughout life that I am put into leadership positions, not necessarily because I want the responsibility, but because I am chosen by the rest of the group. From being a Captain on my high school basketball team to my every-day job now, I have a lot of responsibilities on my shoulders. When I really think about it, I do enjoy being in charge of the situations I am in, and I am very good at being heard.

Not only do Leos surge with passion, but they are also action orientated with a fierce need for self-expression. Being the centre of attention is like home to these fire signs, and although it feels pretentious to admit it, I know it is simply a fact about myself, even if I am doing it subconsciously. One of a Leos downfall is their constant need to talk about themselves, and I find myself, even subconsciously, steering conversations in the direction of my own thoughts and life experiences when I am supposed to be listening to another. This has been something that, since coming to my attention, I have been actively trying to avoid, because although it is not always done with ill intent, it can be very annoying to others around.

Although their dignified manner commands respect, a Leos magnetic charm attracts admirers like a moth to a flame. Children adore their warm, generous, and engaging personality, which holds true for me one hundred percent. Gowing up, I was always the cousin put in charge of babysitting since I was somehow able to keep all of the little ones occupied and happy. Even now, the most amazing job I have had the privilege to experience was being a nanny. For over three years of my young adult life, and still now, I have never found a job easier, and more fun, than being a nanny.

Like all things, Leos are, unfortunately, not comprised of just sunshine and sparkles. Strong and self-reliant, Leos prefer to pave their own way, and the fire sign’s independence isn’t always a good thing. One of the things I struggle the most with in life is asking for help. It feels shameful, as if I am a complete failure of a person if I am unable to do things all on my own. It feels like my achievements will not count if others have chipped in.

Leos, being the stubborn, do-it-myself leaders, are also not crazy about being told what to do: a sliver of constructive criticism is enough to puncture their thin skin and send them spiraling like a deflated balloon. Although I hate to admit it, I suffer from extreme self-doubt issues. I am not sure if this is exactly to do with being a Leo, or if it is one of my other placements, but I have noticed throughout life that if I am not being praised actively for something I have done, I feel like there must be a reason behind it, such as I am not doing a good job, or whatever I am doing is actually worthless to the people around me. This has been something that I have recently been working through because nobody should ever feel as if they are not good enough for the people and the world around them.

If you value honesty, bring a Leo friend into your circle. I have lost many people in my life because of the honesty that I share. If I do not like something, whether it was something someone did or said, I will tell that person. If a friend in need comes to me with questions, I am going to give them the brutal honesty of their situation, even if it hurts to hear. Sometimes, the truth hurts, but it's what needs to be said, and I have lost many "friends" because of this, though if I am being honest, I do not miss any of them. In my spiritual journey, I have come to realize that what stays is meant to stay, and what goes is meant to go. If someone does not like who I am as a person, then they can leave, and if they do not, I will. Do not change yourself for the comfort of others.

Leo is the life of your house party, delighting the crowd with their stand-up comedy-level storytelling and effortless dance moves. I cannot count the number of times that I have been told how fun it is to be around me, and I have received many compliments throughout my life about my humour and wit. I love to have a good party, and it is true that I love to dance (although I am really NOT good at it), but I am also by my friend's side, cleaning up cocktail glasses and confetti after the guests have said their goodbyes.

Leos are incredibly supportive people, and one of the things I pride myself on is just that, being there for the people that I love. Leos are also said to love spiling their loved ones, and I notice a lot that I am constantly giving people gifts simply because that is how I love to show my appreciation. Expect TED talks on the reasons you deserve a raise, inspirational quotes flooding your inbox and plenty of heartfelt compliments from your Leo friends.

As a partner, Leos like their romance over-the-top and dripping with diamonds, and not just because they enjoy basking in lavish surroundings. Leos need to know they have your undivided attention. This holds very true when it comes to my intimate relationships. I am the type of person that needs constant reassurance from my person that they love me, otherwise self-doubt and insecurities sweep in. A trait that nobody realizes is Leos put their famous acting skills to work when they pretend to be unaffected by life’s disappointments. They mask their embarrassment when they’re outvoted for the school drama club. They laugh when a friend insults their new tattoo. Behind the mask, Leos are sensitive souls who care too much. This is something that I resonate deeply with. I am very easily hurt by other's words, but at the moment I will not confront them about what they said and how it hurt me. Instead, I go home and think about it over and over, feeling bad about myself. Clueing them into my vulnerability would give them way too much power.

Leo’s cubs are the center of their universe, and the one thing that I hope for in life is to become a mother. I want nothing more than to have my own children and to spoil them with love, whether that’s with my world-famous hugs (as I've been told) or a collection of the latest stuffed animals. Family is Leo’s ultimate source of pride, and they’ll do anything to gain their kid’s admiration. I know, deep within my soul, that that is completely true about myself.

In conclusion, I feel that I am exactly what a Leo embodies, including the great and the not-so-good character traits. I am proud to be a Leo, and although the other placements of my birth chart also affect who I am, I am glad that the main aspect of my being is a Leo. I highly recommend checking out your signs and figuring out who you are; doing so can answer so many questions about your life and personality that you did not know, and it can help you see the aspects in life that you need to change or adjust in order to become truly happy. It tells you why you do the things you do, and why you think in the ways that you do. Do not forget the power that the stars and planets hold over you, and once you are able to tap into that power, only happiness will come your way.


Regan Stevens

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