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by Courtney Schmale 4 years ago in literature

All Hail

Remus’ stomach bottomed out, and it didn’t have anything to do with being at the end of his Father’s arm. It was those goddamn blue eyes staring back at him. The ones that matched his to a T.

“Why can’t you just get a new meat suit? Instead of relying on that damn Warlock! You’re getting soft again, I can see it.”

“Because this is who I am. And this one has been with me through everything you’ve put me through.“

Lucifer rolled his shoulders, eyes slipping away as his attention flopped inward, then snapped back out just as quick. “But, maybe–and I really mean this– maybe most of all, it’s because it reminds you of more than just that...I can see right through you.” He dragged a finger down Remus’ cheek, trailing it off the edge. Plucked playfully at his chest. Those pink lips crawled up at the corners. “This isn’t what you really look like, you know? This isn’t your voice. These aren’t your fingers. Or your lips.” His voice caught along the corners of Remus’ features. “You were created from me...my blood.” Lucifer held tightly onto Remus, wanking off the sling and pulling on his arm. It brought Remus straight to his knees.

“I did what you asked!” Remus yelled back. “I stopped experimenting on her, she’s dead!” he huffed, Lucifer grinning once again ear to ear. Lucifer jabbed his finger in-between the sewing Diane had done. Remus screamed out, hands around his throat again.

“Lies! She’s alive, I can sense it.”

“Then bring her to me!” Remus yelled, the hand around his neck gripping even tighter. “I don’t know where she is if she is. I buried her I swear to god.” Remus’ arm was limp, detached once again, hanging on by single threads. Lucifer’s eyes were intent, starring into Remus as if he were hollow.

“You really don’t know...” Lucifer dropped Remus, he landed on the ground face first, lifting himself up with his good arm. “You’re telling the truth...you’re telling ME the truth.” It was the first. It caused Lucifer to grin. “I have seen your work on the news, proud of you.”

“Thank you,” Remus said, his eyes filled with pain, his arm was killing him. “Can I please go now? You took me away from hanging out with some friends.”

“Diane and Salem, you mean?”

The question burned. “Yes.”

“What are you doing hanging out with a grim? Asking to be killed off? You think I don’t know about your little...near-death experience? The blade ruined you...only in a good way — as I hoped.”


“I knew you’d get that blade, destroy it...I was just waiting and you went through with it. Like the good boy you are.”

Remus was played. The moment that the words rolled off his Father’s tongue — all he wanted to do was rip him apart. And that was what he did. Remus lunged at his Father, gripping his head so tightly it rolled off, Remus was strong for only have one arm as he tore his Father’s limbs off one by one. He growled. What if it had been Diane who had bled on it? What if someone lost their life for it? Someone did and that was his wife. The anger ran rapidly through him until he was sitting there, his Father dead. He looked around surrounded in his Father’s body parts.

“You killed my Mother, you killed my niece and my nephew…you killed Diane, you killed Grant, you killed Amber, you killed everyone I’ve ever cared about!” Remus yelled, fire shooting from his hand before the throne, the body parts, and the entire room were ablaze. However, Remus sat there, his arm bleeding as he waited.

“REMUS FLURRY!” The thundering voices came after him. He stood, looking at the two men. They lowered the flames and walked straight to him, they smiled and kneeled at his feet. “You’re now King of Hell, welcome Master.”

Remus backed away, his eyes deadly serious. What? No, no no no no. This wasn’t happening. “No...no...you got it wrong...my Father he’ll be back...”

“I’m afraid you are mistaken, Sir. You have just killed him. That makes you our leader now. Our owner. Our King.”

Remus shook his head, more men coming through the door. He has seen the crown, the one made of human skulls.

What had he done? His eyes went still as the crown was placed on his head. The men that were dressed in black all knelt in front of him.

“All Hail King Remus.”


Courtney Schmale

Currently 20 Years Old, Writer, Outdoorsy Person, Painter, Photographer.

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Courtney Schmale
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