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Just another Pisces Aries cusp baby

by Julia S 2 months ago in astronomy

What is more fitting for a girl that doesn't like to be late then to be early to her own birth. Nothing, I tell you.

It feels fitting to be writing this as Pisces season is upon us. But this is no ordinary story about another ordinary pisces. For I am, and I believe I chose to be a "cusp baby." What is a cusp baby you may be wondering? Do not fret if you are unaware, as it took me twenty-four years and one extremely spiritual roommate to learn that a cusp baby is. A cusp baby can be described as someone who is born towards the end of a zodiac sign's dates. So a Pisces Aries cusp baby falls between the dates of March 17 to March 23. This means by being born on March 20, I was destined to share qualities from two zodiac signs.

According to Dr Google, the oracle of all information, I should be a compassionate leader who is quirky yet strong; immature yet brave. In the interest of being honest I will agree some may call me quirky or more often then not I'm described as "just plain weird." However, the score is quickly evened by the fact I am not strong and need to run jars under hot water for 10 minutes before daring to open. So I will not admit that being born on March 20, magically gave me these traits. What I will rather believe is that I chose to fall into the cusp range and by doing this determined my own fate.

As told by my mother (I'm yet to be shown medical proof) I decided to exit her womb (As a c-section it was more like being carried out) a week early. One might call this divine intervention, but medical doctors would rather you believe I kicked my mother's spine and caused pinch nerves. And yes, I will admit I can be stubborn at times so this action does seem right up my alley. However, I have a few more reasons that fit the theory that I chose to be a cusp baby rather than the universe choosing for me.

One of the inkling's I have that I chose not to be solely an aries is because I get crippling anxiety anytime I am late; and in fact if I am any less then ten minutes early I will begin to panic. So tell me, what is more fitting for a girl that doesn't like to be late then to be early to her own birth. Nothing. Dermatology appointments, work meetings, even brunches with friends can send me into a public meltdown if I am late. To clarify, a public meltdown for me is furiously drinking tap water and scrolling through tinder so fast I could burn a mark in my phone from the friction. And yes, I use tinder at work, sue me.

Speaking of hunting for mates, I am a bisexual. As a bisexual I can scientifically tell you I do not like to make choices. I will wear skinny jeans and carry around a carabiner if I want to. For those that do not know, straight girls are known for skinny jeans and lesbians are known for carrying around climbing equipment. Don't ask me why, I don't make the rules. But alas, for whatever reason my little soul/clump of cells decided I did not want to be only one zodiac sign. I want choices and nothing scares me more then being pigeonholed into one identifiable trait.

Now, dear reader (or computer, I don't discriminate against A.I) my last and perhaps my most compelling argument which I purposely left until the end is... (insert drum roll noise here.) The crossing of the Pisces and Aries Zodiac signs is known as the Cusp of Rebirth and the beginning of human life. So, I conclude with this. If you ask me if I believe in zodiac signs, my answer would be a residing no. But if you ask me if I believe I caused my own birth and subsequent fate, I would tell you to ask my mum how that round house kick felt.

Julia S
Julia S
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Julia S

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