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Remembering the Astrological Houses the Easy Way - Get to the Point, Grimoire

by Leliel - Authentikei 3 years ago in astronomy

An Easy, Go-To Reference for the Astrological Houses

The signs, the planets, and the houses are all important in your chart and where they're positioned tells you even more. Clearly, there is a lot to remember when it comes to the zodiac, but I tend to forget the houses from time to time.

The easiest way to remember the houses is to correlate them with the sign/planets they're associated with and keep a few keywords in mind. If you or someone you know has planets in the houses, this will further define their personality.

1st House (Aries/Mars)

1st House Keywords: physical appearance, behavior, first impression, personality, hobbies/interests, self-assurance, self-awareness.

Planets in First House:

  • Sun: confident, optimistic, proud, cocky
  • Moon: reflective, nurturing, defensive, observant
  • Mercury: talkative, influential, nervous, knowledgeable
  • Venus: kind, flirty, possessive, considerate
  • Mars: brave, energetic, reckless, gutsy
  • Jupiter: generous, understanding, easygoing, nonchalant
  • Saturn: serious, strict, organized, inflexible
  • Uranus: innovative, open-minded, eccentric, liberated
  • Neptune: imaginative, spiritual, ambiguous, mysterious
  • Pluto: stubborn, enduring, cynical, pessimistic

2nd House (Taurus/Venus)

2nd House Keywords: art, beauty, possessions, material objects, financial prosperity, valuables, homeliness, fruits of laboring, abundance.


  • Sun: hardworking, strict, stubborn, clever in business
  • Moon: codependent, compulsive, attracts fortune, abundant
  • Mercury: innovative, over-thinker, business-smarts, influential
  • Venus: finds beauty everywhere, possessive, selfish, objective
  • Mars: fights for desires, assertive, overbearing, greedy
  • Jupiter: glorifies self and possessions, greedy, wealth = reputation
  • Saturn: efforts = reward, disciplined worker, focuses on end goal
  • Uranus: unique tastes, finances fluctuate, instability in possessions
  • Neptune: dreams of prosperity, lack of focus on reality, impractical
  • Pluto: uses pain to gain, conservative, long-lasting financial wealth

3rd House (Gemini/Mercury)

3rd House Keywords: communication, information, gossip, media, learning, community, intellect, self-expression.


  • Sun: absorbs information/knowledge naturally, loves to learn
  • Moon: excited by information, loves gossip, always needs to know
  • Mercury: fast thinker, constantly curious, impulsive and talkative
  • Venus: observant of community, tries to keep environment positive
  • Mars: aggressive but influential talker, has bold and innovative ideas
  • Jupiter: open to new ideas, supports ideas generously
  • Saturn: careful to new ideas, trusts well-thought-out plans, hesitant
  • Uranus: inventive and controversial ideas, original thoughts
  • Neptune: artistic and spiritual with ideas, visual learner
  • Pluto: deep, philosophical inquiries, spurs controversy

4th House (Cancer/Moon)

4th House Keywords: family, parents, siblings, relationships, home, how one was raised, standards/morals, prosperity.


  • Sun: family is top priority (insert "Stitch" quote here)
  • Moon: values nurturing and stable environment
  • Mercury: feels at home when learning, family life is diverse
  • Venus: family/home is beautiful, welcoming, and safe
  • Mars: home allows activity and freedom, dislikes conflict with family
  • Jupiter: values plentifulness in home, happiest in ideal environment
  • Saturn: prefers a dependable, orderly, progressive environment
  • Uranus: home has variety, adaptability, and is never conventional
  • Neptune: aspires to have dream home, magical environment
  • Pluto: home is average but individualism is subtle

5th House (Leo/Sun)

5th House Keywords: creativity, experience, pleasure, artistic ventures, entrepreneur, romance and love affairs, drama, future.


  • Sun: treasures their inner child, carefree, fun loving, innocent
  • Moon: the entertainer, enthusiastic, supportive, pleasure seeker
  • Mercury: confident speaker, loves new ideas, poor objectivity
  • Venus: loves beauty impulsively, gives into pleasure easily
  • Mars: loves competition and risk-taking, addictive personality
  • Jupiter: encouraging (especially to children), thrives off creativity
  • Saturn: responds to pleasure and enjoyment methodically
  • Uranus: enjoys originality and new takes on creativity
  • Neptune: fascinated with all romantic and creative dreams
  • Pluto: can be obsessive and compulsive with pleasures and ideas

6th House (Virgo/Mercury)

6th House Keywords: hardworking, good health, financial stability, organization, industrious, work attitude, caring for others.


