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My Spiritual Gifts and Psychic Senses

by Terry L. Cooper about a year ago in psychology
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You have them too!

Image by kalhh from Pixabay

Much like you have five physical senses (seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, and smelling), you also have the potential to experience up to eight “Clair” senses, or spiritual psychic senses. Psychic senses and definitions are discussed below.

Clairaudience (clear hearing)

If you are clairaudient you can perceive sounds, words, or noise from the spiritual or ethereal realm. Someone is clairaudient if they mainly receive their intuitive information with their inner or outer hearing. Yes, we are talking about hearing voices (either outside of yourself or in your head)! An example is that you’re driving to work and suddenly hear “Take the next exit.” There is no one in the vehicle with you, however, the message was clear and seemed to come from outside of you. You take the next exit instead of driving your usual route. When you arrive at work, you learn you avoided a five-car pile-up.

Claircognizance (clear knowing)

I experience claircognizance when I suddenly know something to be true, even though I didn’t see it, hear it, or feel it. It’s a stroke of instant insight or a download of information that needs no processing or interpretation. Claircognizance can be experienced as a nagging idea or unrelenting thought, much like the persistent awareness that someone is lying to you when you have no physical evidence of it.

A Medical Intuitive “uses intuition to determine the root cause of a complaint, illness or disease, and/or to proactively discover the imbalance before it becomes disease or illness. Unlike a psychic or general intuitive reading, a Medical Intuitive Reading provides a detailed anatomical and psychological profile of the root cause(s) or core imbalances. It may also include a suggested action plan to empower the client’s resolution or healing of the root cause of their condition, concern, complaint, or illness.”

Clairempathy (clear emotional feeling)

I experienced this firsthand on 9/11/2001. I could sense other people’s emotions, thoughts, and symptoms. It is the awareness or perception of emotional energy. Ask yourself this, have you ever walked into a room after a couple was arguing and sensed the anger and hurt in the room? If so, you are clairempathic.

“A medium is a psychic who can communicate and interface with spirits in other dimensions. Every medium is a psychic but not all psychics are mediums”.

Here are some additional examples of the things that I’ve experienced over the years.

Southern Delaware ~ the 1970s

Before my 16th birthday, I shared a bedroom with my middle sister. She was such a huge pig. She was forever tossing her clothes everywhere. One day, I finally had enough and moved the stacked bunk beds to the center of the room. I told her the right side was hers and the left side was mine, and to keep her crap on her side.

One day, I’m standing in front of the wall mirror combing my hair and I see something out of the corner of my eye. I look up in the mirror and see two indentations on the top bunk. It looked as though someone was sitting there with their feet hanging over the side. I was in the room alone.

West Hyattsville, Maryland ~ the early 2000s

I did a tarot card reading for a co-worker. It was a large spread and took about three hours from start to finish (including typing up the results and emailing them to him). By the time I hit the bed I was exhausted. That didn’t mean anything to the ghost who decided to talk in my ear all night.

“Tell him. Tell him. Tell him,” it said, over and over and over again. I asked the co-worker about the ghost the next day and gave him a name and a description. He said he didn’t know who the guy was, but he’d ask members of his family. The ghost started in again the next night, so we had a little “chat”. I told him that unless he gave me more information, I couldn’t help him so he needed to knock it off so I could sleep. That ended that conversation.

Destin, Florida ~ the mid-2000s

I was house and dog-sitting for a family while they were away on vacation. It was a million-dollar condo and I had access to all I wanted to eat. Sign me up! The entire week, I kept feeling like I was being watched and that I wasn’t alone. As far as I knew no one had died in the condo. When they got back, I was chatting with the missus when my eyes diverted left and then back to her again.

I knew she believed in the paranormal so I knew she wouldn’t think I was nuts. She asked me if I had seen anything.

“Yeah. A guy about 5’ 8”, short black hair, and in a blue shirt. But that was all I could catch before he disappeared into the hall bathroom,” I said.

She proceeded to tell me that it was a young man who lived further up in the high rise. He had jumped to his death a few years earlier. His family had moved but, for whatever reason, he liked to hang out with them at their place. My guess is it was because he could sense that she was ‘open’ and therefore would more than likely be amenable to him hanging out.

