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My First 4DX Experience

by Light Your Lifestyle 2 months ago in movie review
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The 4D film is a technology presentation system combining motion pictures with physical effects that are synchronized and occur in theatre. Effects simulated in 4D films include motion, scent, vibration, rain, bubbles, mist, fog, wind, smoke, strobe lights, and temperature changes. I would like to share my review of the recent experience I had watching a movie named 'Jumanji: The Next Level ' at 4DX Cinema.

4DX is a cinema technology designed to take immersive feel to a whole new level. While watching, your seat moves beneath you in synchronization with the images on the screen; you get whacked in the back when someone shoots or throws a punch; the wind is blasted on you, moisture is splashed all over your face, and lights are flashed from corners of the cinema hall. It is the theme park ride version of Cinema and feels as if you are watching the movie while riding a roller coaster. You will either entirely love it or absolutely despise it.

"Watch a movie; or be part of one" is the all-time famous IMAX slogan which has the idea of the size of the image behind it, but I think it applies more to 4DX Cinema.

4DX is found exclusively in Cineworld cinemas in the UK. It is a new technology and rapidly getting popular in many other places globally. It is also part of the initial layout plan of the world's first Ice Mall.

The Movie

I am not very keen to write a review on movies and normally more focused on trending technologies in my content. However, Jumanji: The Next Level movie got me so much involved and seemed like the best opportunity for having and describing the 4DX experience. The story is about being inside a video game with life and death challenges featuring the action stunts of Dwayne Johnson that keep the 4DX effects coming on and off. Jumanji: The Next Level does a very sound job of following on from the 2017 hit movie: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. It does reunite the quartet from the first film. Featured actors include Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Karen Gillan, Kevin Hart, Danny De Vito, Danny Glover, and rapper Awkwafina.


I would particularly like to mention that 4DX is an expensive option if you want to enjoy the luxury of living the movie rather than just watching it. A full-price adult ticket at the cinema costs around £18-£20 and around £15 for an under-18 child seat–and that does not include the extra cash you'll require if you do not bring your own 3D glasses. For a family of four tickets, the total price may be discounted to £60 in a bulk purchasing package. It's costly, but taking into consideration how much additional sophisticated technology has to be installed for a 4DX streaming, it's totally justified. And this cost is almost similar to the price of an IMAX ticket.

What's 4DX really like?

One thing to mention here is that the seats are much more comfortable than usual cinema chairs– probably because they have to be a lot thicker to hide all the technical equipment inside. There are cup holders also in the chair corner, but I would suggest keeping the cup lid on unless you want your drink to be splashed all over you.

The seats started to vibrate vigorously before the film was about to start just to give you a slight flavor of what you were about to experience. If you're worried thinking that the seat will shake like that throughout the whole film, just relax–it only does so when there is some appropriate action to mimic on-screen. But be prepared when it does, as it really kicks in at times. In one early scene, I witnessed this while watching the dune buggies attempting to escape a stampede of emus. The pitching and rolling of the buggies are all translated into massive movements of the chair, while I felt the flurry of the beak attacks as my back was pummelled. It was all accompanied by some shouting and screaming, in the delight of course, by some of the younger members of the audience in the front row.

When characters "die" in the game and are summoned once again alive, I felt the thud as they landed on the ground. The chair started moving forward as the characters climbed over the edge of cliffs, and when the characters were airborne later in the movie, I literally felt as if I was flying with them because I was buffered by the wind during that scene. That experience was actually quite exhilarating and also a bit chilly. There were also a couple of instances of splashes of water when the group jumped into a river, and I felt like I myself had taken a dive with them.

I found that once the motion and lights flashing sequences stopped, It would kick in again in a glance, shocking you with a surprise when it is least expected, which somehow seemed ridiculous but thrilling. 4DX also supports odors, and I felt the smell of salted air as the actors drove by the marsh toward the ocean with the enhanced sound effects of the sea waves coming through the 3D Speakers system installed throughout the auditorium.

I went with a family group of two adults and four teenagers, including me, and the consensus all round was very positive, and we all agreed that the film was enhanced by watching it in 4DX. This was also the view of the broad audience on the auditorium as a whole. Usually, youngsters screaming while watching a film would drive me insane, but in this case, it only made me smile.

Cons of 4DX

Now after discussing all the pros of the 4D Cinema, let me share one of the Cons. There was only one aspect of the experience that did disappoint me to some extent, and that was the picture quality. The screen was bigger than usual, but the projector was just a standard 2K model. And that was a problem. 4D in cinemas often gets a bad rap because it's just too dim, but as I usually see 3D films in IMAX of Dolby Cinema, it's not something that generally bothers me. Maybe, the projector didn't have enough brightness, which means that the image depth we got was lost in color, clarity, and contrast. And that was the reason that caused the image to be too dark in some of the darker scenes. So if image quality is a factor in your format choice, then 4DX isn't the right thing for you.

For some, the 4DX experience would be more of a misery than enjoyable, but there's no getting away from the fact that you essentially have to be "up for it." It also only makes sense for a particular type of film, and the theme of supported movies is all action-based. That is the reason that you would not be surprised to know that The Irishman did not get a 4DX release. If you expect to let a film wash over you instead of you being thrown inside it, then this is not the thing for you. No matter how much you love the idea, 4DX will not make a poor film better; and I don't think many Oscar contenders will be watchable in the format. 4DX is just an extra fun, a bit silly experience that will appeal more to children or childlike adults. It's not something I would prefer to do much often, but if you like to leave the snob at home, at least for one holiday night, then with the right choice of film it's totally worth giving it a try, at least once, to see if it's for you.

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