Mind in Circles

by Sarah Lee about a year ago in religion

Our mind of circles is something really important to our personality, it unconsciously plans our boundaries without us being voluntarily deciding them. It is also our insecurities and our strengths.

Mind in Circles

This article has no context or plot, it merely holds any meaning to those who might read this. It circulates the fears and thoughts that you might find in a teenager.

Everybody's mind of circles is basically their thoughts, goals, fright of failure, worst-case scenarios, and phobias circulating through their specific brain. In other words, it is the DNA of your thoughts, our genetical DNA makes who we are as people, but our mind of circles is what makes us people.

But bear in mind, your mind of circles (MOC) isn't exactly yours; it is manipulated, nurtured or engineered by those who grew up around you or took care of you from a young age.

This stage of MOC is known what is called the "pre-independent mind of circles" and usually starts at the age of three, which is the time that you can probably begin to speaking and really understand the morals your parents have been teaching you.

But the pre-independent state ends around the age of six, which is when you are going to primary school. This is when you would be alone from your parents for a longer period of time compared to your earlier stages and you would be subjected and exposed to outside influences that your parents have no control over.

This is known as the infant-independent mind of circles. The wording is terrible but the concept is straight-forward; at this age, you have just started being influenced by people other than your family members. This is an important state, as around this time, you would start making your preliminary decisions. Not the important ones, but the basic ones, such as the "what are you wearing?" or deciding whether you should ask your teacher to do something in school.

The cycle and the process continue after this, the components of our mind of circles is what makes every single one of us different.

Like an atom, different components of our circle "revolves" or orbits around our conscious, the topic of our consciousness is an article for another day.

Our mind of circles is something really important to our personality, it unconsciously plans our boundaries without us being voluntarily deciding them. It is also our insecurities and our strengths.

This might offend some of the readers, but if God does exist, it is the mind. The most ridiculous and the less imaginative and bland theory about God's existence I've ever heard is "If God doesn't exist, then why is there morals and order in the world?"

Well, there is no stable order in the world, there are wars happening around the world that have devastating consequences, just because things do not happen in the place you live, doesn't mean it isn't happening at all, that is the reason why you watch the news.

Secondly, before Jesus Christ showed up and got crucified, there was most definitely social order in the world, there were definitely morals embedded within everyone's minds, nobody went around purging or committing crimes.

But, we don't fully know the ancient ways of life, they most definitely did not celebrate Christmas or Easter because that won't make sense, so we could only guess what their hobbies were.

This is why there is the study of anthropology in the world, it was "created" the same way that other studies of science was; curiosity.

Curiosity is another part of our mind of circles, it is the anomaly that isn't influenced by the outside world but by ourselves, it is the part of our circle that questions everything that we don't know about yet, generating an interest.

In conclusion, our mind of circles, our circulating thoughts that radiate our individuality, is what makes us stand out from the rest of other people. I already wrote that this article doesn't have a plot, so no definite ending, just my thoughts.

Sarah Lee
Sarah Lee
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