Fort Morgan in Alabama ~ the mid-2000s

I was doing a self-tour through the fort. As per usual (for me), I was staring off into the water. I’ve always been a water baby and love history, so I guess that’s why I have an affinity for forts and self-guided tours. I caught glimpse of a civil war soldier in uniform. I don’t usually get spooked at places like this- I find them oddly calming. However, something made my hair stand up all over when I entered. I asked the soldiers to watch over me and keep me safe on my visit. Perhaps he heard the call and was just checking in!

Riverdale, Maryland ~ the 1980s

I’m sitting in the far right-hand lane of the DC bound traffic on Route 1. The light turns green. I don’t budge. A quiet voice told me not to. I look to my left and that lady is looking at me, but she doesn’t budge either. I don’t remember hearing a single sound. No one in either lane behind us blew the horn or tried to go around us when we sat there at the light.

From out of nowhere, this kid in a souped-up car comes flying over the hill from the left. He blew right through the intersection and kept on going. The lady and I look at each other again with our mouths open. It would appear that angels were working overtime that day. If either one of us had moved, we would have been t-boned in the driver’s side door. As fast as he was going, there’s better than a good chance we wouldn’t have survived.

Pensacola, Florida ~ the early 2000s

This time it’s a T-intersection and I’m sitting first at the light at Mobile Highway. The light changes to green and I sit there when I hear a voice, calm but stressed, that says “Don’t move”. I’m looking around and checking my mirrors and I don’t see anything dangerous happening around me. I listen for sirens. Nothing.

“Don’t move,” it said with what sounded like clenched teeth this time.

The next thing I’m aware of is an 18-wheeler blowing through the dead red light. He was flying and he was just coming off of an interstate ramp. I would have been killed instantly as he was on the driver’s side of the road. Again, The Voice.

Landover, Maryland ~ the late 1990s

Again, another job and another co-worker. Cynthia was walking around complaining about her right leg and was walking with a limp. Finally, I got tired of hearing about it and stopped working and then strode over to where she was.

Without thinking, I dropped down to one knee and began manipulating her hip with both hands. She’s yelping, saying “ow”, the whole time. Then I popped back up and as I strode back over to my workstation, I told her to walk. She didn’t want to because she said it was going to hurt. With some edge in my voice, I told her to “WALK”. When she did, her eyes bugged. No more pain. She wanted to know what I did and how I knew what to do. I told her the truth. I have no idea. It was The Voice again.

September 2001 ~ D.C. Metro Area

At the time of 9/11, I worked for the federal government doing disaster response and recovery. We worked 12-hour shifts, 7-days a week. I do not remember how many weeks or months. The first day back, I took three suicide calls before my brain shut down. Thank God for autopilot.

We were pulled off the phones and placed in a conference room with a shrink to be debriefed each time we got a call. My responses were always the same- “I’d feel a helluva lot better if I could go back to doing my job”. I got the impression that they didn’t like that answer and I gave them the impression that I didn’t give two flying flips. People needed me. I didn’t need a puppy and a safe space. I needed to save lives.

During the 3 days we were off while we waited for the all-clear, there was a march on Washington. Naturally, I was there. It was a silent march in remembrance of those who died and what got us to this point in the first place. It was hard not to cry. When we were done, some of us exchanged names and numbers and promised to stay in touch. In the weeks that followed, when we were allowed to even get close to the Pentagon, I went to cover the story for our in-house newspaper.

A hill located between the crash site at the Pentagon and the fence at Arlington Cemetery had become a living memorial. There were cards, t-shirts, postcards, handmade memorials, and of course more flowers than I thought there were in all of DC. I had my notepad, pen, and camera. I was there on assignment. I had a job to do.

I had the privilege of being in a place many couldn’t be, so I needed to make sure my story told everything: every sight, every scent, every touch, every sob, and every tear. I walked along and had decided on a walking pattern where I could see it all without backtracking. I didn’t want to miss a thing. That ended before I ever got to the end of the first row.

The empath in me took over. I read all the cards and letters. I took in all of the shock and horror, pain and sorrow, anger, and disbelief. On no less than three occasions, I was so overcome by emotions that I dropped everything before dropping to my knees. As hard as I tried to muffle my sobs, there was no consolation to be had. Once I had eked out enough to be able to carry on, I got up and began to move once more. And then it would happen all over again. It took me over three hours to get through it all. I was drained.

