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Mind-Blowing Hypotheticals About Jupiter

Jupiter Is Going To Destroy The Earth

By Abdul Hannan SaifPublished 15 days ago 3 min read

Jupiter is one of the most mysterious planets in our solar system this gas giant is massive enough to alter our galaxy in strange and terrifying ways it's also equipped with a massive red spot that has the most dangerous storm in our Solar System Jupiter is one of our favorites here and we love manipulating it in tons of ways and today we're going to Swap and move Jupiter how could this destroy our solar system and how does this gas giant protect Earth.

let's start with our scenario one that brings us into a world where Mars and Jupiter switch places the Sun and Jupiter are the two largest objects in our solar system the gravitational forces of these behemoths influence each other's movements and they have a big impact on the movement of all the other planets moons and asteroids in our Cosmic neighborhood on the inner side of this belt is the fourth planet from the sun and our neighbor Mars the red planet is located a mere 78 million kilm from Earth that means it's eight times closer to us than Jupiter is Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun located at a distance of about 778 million km away and it's the gas Giant's tremendous force of gravity that could be responsible for the asteroid belt separating the inner and outer regions of the solar system so if these two planets suddenly swapped orbits would the millions of Rocky objects in the asteroid belt come flying right at us let's start by checking out how Mars would fare in this orbital Switcheroo it would now be jammed between the gas giants Jupiter and Saturn this would put the red planet in the uncomfortable position of having the two biggest planets in the solar system on either side of it it would be uncomfortable because of those gas giants gravitational pull but the pull would be uneven and Mars would suffer a similar fate to that of one of Jupiter's moons IO like IO Mars would experience a stronger attraction on the side facing Jupiter compared to the side facing away this would stretch and compress the rocky planet Mars would start to heat up from the inside that's the reason IO is plagued by more more active volcanic eruptions than anywhere else in the solar system Place Mars in a similar game of tug of-war and the gravitational forces could be strong enough to reactivate a few of its own ancient volcanoes yeah you could end up seeing lava erupting out of Olympus Mons the biggest volcano in the solar system okay now hopping back over to our side of the asteroid belt things would be getting interesting here on Earth the first big change you'd notice would be the night sky being a little different yeah Jupiter would go from appearing as a distant bright star to being about 20% as large as the moon looking up on a clear night you could see its colorful bands and spots but not everything would be swirly and pretty in its new real estate right next door Jupiter's gravitational impact on Earth would be about 64 times stronger than it is now you know Jupiter already impacts Us From a Distance every 405,000 years its pull along with venuses is responsible for droughts and intense rain with it being this close the effect would be more extreme and the consequences deadly cut between the Sun and Jupiter our planet would experience cataclysmic problems with tidal bulging so what you once knew as a lovely habitable home would transition into a volcanic hell and that wouldn't be the Only Hell Unleashed with Jupiter suddenly on the opposite side of the asteroid belt all those millions of rocks would be pulled in New Directions toward it and that would set more than a few on a crash course with Earth the objects in the asteroid belt range in size on the massive size there's the dwarf planet series it's about 25% the size of our moon and of the asteroids Vesta is an unwieldly 530 km across but an asteroid wouldn't even need to be anywhere near that large to hit Earth Earth and Trigger the apocalypse a collision with one as small as 1 km could be the end for us if an asteroid about 10 km across crashed into our planet it would result in the sun being blocked out for a year or more and without sunlight we'd experience what's known as impact winter temperatures would drop and photosynthesis would stop this would would lead to the mass extinction of plant animal and human life thanks Jupiter.

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