Oh, The Horror! 'Rim of the World'

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A Movie Review

Oh, The Horror! 'Rim of the World'

It's the end of the world, and four kids are responsible for getting a key to some NASA to save the world. Will they make it? What stands in their way? Will they all survive?

Why Am I Watching This?

I have to be honest with you—I am watching this movie (it's still on as I'm starting this review because I had some ideas that I needed to get in writing) because I saw an article that said "Netflix needs to make more movies like Rim Of The World" and then I saw a few people post on Facebook about how crappy the movie is. So, here I am, trying to see for myself how worthy this movie is.

The Movie

*Spoilers Ahead*

First opinion at about halfway through? I think that the popularity of Stranger Things has made every film/TV writer think they need to make a new Goonies.

In this movie, you have aliens, bad adults, good adults, drunk adults, lots of death, and these five kids that somehow keep managing to survive all of the bad shit that happens to them.

If you want a "feel good" movie with kids as the main characters, with a science fiction edge to it, this might be the movie for you.

What I Really Thought About 'Rim Of The World'

Best scene in the film? The kids take a muscle car for a not so joyful ride, but before the bad stuff starts happening they jam out to some N.W.A. Had me feeling nostalgiac. In my opinion, that was probably the best part of the movie.

I didn't like the design of the aliens. The smaller, dog-like aliens seemed cool at first glance, but from anything other than a side-angle they were kind of cheesy. The larger aliens had cool heads and teeth (were those teeth?), but I didn't like the over-muscular bodies with too many limbs.

The end, well, it was okay. I mean, the Earth was saved by a group of somewhat bumbling children. The clips of them living their lives post-saving the world were dumb, and I wish I would have been too distracted even to notice them.

This played out like a kid's movie, in the fact that they all make it to the end. There's a sketchy moment for one kid after he's assaulted by an alien and has some other trauma on their 70 miles of travel, but he still makes it at the end. It's not a kid's movie, though; there is far too much scary alien drama. It's not an edge-of-your-seat film for an adult (unless you're afraid of silly science fiction movies where a bunch of kids survive an alien invasion all on their own), but it would definitely give little one's nightmares.

Final Thoughts

I do have to say that I'm glad I watched this movie. It was worth it to check it out, and it seemed to go by pretty quickly. While that may seem like the words of a good "rating," I definitely have no intention of ever watching it again. It was OK, but it wasn't that good, and I definitely wouldn't describe it as great.

It's a one-time flick that you'll forget about by the next day. The acting isn't memorable, the characters aren't memorable, and the aliens were pretty boring aside from their regenerative abilities (not only could they come back after seemingly being killed, but they also could grow back severed limbs).

If you watch it, don't go in with high hopes. If you don't watch it, you're not really missing out on anything.

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Yvonne Glasgow
Yvonne Glasgow
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