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Memory Jaunt

by Austin Cox 7 months ago in science fiction

A Sci-Fi Mind Warp Short

Memory Jaunt
Photo by John Fowler on Unsplash

I sat down at the bar looking up at the blaring screen as the obnoxious members of various races shouted their drunken opinions. The 5000th Galactian Games had just taken place, but my mood wasn't into celebrating. "Barkeep, one Milky Way Blaster, stirred not burnt." I said to the five eyed creature managing the bar.

"Gluurrrsstuusp," he grunted in exasperation. I took that to mean that he wasn't happy to make a human a drink. I didn't care though. My race had been beaten up and down the Andromeda Galaxy this past month. We humans once hailed from the proud planet of Earth, but due to the terrible pollution of the negligent, our home was destroyed and we managed to move the remainder of the race to the moon. Anyways, the drink was slid into my hand and I took it quickly. The intoxicating aroma and flavor sent my nerves on an intergalactic adventure. That's when one of the boasting Martians ran up to me and slapped the remainder of the drink out of my hand.

"Awww, come on! That cost me Twenty-five Crystals. Do you think Crystal grows in craters?" I shouted standing up.

"What are you gonna do about it, flesh bag?" The rocky creature said to me. As he looked down into my deep blue eyes, I returned the menacing look, watching his thirteen ruby colored sockets carefully, both of us refusing to back down. I had fought these heathens before, I knew what they were capable of, and I wasn't opposed to fighting more.

"You must not know who I am, Martian. I am General Demitri James. I single handedly destroyed many of your kind, not only in combat, but also in the Galactic Games." I said, hoping that this truth would knock some sense into him, then he backed up into the light and I realized he was blushing.

"I know who you are. I came over to get your autograph. I watched you on the Holovision last month. Your abilities on the Jaunter course are amazing. I have much respect for you General." This statement kind of came as a surprise to me. This type of attention usually came from other humans, not alien species that had been at war with my kind for years.

"If you have so much respect for me, why did you call me a flash bag?" I asked him. As I asked this, his rocky skin blushed an even brighter shade of red. He shuffled his feet and twiddled his fingers in front of his stomach.

"I apologize. We Martians have a habit of have jumping to anger. I was taken by surprise when you reacted so harshly. Please forgive me," he said as he bowed before me.

Now, I am a pretty serious man. But when a fully grown 9 foot alien bows in front me I start to get a little embarrassed. I blushed and chuckled to myself, "All is forgiven. Now if you don't mind, I would like to get back to my drink."

"Please, can I get an autograph? I would be honored to by you another drink." A little flustered at this point, I grabbed a pen from my pocket and signed the picture of me holding a Jaunter ball he had in his back pocket. He paid the barkeep for my drink, shook my hand, and returned to his friends that seemed to be giggling with excitement. Scarfing down the replacement drink, I took one final look at the buzzing TV and a passing glance at the various races that seemed to take a special interest in me during the passing few moments. Tightening my belt and popping my collar, I prepared to brace myself for the cold of Pluto.

The stars in the sky shocked me. They shone a bright red in the dark sky. I longed for the blue sky that came from Earth's atmosphere. Its true I only had a couple of years on Earth, but I still had a love for the natural oxygen, sunlight, and ocean. It was a time of peace and beauty, short as it may have been. Wiping the tear from my eye, I braved the harsh wind and found my Silver Axzura 2100. I opened the door but felt a hand grip my shoulder and I slowly turned as a fist knocked me senseless. Stars above, and those from the dizziness, swirled and muddle my thoughts before I blacked out entirely.

I was unconscious and being carried into the darkness. When I awoke, my body was strapped on an operating table and bright manufactured light halted my vision. There was nothing I could do. I had been stripped of all possessions and my clothing lie torn and burnt in the corner. A door slid open in the corner of the room and some human woman walked over to me. Her image was blacked out by the intensity of lights, her voice however, was clear as day.

"Well, Demitri, I see you have awakened. I am not surprised. A strong man like you should easily be able to recover from the Dark Matter mixture working its way through your body. How do you feel?" She purred out, walking around the room like a stalking tiger. Her voice was familiar but I had no idea why.

"I feel awful. I am a world champion Jaunter. I should never have succumbed to such a foul trick. Who are you?" I asked gritting my teeth. I flexed my arm and struggled against the restraints. If I could get out of this, I could take her easy. The stranger seemeed to have no weapons, and wore only a nurse's gown and surgical mask, as well as curtain like lashes fluttering with every passing glance.

"It’s no use, love. I am much, much more powerful than you may give me credit for." She chuckled as she turned towards me. Wait, did she call me love? Love? That sounds so familiar. I know that voice now!

"I know who you are! Your-" There was a stabbing pain in my eye and I was out again. This time, when I awoke there was, a crowd surrounding me? I was in the familiar uniform of the Jaunters. I had a Jaunt ball in my hand and there were cameras flashing everywhere. I blinked my eyes once more and noticed I was on the home court of Earth's team of Jaunters; The Astronauts.

"You can do it, love! Demitri! Just one more shot and you win the Platinum!" That voice again; the voice of the woman in the operating room. I spun the ball in my hands and cleared my brain of all of the horrible events I had been through. Images of the Barkeep, a Milky Way Blaster, stirred the way I like it, a Martian, a picture of me with a Jaunter ball, my car, a mysterious woman. All of them were disposed of. My brain silence by the shouts from the crowd. Eyes bearing down on my every move. Sweat, pouring down my face. I jumped. Spun in the air. Threw the ball. My eyes closed, heart stopped, breath held. An ear-shattering buzz.

I made it. I turned around as the crowd exploded with excitement. The stage lowered and I was standing in the locker room. I found it strange that there were no reporters following me. I showered the sticky sweat off of my back, grabbed a towel and wrapped myself in it. Walking through the quiet locker room , smiling to myself and thinking. I had won the Platinum medal. But it was strange. It felt like a memory, an incomplete thought that was only a dream. Then she came running from behind, arms around my back and head in my shoulders.

"Demitri. That was phenomenal. I have never seen such a display of amazing athleticism my love! The Human Race would have been proud!" Her voice. So familiar, so foreign, so. . . Alluring. Did she say, would have been?

"What do you mean? Would have been?" My heart started pounding out of my chest; my brain raced a million miles a minute. I turned around. All that was there was my image in a mirror. A 9 foot tall, rocky red skinned creature I knew as a Martian.

science fiction

Austin Cox

Hey there! My name is Austin, I'm a writer/podcaster who strives for inclusion and representation in all of my work! Read stories here, or check out my podcast at rhyonisrr.com In a cold and dark world, we are each other's warmth and light!

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Austin Cox
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