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Review 3 (Arcane): 5 Questions Viewers Needed Jinx and Vi to Ask

by Faridah Giwa 4 months ago in tv review
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Unaddressed issues in Arcane’s first season (almost like Riot Games forbade it)

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Throughout the first season of League of Legends’ Arcane, we watch Vi wrestle with who Powder has become — a major driving plot of the show. She feels responsible for so much — not being there for her sister, letting her grow up with a maniacal kingpin like Silco, and losing all semblance of her morality. It’s enough to haunt any big sis and leave her desperate to make amends.

As much as Arcane builds up to the eventual and possibly permanent break in the sister’s bond, one can’t help wondering if maybe they had gotten a chance to properly communicate (maybe even grabbed a bite to eat) their relationship wouldn’t have blown up to irreconcilable bits.

Jinx and Vi were reunited on three separate occasions through Act 2 and 3, but somehow, never found the time to properly catch up between kidnappings, ambushes, and haunting dinner parties. This leaves a lot of feelings up in the air and no room for closure for all parties (viewers included).

In today’s review, we’ll be listing the top 5 questions we desperately wanted each sister to ask and how things could’ve gone differently if they did.

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1. Vi: Why Powder became Jinx

In Act 2 Episode 6: When these walls come tumbling down, Vi and Jinx reunite for the first time in 10 years, however, their reunion is short-lived due to a Firelighter ambush that ends in Vi’s kidnapping. It was especially fulfilling to watch Vi explain to Jinx that she didn’t willingly leave her all those years before they both got into their epic battle against the Firelighters.

It’s worth noting that in this same episode when Jinx tells Vi she’s changed, Vi responds with:

“I know you did what you had to do to survive. Me too. It’s okay.”

However, Vi had no idea what changes Powder was referring to, how drastic her transformation into Jinx had been, or that she’d done so willingly and not at the behest of Silco. Asking her little sister why she felt the need to become Jinx would’ve allowed Vi understand her motivations for becoming the chaotic persona and reasons for remaining so.

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2. Jinx: Why Vi is working with an enforcer

In Act 3 Episode 7: The boy savior, after Jinx confronts Silco about Vi being alive, she proceeds to tail Vi and her companions, Caitlyn and Ekko. When enforcers led by Marcus following Silco’s order try to kill Caitlyn and Ekko, Jinx intervenes, sending a swarm of mechanical and explosive firelighters butterflies to take everyone out.

Betrayed by Vi’s decision to turn back and save Caitlyn, and noticing the gemstone in their possession, she attempts to kill Caitlyn, but is thwarted by Ekko. This would’ve been the perfect time to ask Vi about her intentions for the gemstone and why she trusted Caitlyn so much, given that Topside was the main cause of the Undercity’s misfortune.

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3. Vi: Why Powder left with Silco

In the aftermath of the accidental warehouse explosion and Vi’s storm off in Act 1 Episode 3:The base violence necessary for change, Powder is approached by Silco who, unknown to her, is there to kill her. But, her plight and bitterness for Vi end up convincing him to take her in instead.

The final scene Act 2 Episode 6: When these walls come tumbling down, provided a golden opportunity for Vi to ask why Powder left with Silco. Knowing her sister’s motivations would’ve helped her understand the trauma and abandonment she still felt and let influence her decisions.

With clear insights into Jinx’s reasoning from Jinx herself, Vi would’ve had a much better chance at reaching and excising her of her demons.


4. Vi: About the voices in Jinx’s head

The most distinct character trait of Jinx in the show is her tendency to sporadically talk to imaginary ghosts. Vi first notices this in Act 2 Episode 6: When these walls come tumbling down, when Jinx recognises Caitlyn as an enforcer from Topside. Although this confrontation with Caitlyn is brief, Jinx is seen conversing with someone not present, saying:

“Shut up, I’m in no mood.”

Later on in the scene, she says:

“Everyone shut up. I need to think.”

These moments, no matter how fleeting, were alarming and indicated Jinx was hearing things other couldn’t. This is when Vi should’ve asked Jinx who she was speaking to, and when it started. It would’ve given both the opportunity to unpack what happened to them the night of the warehouse explosion and in their years apart. It would’ve also helped Vi know how to ease Jinx’s pain during her psychological episode toward the end Act 3 Episode 9: The monster you created, when they went back to the wreckage of the warehouse.

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5. Jinx and Vi: A recount of the night their family died

Throughout the show we watch Silco manipulate Jinx with false accounts of the warehouse explosion in Act 1 Episode 3:The base violence necessary for change. He uses these accounts to paint Vi as the villain who abandoned Powder when she needed her the most, turning Jinx against her sister.

Out of the few moments Vi and Jinx share the screen after the time jump, none is more important than the final scenes of Act 3 Episode 9: The monster you created, because this is the moment Jinx lays it all on the table — how she believes Vi created her, how Silco stabbed Vander in the back, how she wants Vi to love her like she used to.

Even though far gone and amped up on an experimental shimmer compound, Jinx is present, asking for answers, which Vi and Silco take turns giving. But neither sister fully brings up the event of the warehouse explosion. Jinx, who realises Silco has been lying for so long, doesn’t ask her sister to give her version of events, and Vi never tries to.

If brought up, Vi would’ve been able to tell Jinx how Silco ordered Marcus to kill her, but instead imprisoned her. How she wanted to save her from Silco, but was stopped and taken, and how she never would’ve abandoned Powder no matter what she did.

Sadly, none of these questions were ever brought up, and the sisters’ saga continued till it reached its bitter climax, where Vi lost Jinx possibly forever.


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