'Riddick X Predator'

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A Movie Concept that's More than Just a Simple 'vs' Movie

'Riddick X Predator'

Crossovers were once the rage when it came to movie icons, with the concept seemly dying off a little.

But there are some very interesting crossovers that I would love to see in my lifetime. One crossover being between Riddick and The Predator.

My story concept that brings these two together would actually work, since the story is not outside the realms of both of them.

Riddick, still being hunted by mercenaries and the Predator, still looking for worthy prey.

The Story

"RXP" for short. Rather catchy, right?

Hunted by a new army of mercenaries, Riddick has no choice to but to escape towards a planet where it's sun is about to go supernova.

No one is taking Riddick alive or dead and he realises this is where it ends.

Over the years of being hunted, Riddick is being followed by something he has never seen before. The Predator.

After crashing his already broken ship, Riddick feels this is his last stand on the abandoned planet. The Predator feels there's nothing left to learn and reveals itself to Riddick for a final battle.

The two outmatch each other in different departments with both injuring each other, 'till the army of mercenaries finally find Riddick's location.

Both separate with Riddick managing to hide and the Predator barely getting away itself.

The sun is dying out and giving off a steel blue colour that lights up the planet. The supernova is upon them all and the mercenaries realise time is running out to get the biggest payday of their lives.

As the traps are set, the mercenaries trap the injured Predator and it's stripped of it's armour & weaponry before being imprisoned and tortured.

Riddick knows that the Predator has a ship that works and feels that if he could help the Predator escape, they could both escape from the mercenaries and the supernova that could happen any time now.

Can they work together to fight a bigger threat?

Teaming up? Everyone is dead meat.

The ending I am keeping to myself. But my story actually leads into another crossover that involve the same Predator from this story.

So yes... a returning Predator that actually gets to survive a movie!

It's a pretty straightforward story that has a little humour between Riddick and the Predator as they play Riddick's favourite game: Who's the better killer?

As for the gore factor, my concept would have Riddick and the Predator trying to "out-kill" each other, with both showcasing their killing abilities to some gory affect. But please don't feel sorry for the mercenaries. These mercs are not moral by any means and are the scum of the universe. So their demise will be something for you to encourage, at the hands of both of these bada** characters.

With having a unique crossover like this, it would really get the interest of the fans from both franchise' and potentially open up for more crossovers involving Riddick, maybe crossing over with the Xenomorph from the Alien franchise perhaps?

As of right now, I am actively looking for a script writer to help me transfer my story into a script format, then try and pass onto the copyright owners of both the Riddick and Predator franchise' in the bid to at least spark interest in this concept of a crossover.

It's very rare that movie crossovers make any sense, but I strongly feel that this is one of those crossovers that actually does make sense. Especially within the story I have set up for such a thing.

So what are your thoughts on a crossover like this? Would a storyline like this be strong enough to bring these two together?Hope you enjoyed the article.

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