  • Sun: responsible, balances care for self and others
  • Moon: focuses on all aspects of health for self and others
  • Mercury: works well in a relaxed environment with communication
  • Venus: timid worker unless environment is pleasant and healthy
  • Mars: loves challenging work, especially with competitive salary
  • Jupiter: devoted to responsibilities, can be too committed.
  • Saturn: has incredible control of work and health situations
  • Uranus: works well with electronics and people, can be revolutionary
  • Neptune: gentle and sensitive toward others and self
  • Pluto: keeps heightened focus on challenging work and health issues

7th House (Venus/Libra)

7th House Keywords: connection (old and new), experience, objectivity, respect, boundaries, commitment issues, defensiveness, external situations.


  • Sun: relationships are top priority
  • Moon: supportive in a relationship, may worry too much
  • Mercury: loves communicating through issues
  • Venus: feels safe around others, always feels in debt to others
  • Mars: loves to fight for relationships, may have unstable connections
  • Jupiter: loves to bring people together, bring their ideals to life
  • Saturn: doesn't open up easily, those persistent are worthy of love
  • Uranus: loves those who are eccentric and stimulating
  • Neptune: connects to artistic types, music helps understand relationships
  • Pluto: relationships are uncertain and become chaotic

8th House (Scorpio/Mars/Pluto)

8th House Keywords: compromise, courage, life and death, expectations, sharing secrets, intimate insight, sealing agreements.


  • Sun: fascinated by what is hidden and what is shared
  • Moon: thrives on thrill, the more intimate the better
  • Mercury: naturally curious, persistent in receiving a lot of information
  • Venus: loves opening up to others if they are safe
  • Mars: courageous for intimacy, but makes enemies easily
  • Jupiter: opportunistic, excited with people who are useful
  • Saturn: shuts down interest in what is hidden, doesn't respond to desire
  • Uranus: revels in the hidden and the unexpected
  • Neptune: can be overwhelmed by secrets, needs honesty and bluntness
  • Pluto: feels more focused and comfortable insecurity, may not be open

9th House (Sagittarius/Jupiter)

9th House Keywords: flexibility, traveling, learning more on physical and metaphysical levels, leaving comfort zone, knowledge, exotic, foreign, experience, spirituality, philosophy.


  • Sun: loves to travel in optimism and hope, strong convictions
  • Moon: imaginative, supportive, thrives on new ideas, but not pragmatic
  • Mercury: can be cocky with knowing and learning everything
  • Venus: exploration makes them happiest
  • Mars: loves adventure, activity, and energy in environment
  • Jupiter: a true philosopher and explorer
  • Saturn: resist Sagittarius style for realism, resists leaving comfort zone
  • Uranus: thrives in new events, loves the revolutionary beliefs
  • Neptune: enjoys exploring spiritual situations, but longs for more
  • Pluto: relishes in the most dangerous and unique places

10th House (Capricorn/Saturn)

10th House Keywords: determination, organization, success, reputation, career, public figure, kingdom, image, caution, celebrity, security.


  • Sun: a confident role model, very self-aware
  • Moon: loves popularity and recognition, very intuitive
  • Mercury: a natural speaker, noticed when talking
  • Venus: gets attention through appearance, seductive and irresistible
  • Mars: ambitious when focused on success, faces challenges head-on
  • Jupiter: likable leader, influential and kind on the surface
  • Saturn: serious leader, appears apathetic at times, controlling
  • Uranus: loves change and hates order, inventive and shatters security
  • Neptune: sympathetic to others, but ambiguous and mysterious
  • Pluto: an exciting, fearless leader, but hidden and difficult

11th House (Aquarius/Saturn/Uranus)

11th House Keywords: service, individualism, friends, understanding, community, inclusiveness, consolation, resources, identity, freedom.


  • Sun: identity is connected to those who are around them
  • Moon: tolerant and helpful to keep friends close by
  • Mercury: loves friends with information, loves study groups
  • Venus: holds high values for harmony with friends
  • Mars: fights for the outcasts and underdogs
  • Jupiter: builds their ideal community, generous to all in their circle
  • Saturn: shoulders responsibility for friends, a bit too much
  • Uranus: wants to make sure everyone is included, has odd groups
  • Neptune: selfless to a fault, will hide their own needs from others
  • Pluto: influences others for resourceful reasons

12th House (Pisces/Jupiter/Neptune)

12th House Keywords: self-care, privacy, deepest feelings, self-destruction, inner demons, selflessness versus selfishness, self-reflection, personal experience, self-esteem, inner world.


  • Sun: creativity helps with self-reflection, needs a strong foundation
  • Moon: private life is beyond complicated, more of a workaholic
  • Mercury: clever, may exchange secrets for information
  • Venus: gets lost in their deepest desires
  • Mars: very independent, interests are so hidden they seem neutral
  • Jupiter: devoted to morals and philosophies
  • Saturn: real towards others, but hides their truest self
  • Uranus: breaks the status quo through venting, relentlessly rebellious
  • Neptune: loves being lost in their own world, loves daydreaming
  • Pluto: struggles to lay in bed with inner demons or lets them reign

You're welcome.

Leliel - Authentikei
Leliel - Authentikei
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