All of the emotions flowing over me at one time were just too much. It took me years to get over the worst of it. I have PTSD among other things. But I’ve learned a new normal, as Bush said would be necessary. I thought he was full of it and it pissed me off. Now I understand.

Anywhere and Everywhere

I experienced clairgustance (clear tasting) after my uncle had died. I receive psychic information through my sense of taste, without having any physical source of that taste in my mouth (thank God!). Many clairgustants sometimes report tasting a favorite food or drink from a loved one who has died.

When I function as a clairsentient (clear physical feeling), I obtain intuitive insight by way of physical experience in my body. I’m sure most of you have had a “gut feeling” or “something didn’t feel right,” and you experience it viscerally, in your body. Clairsentients feel (not just sense) the experience of other people’s emotions, ailments, or injuries. They can also feel the physical and emotional pain of a land or a place where tragic events have occurred such as fear, jealousy, insecurity, hatred, and pain. An example of this is a gifted psychic medium, which gets an upset stomach when negative entities are nearby.

A clairvoyant receives extrasensory impressions in the form of mental images through their third eye. I experience vivid dreams, visions, mental images, and mini-movies that flash into your inner awareness. I also can see angels, ghosts, or other beings.

You will read about my clairtangency (clear touching) skills in the last chapter. If you can perceive facts about an event or person by contact with or proximity to the object or person, you are clairtangent.

For those of us with clairsalience (clear smelling), insights come through the perception of smell, such as smelling a fragrance or odor of a substance, person, place, or animal that is not in your immediate surroundings. These odors are perceived without the use of your physical nose.

Examples of these Clairs

I hear my name being called. I answer and no one’s there. (clairaudience)

There’s a knock at the door and, again, no one there. (clairaudience)

I smell cigarette smoke in a place where no one is smoking. That’s how I know when mom’s around. (clairsalience)

My parental grandmother wore Roses, Roses, Roses by Avon so when I smell that, I know she’s popped in for a visit. (clairsalience)

For a while, I kept having a metal taste in my mouth and couldn’t figure out why. After medical checking and coming up with nothing I had an ‘ah-ha’ moment. It was my uncle. He had committed suicide by shooting himself in the head, thus the metal taste. Blood in the mouth can have a metallic taste. Since I figured that out, it hasn’t happened again. I wish I had thought to check the calendar to see if it were his birthday or the anniversary. (clairgustance)

Where I’m staying currently, I see a shadow figure out of my left eye as it darts around in the kitchen. I haven’t tried chatting it up or moving it on yet due to health reasons, but I’ll get there eventually. They don’t mean me any harm. I’ve been here for over two years now and nothing has happened to me.

As a child, I was forever being pushed down the stairs in the family home. It was built in 1911 by my great grandparents. I didn’t know anything about the paranormal then or I’d have been chatting it up trying to figure out who had an issue with me and why! (mediumship)

I’m always swatting at myself. It feels as though there’s a hair or something on my arm but there’s almost always nothing ever there. A ghost stroking my arm would be my guess. Same thing with my hair and my face. (mediumship)

Within days or weeks after my sister’s murder, I was back in Riverdale sitting on the living room couch thinking about her and crying. Don’t ask me what made me look up but when I did…the only way I can describe it is a phoenix rising. It glowed like an angel and had my sister’s head on top. I’m sure it was a visitation from her to give me comfort. It helped some but when you lose someone in your immediate family and the way that we did, well, it just takes a little longer.

Last but not least, just a couple of weeks ago I was having a “paper” issue. By “paper issue” I mean every time I’d lay down to go to sleep I’d hear paper rustling in the room, sort of like having papers taped to your wall and a breeze moving them around. I’d look around and not see anything. I had one piece of paper taped up on the wall at the time. I checked the tape. It was secure.

I typically have insomnia when I don’t have chronic fatigue (no I’m not kidding but I wish that I were) so when my body is ready to crash, I’m ready right along with it. Finally, one night, I had had enough so I propped myself up on one elbow and yelled (in my mind of course — no need to wake the neighbors), “I’m trying to sleep over here! Knock it the **** off already!”. It hasn’t happened since.

And there you have it. My gifts, abilities, and how they’ve come in handy over the years.

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