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Ranking Zodiac Signs Worst To Best

by Emily Sawyer 2 months ago in astronomy
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The Zodiac Chart

Intro: This article may offend you, but it is purely based on personal experience. Without further ado, let’s get into ranking the Zodiacs from worst to best.

The Sign That Doesn’t Count: Ophiuchus

This sign is literally fake and doesn’t deserve a ranking. So rest assured, even if you are the worst sign, at least you aren’t a fraud, and I included you. If you consider yourself this sign, fuck off.

#12 Gemini

Geminis aren’t your friend, and they do not care about you. An airhead air sign they are the worst Zodiac sign. They are two-faced and think they are always right. Never ever trust a Gemini; the only good thing is maybe they are good for an interesting conversation and can be creative. However, don’t stick around too long because they are going to go talk shit about you to someone else. You don’t need a Gemini in your life; just steer clear, don’t worry if you aren’t them; they hate you just for existing and not being exactly like them.

#11 Virgo

Virgos are perfectionists, and if it isn’t perfect, be prepared to hear about it. They want everything their way or the highway. They tend not to be very friendly; most earth signs aren’t if you couldn’t tell. They will literally hate you if you don’t live up to the perfect image they have of you in their mind. They usually put other people down because they are so focused on making everything perfect around them that they forget to love themselves; this, therefore, in their mind, makes you terrible too. Virgos are reliable and hard-working at the very least, but unless you want to be nit-picked, don’t hang out with one.

#10 Cancer

Cancers are the biggest crybabies of the zodiac, even bigger than Pisces. Of course, this is because they are a water sign; they also can be assholes. A Cancer will make you feel bad about yourself and tend to be emotionally manipulative. The only good thing is that they definitely aren’t afraid to express their emotions when communicating with you. The Cancer you know is probably a serial killer, so if you need somebody dead, ask a Cancer.

#9 Capricorn

Capricorns tend to be very narcissistic people. An earth sign, they tend to not only think the world is flat but doesn’t believe in zodiac stuff. They are passionate about their work and are not generally slackers. Once you get a Capricorn focused on a task, they will finish it. Need a project finished? Find yourself a Capricorn.

#8 Pisces

Pisces are complicated. A water sign, and they live up to it by being pussies and big crybabies. They tend to be drinkers, and you probably met them coming out of an AA meeting. However, they can be very sweet-loving people and will love you till the end of time. They are also highly skilled in business management, so if you want to start a business, Pisces is your best option.

#7 Leo

Leos are the wildest of the signs; if you couldn’t guess, they are a fire sign, and for good reason. They tend to get in a lot of trouble and think the world revolves around them. This is probably considering their ruling planet is the Sun. However, Leos can be very funny and cheerful people. They like to have fun, so if you are going to a party, take a Leo as your plus-one.

#6 Taurus

Taurus are stubborn but down-to-earth, as most earth signs are. They are usually reliable and very responsible people. They can be a bit set in their ways; it is best not to bother with an argument if you disagree with something. Give them some cookies and continue on.

#5 Libra

Libras tend not to give a fuck about anything. They are carefree and tend to have their head in the clouds; obviously, they are an air sign. They tend to be a peacekeeper-like friend and want to avoid fighting. They are very sincere people and tend to be rather romantic. Let them be themselves, and you got a friend.

#4 Sagittarius

Sagittarius can be a bit wild, but they are, after all, a fire sign. They wear their heart on their sleeve but will also fight you if you piss them off. They can be creative and know where they are going in life. Usually one of the most successful in life signs.

#3 Scorpio

Scorpios can be emotional due to being a water sign, however, they are also loyal and a good friend to have in your corner. They are known to be a bit dirty-minded, but are also very sexy and are one of the hottest in bed. Ever get the chance to have sex with a Scorpio? Do it.

#2 Aries

Aries can be little anger balls, but they’re cute. Sure they are stubborn and not patient people, but they’ll love you to the end if you’re important to them. If you need to hide a body, Aries has your back. The only thing I recommend is not pissing one of them off; they are a fire sign for a reason.

#1 Aquarius

Aquarius is the best sign for many reasons. Being one of the most creative air signs, for one thing. They are extraterrestrial and out of this world. They may be hard to understand and get to know at first, but Aqua’s are extremely loyal and caring people. They are also the smartest and rarest sign of the Zodiac; they are also considered the aliens, and who doesn’t want to be friends with a bookwork/very creative alien? The only issue is their god complex, and good luck getting them to leave their house.

Conclusion: In conclusion, every sign is good for something except Gemini. Never doubt an Aquarius; they are the best. What’s your sign? Tell me about it in the comments!


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